Inaction = Action

Inaction is ACTION. Start being responsible.

As adults we are responsible for the things we do.

We are also responsible for the things we don’t do.

We need to be more black and white and less superfluous about our attitude towards inaction.

Inaction is a conscious decision.

Inaction to..

Not start a project…

Not go to the gym…

Not spend time with our significant other…

May seem like a low gravitas decision or a “neutral” decision.

But what if the situation carried more weight?

Would turning a blind eye to a child being abducted in the park or choosing “inaction” still be something we’d take so lightly?

Of course not.

Even though most of us will never be in the second scenario, the example still highlights a very important point.

Inaction is still action.

Not doing is still doing something.

Let that lesson guide everything you do, and know that whatever you choose not to do.

The outcome of the inaction (aka action) is still your responsibility.

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