How to Get More Testimonials on LinkedIn

Positive testimonials for your business on LinkedIn provide a great foundation for getting more leads and generating more traffic to your website. It is one of the stepping stones of building the presence of your business online, and is a great way to ensure that other people trust your business easily from the start. There are several ways you can increase the amount of testimonials you have on your LinkedIn company page.

Follow up and ask people to leave a testimonial

If you have had business dealings with certain people, write to them afterwards and ask them to leave a short testimonial. You can even give examples of what they can comment on, since some people will find it a fair amount of effort and might not bother.

Provide a great service

The better the service you provide, the more likely people are to shout about it. If you commit to providing your customers with a memorable and special experience, they won’t have any hesitations whatsoever about writing a testimonial. If they don’t leave one themselves, they are unlikely to mind some follow up contact asking them to leave a review for your company.

Offer an incentive

Offering an incentive to those who leave testimonials on your page can be a good way to increase feedback from your customers and build a busy and positive business profile on LinkedIn. The incentive could be something as simple as offering 50% off their next order, or you could offer a free e-book or other small token of appreciation. You don’t have to offer this as an ongoing deal either – you can choose to run it for a short period of time, or offer gifts to the first 100 people who leave testimonials.

Advertise your LinkedIn profile elsewhere

Don’t just leave your LinkedIn profile exclusively for those who are already connected to you on LinkedIn. When you email your customers through normal mail, or when you send out hard copy information packs or letters in the mail, include the web address for your company LinkedIn page. If they have purchased something or used one of your services, ask them to specifically leave a testimonial on your LinkedIn page. The added benefit of this is that it can also increase your connections on LinkedIn and the amount of interest and interactions that you have for your company page.

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