Inspiration expires

Inspiration expires.

As another week in quarantine ends, I want to leave everyone with a thought to take with them over the weekend.

This thought was drawn out of a book I recently read, “ReWork”.

It falls in line with a core philosophy from Nike.

Just. Do. It.

Everyone has ideas, these are the building blocks of projects, careers, businesses.

These ideas can last forever.

Everyone also has inspiration.

The drive, the motivation, the energy, the passion….

Here’s the issue.

Inspiration is like fresh fruit or milk.

It expires.

If you feel the urge to do something, do it now.

Inspiration is an incredible thing, it will 10x your productivity and motivate you to conquer the world.


It wont last forever.

You can’t put your incredible idea on the shelf and wait months to get around to it.

If you’ve ever done this – you’ll no exactly what I mean.

When you get to it, you don’t care as much.

Jason Fried said it best…

If you’re inspired on a Friday, swear off the weekend and dive into the project.

When you’re high on inspiration, you can get two weeks of work done in twenty-four hours.

Just remember.

Inspiration is a now thing.

If it grabs you, grab it right back and put it to work.

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