Bobby Castro, Founder of Bankers Healthcare Group | Busboy to Billion Dollar Exit


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As a self-made business mogul, Bobby Castro exemplifies the transformation from entrepreneur to leader. With only a ninth-grade education, Bobby founded Bankers Healthcare Group in 2001 with an investment of just $25,000. Today, he’s reached a net worth of $300 million. Bobby knows that above all, the key to scaling a business is leadership. As the leader of his company for more than 18 years Bobby instilled in his team a positive mental attitude (PMA), creating a workplace environment that inspired top-level performance and unheard of revenue returns.

Under Bobby’s leadership, BHG grew exponentially, from a valuation of $250 Million to $1 Billion, a whopping 400% increase. Now, Bobby is venturing into a new chapter to work with business owners and entrepreneurs seeking to duplicate the success he’s earned from hands-on experience by transforming into positive leaders. Having achieved financial freedom on his own terms, Bobby wants to teach others how to scale their businesses so they too can achieve unprecedented results.

In addition to growing the value of his company beyond belief, Bobby has created a community of happy, loyal employees and has been awarded nationally for that rare accomplishment. He was the recipient of the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2012, led BHG to be included on the Inc. 500/5000 list 13 times, and has been recognized by Fortune, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Hispanic 500, Crain’s and more. He was a keynote speaker at 10X, and has been featured numerous times in the WallStreet Journal, Bloomberg, Smart Business Magazine and CNBC, among others.

At the heart of Bobby’s business philosophy is a commitment to the community and social responsibility. Both Bobby and BHG proudly support charitable organizations locally in Florida, Syracuse, and nationally like Operation Smile, Food for the Poor, American Cancer Society, and House Calls for the Homeless and more.

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Bobby Castro, Scott D Clary


Scott D Clary  00:06

Welcome to the success story podcast. I’m your host, Scott Clary. On this podcast, I have candid interviews with execs, celebrities, politicians and other notable figures, all who have achieved success through both wins and losses. To learn more about their life, their ideas and their insights, I sit down with leaders and mentors and unpack their story to help pass those lessons on to others, through both experiences and tactical strategy for business professionals, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between. Without further ado, another episode of the success story podcast. Thank you for joining me, I am sitting down with Bobby Castro. So just to give you a little bit of background, if you haven’t seen him on social media, his background extremely impressive. So Bobby has a ninth grade education. But with that nine period, education and $25,000 he founded bankers healthcare group in 2001. So he built bankers healthcare group from an evaluation of an initial investment of 25,000, to an evaluation of 250 million and then upwards of a billion, um, not only just as he built an incredible business, he’s a recipient of the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2012. He led BHG to be included on Inc 505,000 List 13 times, he’s been recognized by Fortune, Forbes entrepreneur, Hispanic 500, cranes and more. He was a keynote at Grant cardones TEDx conference has been featured numerous times in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg smart business magazine, CNBC, amongst others. So he and not only has not just the business success, some of the some of the main things that are sort of core to what he’s done over his career are obviously the business success, but some charitable organizations Operation Smile, food for the poor American Cancer Society, house calls for the homeless. So it’s really, you know, it’s a 360 of business success, personal success, and then leveraging both of those to obviously give back and enable others. Um, I’ve consumed some of the content, I love the the PMA, the positive mental attitude, like all this stuff, like the whole mantra is great. But really, thank you for joining me, and let’s, you know, hear your story.


Bobby Castro  02:24

You know, that, that, that that’s so awesome. Thank you for that. Those kind words. And, you know, I, this is no exaggeration at all. And I know, it may sound like that or appear like that for most. And I get it because I, I used to be like, not most but like some others. And you know, when you see me with all these shirts, and all this, this is this is it has changed my life. It’s in my soul and my spirit. When you say all those credentials, and all those things, it’s incredible. You know, before I was blessed to have been awarded at Ernst and Young in 2012. I had no idea who Ernst and Young was, I thought it was an individual I didn’t know as an accountant from one of the best in the world had zero clue has zero clue of a lot of things. And that is so powerful. And I’m so blessed that I did because that’s how much I was focused. That’s how much I am extremely focused on my non refundable minutes. I’m extremely positive to everyone I encounter, because I want to give more value than I received. Because I know if you do that, you can maximize more in your minute in your 24 hours and get three days out of one day. And it’s incredible, you know, when when now I’m on social media just pouring out my heart. No, no, Moton texts. I don’t do this for a living. I’m just purely just to help others. I’m fascinated to see why I was able to maybe scale without raising money or begging people to invest in me and spend all that energy because I was so focused on truly being focus. Just think about what I just said, I was so focused, Scott being extremely focused, and you get so much out of it and you’re you force yourself to be extremely positive, you manifest these outcomes because you’re putting so much energy in every non refundable minute, being productive and efficient. And it blows my mind when when people read stats like that. I’m saying, Wow, that sounds like a pretty cool guy that accomplished a lot. And it’s like, okay, because I was just just so driven. And um, you know, a lot of people think entrepreneurs, man, you got to be tough. You got to be rough. You have to have that personality because that’s what you see on TV. That’s what you see on social media. As for me, no exaggeration. I did it all with kindness, man. It’s the most powerful tool you never get us you never get Know You always win at the negotiation tables? You always customers want to do business with you customers don’t want to pay you a premium for your services. Um, and I know this I grew with it. I failed at the third grade. Only got through the ninth grade. Um, and I was always curious. I always had a lot of questions because I, I have a hard time even today comprehending things, because I tend to move very fast. I was an introvert. All the way to seven years old, I really didn’t speak. I come from a big family. My mom, my mom had me when she was 27. My dad was 50. Um, I was born in the Bronx in New York. He was a mailman totally broke, beautiful person. Just just a Puerto Rican lover, man, that legs loved him. My mother. She’s Jewish and Irish. My dad passed when he was 94. And he had 11 kids before he he met my mom. So there’s there’s a big family and I call it a lot of passion. A lot of personalities, which comes with chaos comes with drama. I seen it all we grew up on rent a center where my mom had to work her tail off three full time jobs being a waitress and hospitality. For our bed for a nightstand for a coffee table. I used to see them pick it up, read delivery, lights out electricity out every other month, it bothered the heck out of me. Um, and I think I picked up my people skills because my mother, being a waitress, she had to give you tremendous value. If she was waiting on you and your friends and your family with the hopes and pray that you’re going to tip her 18% She had a smile when she didn’t want to smile. She had to say thank you when she didn’t want to thank you. She had to go to work and put on this show. And then it became a habit. And seeing that. It created a habit within me without me knowing. But what I did get at least what I get from my mom, she tells me now she’s 80 years old. Bobby, you took it to a whole new level, you actually felt it. I hadn’t pretended. And I don’t know how that happened. Other than just credit my mom for that. She kept pushing me pushing me pushing me. We grew up on government assistance. Um, we have the same struggle a lot of families have we all have the stories, anyone that is successful, they all have a story in everyone’s body. Tell me about your story. I don’t think the magic is in the story. The magic is how I did it. Everyone’s so fascinated about an entrepreneur story. Entrepreneurs are on drugs, they have welfare, we all have stories. The story is he reveling is how do we get from zero to many zeros, but more. So how do we feel so good doctor feel good stuff. And I just learned one important thing. That’s how I was able to exit for a billion dollar valuation. And I learned to the process no one taught me this is not very hard if you stay focus, the power of It’s so much free, free resources, it blows my mind how people want to give others money, which nothing is wrong with that there’s always a strategy when you get to a certain level. But before that level, you’re in full control of all the strategies, and it’s for free on Google. And that’s where Bobby got it. Before Google, I had to work a little harder now the resources and unbelievable on the internet.


Scott D Clary  08:17

But I just want to ask, I want to ask you something, I just want to I want to I want to. So this is all this is all very good. I just want to I want to tee up your origin story before we go into the life lessons because we got a ton of stuff that you pulled out of this. And you’re and you’re and you and you dipped into the the origin story a little bit. But I want to I want to just understand where your head was at. So you took these life lessons from a relatively average upbringing, you’re you’re you know, nothing incredible. You weren’t handed, you know, a silver spoon or whatnot, like nothing like that. Yeah, that your parents worked very hard. You saw that. And that was something that you sort of internalized as something that you just had to do with curiosity, the passion, the drive the grit. So, you know, you Okay, so you had a tough upbringing tough relatively compared compared to somebody who would just given things and given advantage given opportunity. Now, you your ninth grade was the farthest you went in terms of your formal education. What do you think led you to be able to just take what you knew at the point in your life in your ninth grade? What does that I don’t even know how old you are ninth grade? No, not at all. 14 years old. You’re 15 years old. You just you’ve seen your parents work really, really hard. And you have a ninth grade education? Yes, a 25 grand or, or you have some money? I don’t know if it was at 19,000,025 or 40,000,025 grand but you probably had some money from working somewhere. So how did you start? How did you start like just putting yourself out there? How did you build up your business from the ground up? And what were How did you learn all this stuff? Because you know, and now, and all this stuff is very, very powerful. And I want to speak about manifesting I want to speak about you mentioned one thing I heard a knowledge byte about non refundable minutes like all these different things. I love it. I love all this stuff. But how did you get to this point? And then let’s go into it. Let’s go into that. Is that okay?


Bobby Castro  10:05

Of course dude Of course we more than happy to. Um I got my first job at 14 years old Apple squad was on 57th Avenue and highway and my mother was a waitress there. When I wanted to leave school my mom got me a job more or less that was flawless. You were not allowed to hire someone unless you were 16 years old. And there were some part time roles. Biswas did us all a favor. It’s still 53 years old. It’s still my wow moment. And we went to Payless guts, my sneakers, Kmart got my black slacks. I’ll never forget my black belt. My pin down white shirt. I became a takeout order kid at this Italian restaurant. I became it was actually the biggest joy of my entire life. It was a it started getting me to really expose myself to how fortunate are people can order takeout come to the restaurant, I worked my way up, I became a waiter. Major failures. And I started becoming very curious like I was as a kid, when I used to raise my hand teachers used to get frustrated, waiting on people like my mom, you start wondering, why am I the waiter, and I’m not the individual sitting down. I didn’t have any bad remorse for that. I was just curious because I was so fascinated with the conversations, especially when he became business because I used to be when I seen anybody that appeared to be doing good in life. I was attracted to it. I was very vulnerable to it. And I was just just started manifesting this situation without understanding. I did that journey for a number of years. And that business I sold for a billion dollar valuation that’s 20 years ago. So prior to 20 years, this has been a long battle bobbing cash flow has been enduring. And then I finally got it when I started surrendering to the fact that I was constantly making the same mistakes, trying to fast track my success and skipping this very important process and becoming a waiter. Starting a business. I bought my mom bought her first home Finally, she was renting a townhouse they were beautiful couple they said Hey Casey, let us do owner financing for you. And then finally she got a permanent mortgage. Well Bobby Castro picked up the flyer he called a guy never forgot his name because it’s a pretty cool name Woody in Miami Lakes Florida who was it back then? It’s a second mortgage days called a HELOC. I mortgaged my mom and dad’s house, my mother. Just like when I wanted to leave at ninth grade back then it was junior high, not high school. And she supported it when I said Mom, I want to do a second mortgage and I and I never forget I took the bus to go to Miami Lakes to speak to this mortgage broker. Such a cool dude he entertained this young kid convinced me how it worked. I went back to mom and dad convinced them. My mom took two minutes. She said absolutely. We borrowed money. I opened my first business. My first official business was a cleaning service. I was going to go around office buildings, because again being in hospitality, I knew I knew the importance of serving serving and you’re just so I wanted to clean I struck out because you need a certain insurance requirements. I finally was on 36th Street Northwest 36th Street Miami highlight right next to Miami highlights establishment called Pink pussycat. And as you can imagine, with the name, it’s an adult establishment. I was at that time knocking on any door that had a door. I walked in. They gave me the job. It took maybe five minutes for them to say yes, hassle free type of clientele. I started cleaning this establishment after hours. That’s like, you know, seven in the morning. Then I started getting other similar gigs, adult entertainments after hours and all that that ended maybe your work. Yeah. And it ended when an adult entertainer said How old is this kid just by not meaning any harm, but that ended it and they said we can’t have this kid there. We’re just dealing with a liability. I gave up on it. I sold everything instead of racing out and doing the correct theme. Know that okay, this is this is scalable. I can do this. So I sold everything for pennies on the dollar. I went back to being a hospitality waiter. Getting classifieds back then there was no internet. I was addicted and addicted junkie for the classifieds. Anything that said become a millionaire in 30 days become a millionaire overnight, make money in nine minutes, whatever it said, I mailed away from it. Every other day. There’s some construction workers coming through. Every other day packages were being mailed to my house, my parents house with all these business opportunities. And I was just swimming in this stuff, man Fast and all this stuff, never taken action on any of it. The ones I took action on it, I found reasons to give up. Fast forward many forwards. I am I’m a waiter, Rusty Pelican and Key Biscayne here in Miami and doing sales for the Better Business Bureau during the day. Before that, I took that job again, I went back to hospitality. There was one moment in my life which really started to change in a very good way. He’s totally fine. You could walk my dog here with the construction workers. I lived on my in laws house page. Oh and Dixie beautiful people that helped me and my wife and me my wife will be married. 30 years is October six. Sophie was driving a car that was given to us by her parents, no air condition here South Florida. The humidity is very tough for people who are not used to it. And we have the reverse fumes in this vehicle was that oh, it was just you carbon monoxide, whatever they call that. My wife was pulling up as for some reason I was walking out of the house and my my daughter was 29 years old today. She was about two years old Priscilla. She was in the backseat. No exaggeration beyond peach beyond red. She was just soaking wet and humidity, all this these fumes and the biggest smile because we didn’t know any better what the situation was. But I did I walked out. And I said to myself, I’ll never forget how more or less this I don’t know exact words. How dare you you said your kids will never struggle like you struggled. But they’re struggling even worse. I felt this small. But so great to take responsibility. I got a friggin job. I keep a skein, I got my act together. I started waiting on people that I used to go to dinner with not caring I surrendered. When you surrender you don’t care about things like that you put on a smile, because you’re you’re moving forward got a sales job, the Better Business Bureau selling businesses memberships lifestar Going into in a good way, we eventually got our own apartment. Yes, it was a struggle a lot of three day notices. Slowly but surely, I started this business in the finance world. Simultaneously, I still had this addiction of sending away for business opportunities. But I got a package at the same time I was calling a company to sell a membership. And it so happened to be the same company. The guy says Hey, uh, by this membership, I don’t believe in, under what circumstances you come to sell for me, you come in do. So that started that. That led to a lot of confidence that someone was giving me a shot. So another bobby gave me a shot. And I was ready for it mentally. Six months or a year before that I would have destroyed the opportunity because I was not mentally ready for it. And things took off in such miracle massive ways. I started listening, because form of communication is listening. And I started understanding the power of sales. And then I started bringing this hospitality behavior. Like when I was a waiter, and my mom was a waitress to my customers given a more value than I received. One thing led to another. I started my own business, ran into an investment banker at a conference. Put my people skills on the power of thanking you the power of listening the power of really sincerely being in the conversation with no motives only good intentions. It took off, built a business at $25,000. And you just read about it was not the 25,000 I had it was $25,000 in the account already was a shell company, a dormant company that $25,000 in there. We just did the state of Florida corporate violence and the 25,000 became ours. That business took off. Years later, someone knocks on the door saying I’m going to give you $250 million valuation $75 million, I want to buy a wire into your account by 30% of the company we want to be passive investors. Of course you say yes. Because I have no other idea of anything else that you have the information, then the wire comes in. You say my gosh, why would someone do that? Are they out of their mind? You go to the powerful You realize they stoled it good for them all along? We were paying attention to this. The market wanted this. We said you know what? We were distracted. We started fueling this. We took it from 250 million to 600 million in 11 months, took another 19% off all cash still controlled and own 51% of the company. Three years later, I exited for a billion dollars, the power of paying attention and the power of people skills and the power of surrendering, that you’re not the smartest person you are a disaster has gotten me to be worth $300 million today. And along the way I built a $400 million real estate portfolio with no investors. No raising money one penny out of My wife and I, that’s exactly how we did it.


Scott D Clary  20:04

That’s a that’s a really impressive story. It’s, it’s not often, and I think that there’s a lot of lessons and some of the things that you were speaking about before, are lessons that people have to take away regardless of where they’re at in their career. And I think one of the most important ones is that surrendering piece, that knowing that you’re not the smartest person in the room, and, and the fact that you, you were able to, okay, that and admit that, because I think that that’s really hard for a lot of people to come to terms with. And I think that actually, that is one of the greatest inhibitors of success, especially for entrepreneurs, there’s, there’s many ways that we could sort of dovetail this into a career professional, and not taking guidance and mentorship from a boss or a manager or a leader or somebody even outside the organization. But an entrepreneur, like that, I think that that’s probably you know, I’ve gone into I’ve, I’ve gone into like my own consulting thing before. And and one of my biggest inhibitions was trying to do everything myself and thinking that I know best. And and that killed me, like, like, physically drained me to the point where like, I couldn’t do it anymore. Like, you know, I was stressed out, like, always tired, like, so all these different like negative like physical things. So how did you how did you learn that? How did you know that? Because that’s not something that comes into well, maybe for some it does. For me, it didn’t come intuitively when I tried to go out on my own. So I’m curious how you came to that conclusion, because that’s what drove your success.


Bobby Castro  21:26

That’s a tough thing. Um, failure after failure. And most entrepreneurs, we’re very durable. We’ll continue failing over and over and over. And it’ll, there’s always an event that happens to us. And that event of my daughter not backseat really changed everything. I used to have an ego and ego in my opinion, my world does not mean you have to be Eric, and rude and ego is Bobby was control freak, you couldn’t tell him nothing. He knew it all. And when I started surrender, and knowing that the only way I’m going to scale, I only know this much. I need to surround myself and get people to compensate all my weaknesses. I am a disaster. I am not the smartest knife in the drawer by no button by far. But I knew the importance of people skills, if I can convince them to come along for the ride, stay along with the ride and put a model in place that your success is my success. Remember what I just said, Not my success is their success. Your success is my success. I simply got the right people on the bus. They wanted to do business with me. I surrendered by listening to people that knew far more than me, even though they didn’t have the drive that I did. But my culture my DNA, got them contagious about creating this organization without 600 people. I couldn’t be sitting here today. And a lot of entrepreneurs man, it’s me, me I mean, me, I that’s an ego and an ego is not your Amigo and I dumped that many years ago. And I’m so grateful that I did. And I’m so grateful for that day that happened to me with my daughter and that vaccine.


Scott D Clary  23:06

Now that no, that’s I love you gotta be


Bobby Castro  23:08

ready, you have to be ready. It’s almost like when they say and I and I have a family that has drug issues and all that you have to be ready for a better life. It’s simple as that.


Scott D Clary  23:20

And you know, everything you’re saying. So when I when I even when I was reading through like on your website and whatnot, you mentioned obviously leadership first you just touched on servant leadership, like positive mental attitude, workplace environment, inspiring top performance, unheard of revenue returns, what is what is outside of just, you know, verbatim positive mental attitude. I seen you wear that shirt a few times. So what is positive mental attitude from your lens? What does it mean? It’s more than just a positive mental attitude. I’m assuming it’s some sort of like life mantra that you live and you breathe and whatnot. So what is it? It’s a very


Bobby Castro  23:57

sensitive topic. So if you go back to the day of the squall is my first job. Every time I went to a squaddies, it was so bright, beautiful, the most beautiful day on Earth. Sorry, someone’s calling here the most beautiful day on Earth. But then when I went home you remember all that passion all those personalities I talked about beautiful people beautiful people but when I went home all the misery all the furniture being picked up all the fleas all the stuff that a lot of families are struggling with it was so negative I came crashing down so bad to the point where you become depressed but then when you go to work, you’re so positive. I had a really start adapting when I had to go back to home. I had to be extremely positive because if not, dude, I was up and down all around and I was growing. This this momentum I was building was becoming a big problem. positive mental attitude means consistency. I am like this all day every day. This is no exact I am not a clown on social media protect If I don’t get paid for this, I don’t think I’m truly doing this. Out of my heart, I’m in a good spot on. Like, I know there’s bodies out there. There’s all so many bodies out there, but they’re not willing to surrender that PMA all day, every day. If you keep it, you stay with it, it will reward you. But you have to be really willing to surrender to say, and I’m a big thing about law of attraction manifest I love the book, The Secret, I tell young people, some of them get it, some of them are not ready to get it. The power of what you attract. comes from your attitude. It comes from the way you think and the way that that is what the inbound is, what you’re expecting, is what you’re getting. It’s like a no brainer, because I’m so good at it now. But in the beginning, it was hard. But I didn’t have another body. There was no social media. Like if I see another dude like Bobby, I will recognize them. I’ll say, for sure. I will listen to him. I’m only given reminders. This is no strategy strategies get when you’re done, you hit a level in business when you’re ready to pivot and scale not pre pivot, but ready truly to pivot that strategies. But right now, I believe the core of any success starts within you, man. It’s all you You are the best investment, you got to get your crap, right. You have to a lot of people don’t care, buddy, I got $5 million to invest. And I’m I love private equity, I invest in entrepreneurs. Remember I said I invest in entrepreneurs, I don’t invest in companies, I understand the importance I am looking for the other Bobby, I am looking for this duplication, I found a few on social media, I’d probably maybe put three $4 million to work already. And the power is all starts with you, I’ll give you $10 million, you are going to fail or chances are you will fail if you’re mentally not prepared. You.


Scott D Clary  26:45

See,I actually mentioned the secret and law of attraction. And it comes up again and again. And and it’s something that for a long time, I had a lot of trouble wrapping my head around personally, you know, my girlfriend is a big proponent of it, she speaks about manifestation law of attraction for a long time, I was like, oh, that’s you know, that doesn’t make any sense. But then I started to understand it more because I’m the kind of person that needs to understand something. So I actually had Joe vitality on here, if you’ve watched a secret, you know him and I had him on a couple episodes back. And at this point, when I spoke to him, I had already sort of understood a little bit more about the law of attraction, I tried to put it in very practical terms for people to understand so that they could understand if you’re pragmatic or you know, you’re a little bit unaware of how it works, then like somebody like me, who does a little bit more of a due diligence when they try and adopt a new concept that, you know, so the way that I understand it. And the way that I it makes sense to me. And I want to always speak about this, when we speak a law of attraction is when you think about something that you want. And you always think about it, and you’re always saying you’re going to get it, every single action you take during your day is going to be is going to be focused on that thing, even subconsciously. So it’s not magic. It’s not just happenstance, it’s not you know, higher level beings just magically saying You asked for it, here it is. It’s you always opening up your mind, like you said, you’re open to receive. And it’s you always taking these small little action, small little steps focus on the right thing, because you know that you can do it. And you’re not going to take those steps if you don’t think you can do it. Because why would you? That’s insanity. If you don’t think you can do something, why would you take an action towards it? But if you believe that you can actually do something, everything you do, as crazy as it is you’ll do it because you’re like, you know what, I think I can get there. And that’s that’s that’s the best way I’ve always found it described not make sense to me. I don’t know the better way to describe it that


Bobby Castro  28:33

You said you said it beyond perfectly. Beyond perfectly and what you just explained, you outline if people at least try it. It’s boring. It’s like a time to question yourself. I mean, what is this? Is this a friggin cult? Is this a religion? What do they got me doing here? You will become very productive, very efficient, because it’s all about what you’re manifesting. You said it perfectly. I’ve been on a lot of podcasts. You said it better than I can say it.


Scott D Clary  29:00

No, no, man. Not at all. Not at all.


Bobby Castro  29:03

It’s just awesome. And it works for me. And I can’t you know a lot of people that have tremendous success. I belong to an organization. It’s about 800 members. The global personal net worth is over 80 billion. These people are far more successful than me. And guess what, man? I’m hearing the same stories over and over from beautiful people. When I say beautiful, global success. Beyond financial rewards, they feel really good. Can you imagine being financially free and feeling good? Not because of the money. You just have this? This whole lion way to you man that you’re just you’re writing it?


Scott D Clary  29:41

Yeah. Well, it’s, it’s not money makes you money doesn’t make you happy. Money just gives you opportunity. That’s right. To whatever you want. And if you if you have the opportunity, you can make the decisions to make you happy, right? You can go on vacation whenever you want. You can live wherever you want. You can send your kids to whatever school you want. Those are options and opportunities. Money is just a facilitator. So I think that that’s where people you know, money is not. I always I hate when people money is evil money. No, it’s not. Money is money as a tool money is, money is a transaction, that’s all it is. So you know, it’s very easy to get more if you don’t already have it, you just got to open up yourself to try new things. Um, I think the the barrier to entry for you spoke about social media, about putting yourself out there about side hustles like, it’s very easy to make extra money. I know people that now make like six figures plus easily on Fiverr and all these things doing like freelance work, and that just started as Okay, I have a couple extra hours on the weekend. And then, you know, you do anything for five or 10 years, you’re gonna see some results in five or 10 years. And that’s a fraction of your life. Imagine just, you know, every every, every business that I’ve seen successful, you see all these like small little family owned businesses now like, you know, they’re all driving the Porsches and Ferraris and Lamborghinis, they’ll have the $5 million home, they just hustled for 10 years, they didn’t have business. You know, they didn’t have they didn’t have a crazy business strategy. They didn’t have all these resources. They probably started they’re probably you know, not living in the best, most beautiful house when they started a townhome or condo, apartment, whatever, and they just hustled and then you did that for 10 years. And after 10 years, you’re gonna get somewhere, you’re gonna run away you aren’t, you know, so,


Bobby Castro  31:21

you know, the power of small wins, that compound effect is scary. I like to use 120 months, because young people don’t like to hear 10 years. So just 120 months. It’s like around the block. It’s not that long.


Scott D Clary  31:35

No, no now and now even 10 years is a long time for somebody who puts in the effort. Like if, you know, I think that tenure, I think you can I think you can, I don’t say fast track. But you can get some. I’ve been doing this. I’ve been doing this podcast. I don’t even want to talk about me that much. But I’m just it’s all it’s all sort of like I drone my own personal examples. I’ve been doing this podcast for about a year and a half. And I’ve had I’ve had yourself I’ve had a Guy Kawasaki Anthony Scaramucci, Joe Vitale, Jack Canfield Grant Cardone, I have about 10,000 downloads per podcast that’s been about a year and a bit of me just figuring out how to podcast. So that’s it. Yeah, maybe I took a couple extra, you know, hours on the weekend to learn how to set up a camera or to do this or that or whatever. But it’s like, I’m not a podcast expert. Like, I’ve never done this before. I just didn’t didn’t stop. I think that’s the attitude that you know, you took with your with your businesses, you just didn’t stop. Yeah. And then you found success. Eventually. It wasn’t like you did it in the like, well, actually, when you scale that was pretty quick. The first the first part of your life was was was tough. And then once you started to figure out and once you started to make money realize, now it’s not so hard, right? So


Bobby Castro  32:46

and that’s where the non refundable minutes came into play.


Scott D Clary  32:48

Let’s talk about I want to know that, you know,


Bobby Castro  32:50

I look back so many years, I’m 53. So I look back so many years that I burn, and invest my non refundable minutes the wrong way. Um, I it’s like, oh my gosh, I can never get them back. That’s why I tell young people, if you can just pick up on this earlier instead of later, you know, forget about whatever my net worth is. It probably could have been 100 times more. If, but that’s the power of social media. That’s the power of good people with good hearts by blowing up their heart to people with good intentions. No motors. I don’t want no money from nobody, man. I don’t get investors. I don’t sell packages. I’m just as wack dude, that saying, Bobby, you could do this man. You’re all over the place. You could do this. You’re burning your non refundable minutes, you’re never gonna get them back.


Scott D Clary  33:41

So what So the concept of non refundable minutes? It’s just as simple as it sounds. It’s just is there anything else outside of like, just like the fact that if you if you waste your time, that’s it, it’s gone. Is there any other like, you know, ways to optimize your max.


Bobby Castro  33:55

I mean, there is a there’s a little sauce to it and pretty much anybody can see it, including a second grader. If you really invest your non refundable minutes, you have 24 hours. Imagine getting three days out of one day, but not work. I’m not talking about work at all 24 hours and people think oh my god, you’re just gonna be exhausted. No, no, you’re not being efficient, you’re not being productive. That is the power of non refundable minutes. So your your minutes worth maybe 10 cents today. Imagine that one day worth $70 or the Walmart family worth $70,000 a minute. Every minute that goes by the Walmart family makes $70,000 Imagine the compound effect of paying attention to your non refundable minutes. Well Bobby, it’s not all about money. I agree but money allows you resources. I am one gives back. I love helping people special don’t have they have very limited resources. We are so fortunate we have so many resources. It’s so easy to be successful in America. Well, that’s easy for you Bobby No no. If you’re prepared this And I didn’t make it up. when preparation meets opportunity, magic happens. That’s where it goes back to being self improve. You got to be prepared for opportunities. And the reason you’re not seeing it Bobby Castro’s you’re not prepared. There’s there everywhere I see him all over. So I do not answer the question, but


Scott D Clary  35:19

Well, it’s no, it does. And I’m gonna ask one more piece. And then I’m going to speak about something you just mentioned about, about seeing opportunity. But how do you get those three out of three days? In one day? What what do you so when you say that? What does that mean?


Bobby Castro  35:32

So number one, I take care of myself, I like to eat right, I like to work out correctly. I’m 53, I feel like I’m truly 25 years old, I want to live a very long life to get as much out of life because I view life. As a value add, it has no ceiling, every time you give life, your life value, you increase in value valuation, sorry, someone’s there, no worries. I’m getting, you know, I never was good on technology and all that. Now I have to say the last few months, I’m getting pretty good. I’m using my smartphone for everything.


Scott D Clary  36:10

Well, now that everyone’s valuation


Bobby Castro  36:13

tremendously. And so when you’re when you’re, you’re sold on this, and the only reason I’m sold on this, I get results from it. So I want more results. And you become so passionate about your minute I no one’s gonna steal my minute. Right now. I’m sharing my heart with you. So I want to give you more value. You more value your listeners more than me. Why do you want to do that? Bobby, why do you want to train yourself? Somehow, some way there’s a huge return down the road. That’s how Bobby Castro was able to take advantage of opportunities. Because one day, Hey, you don’t the opportunities I’ve been exposed to just being kind to people. One day they come up to you. I’ve done some I have I had so many businesses. truly massive net income, I mean, one income $180 million net income, this is no adding back depreciation. Other ones millions from from not being focused on what’s in it for me. But just down the road, it comes back to you. And that’s where I get more minutes out of my day. And I see so many people not respecting their their minutes. And it’s almost the same thing, not respecting your penny as the same type of behavior. And you’re never going to ever compound a penny until you respect the penny. You’re never going to compound a minute until you respect your minute. If you’re with your wife I’ve been I’ve been married 30 years. You got to be in this thing. You got to invest these minutes not burn. I’m not arguing and I’ve built this momentum, this craziness. If you’re in a meeting in your corporation, I burned three hours of wasted energy bashing people and doing all that stuff or so I get to the extreme about my minutes. I want to make sure I get maximum value in dollars for my minutes. My minutes, I have to make money with them. And money is not so much economics. It’s a return on how I’m impacting and not worrying about what’s in it for me today. Life has showed me it shows up in bigger ways. I know that in my heart a bit. I’m financially free because of it. I feel good who I am. I know having integrity character. I learned the hard way of not fast tracking tricking customers, tricking your employees telling your family members this and it’s really not that wasted energy.


Scott D Clary  38:30

Yeah, and it doesn’t and you know, I’ve always found that. The way that seems the easiest ends up being by far the hardest in the long run.


Bobby Castro  38:37

If disaster costs you more you’re a hamster on a wheel. You think you’re rocking and rolling? All you’re doing is this?


Scott D Clary  38:44

Yeah. Now okay. So how do you open up? How do you open up and I do you ever do have a hard stop at any point? Because I’m


Bobby Castro  38:51

Yeah, I got it. I got it. Yes, a few minutes. And what I do in the morning, I and I and again, I get off topic. I get all radical. I get up about five in the morning. Yeah, I’m every morning. I work on myself, literally two hours. I am so humble that I know I’m exposed to depression, negativity, it’s swimming around us. Open your TV, listen to this person. Look at what’s all going on in the world today. That goes into your subconscious mind and you act upon this stuff without you thinking you can be the mack daddy person. Oh, not me, okay, you’re the smartest person. You’re not vulnerable. You’re just you know, indestructible. I am very vulnerable to all that. I work on myself. What are my core values, I stick to my core values. I do not get distracted. I literally spend two hours a day a lot of people can they do. But this is a beautiful thing about it. We spend time alone. You never lie to yourself. When people around. There’s lab blah, blah, blah. But when we’re by yourself taking a warm shower and with all those thoughts, you’re never lying to yourself. You’re never lied yourself. Stay. Stay there and that core. It’s all the magic right there when you’re thinking All those thoughts and all those things you’re thinking about either doing or not doing all those problems, Stay there. Stay there. But when you leave the shower, boom, you’re distracted.


Scott D Clary  40:11

Yeah, no, I, I think that the fact that you take time out of your day to do that’s important because not enough people even do that. And when you don’t forget, when you don’t time block, when you don’t, again, respect the minute, you’re not gonna, you’re not gonna take advantage. So actually, you know, I have a ton of, you know, this is really good chat, I appreciate it a lot. And there’s a lot of things that I think that I could ask about and talk about, I want to speak about like opening up your mind opportunity, whatnot. But I also don’t want to drag this on forever. So I want to, I want to close up with just a couple questions that I always like to ask. And then maybe, maybe in the future, you know, fingers crossed, I can do another one, because a lot of stuff here. Um, so one thing I like to ask is one life lesson, just like, very, very quick one life lesson that you’ve learned over your life that you could say, would be applicable to anyone in any situation that they should focus on right now. So then, like a very prominent life lesson, even though there’s a ton of them. But what would be the one thing you tell your younger self,


Bobby Castro  41:10

in my younger self, Bobby, be patient. And when I say Be patient, I’m all about urgent, massive action. That’s another thing I’m all about. But there’s the you do not fall victim of the easy route. I was addicted to the easy route. Please don’t do that. Understand. It is boring. Slow, it smells so old, that it looks like it’s a tool. You’re going to have to be there for a moment of time. And I always when I’m talking on social media, I’m talking to how I used to be was I know there’s other people out there that that are like that. They may not want to surrender to a minute. We all want to faster. No, no, no, no, no. That’s not enough. I need to I need the needle now. Don’t. Don’t be slow. Yep, like a horse. Just hold that bridle. But just do not ignore the power of information. I’m not talking about getting a degree. That’s a sense of topic to me. I don’t think schools are delivering value. What I’m talking about is knowledge. be stupid, be vulnerable. Get on Google, it’s the most powerful source. Get know yourself more. What is your core value, Bobby? What and a lot of people, a lot of successful people say do what you love, based on my experience? No. I choose to fall in love with the process the journey to become financially free, so I can do what I love later on. Fall in love with the process of creating a better life. I could not be worth $300 million boating every day. I love boating. I do boating now. So that’s I don’t know. You know, I’m hoping I’m not offending anybody. But that’s just I’m talking to another bobby. I love music. But


Scott D Clary  42:58

no, you’re not offending. A really great quote I asked Guy Kawasaki, that same question. He said, You know, you fall in love with what you’re doing real quick when you’re making a lot of money doing it. So sometimes you have to open up your mind you have to curiosity, so important. But that’s a great point, too. And I think you have to be you have to be passionate, but you have to be honest. And I think if you’re not honest, and you’re just spinning your wheels, like you mentioned, um, another thing and then and then I’ll just get some some socials from you. So I know where to send people to go find more. But the last question I have is a book or a mentor or some resource that you would recommend outside of yourself and the stuff that you put on social. Where do you go to learn?


Bobby Castro  43:41

There’s somebody I spent some time with an amazing week with had some one on ones with him. What a beautiful person. He is somebody that I admire a lot. His name is Richard Branson. He’s a beautiful soul. He Yeah, he’s worth a few billion, he probably could be worth easily 40 billion. But he’s not as he gives out his heart. He’s really helping a lot of people around the world. When I say around the world, every one of us. Richard Branson is somebody I think a lot of people should read about. It just shows you how you too can create success within yourself. But more so have more of a joyous global success in your life. Um, the book The Secret a lot of people I keep they asked a lot of DMS and I I respond to every one of them. Oh, Bobby already read it. And I tell them, Bobby, please read it again. You got to read it. When you’re ready to read it. You have to be ready to read it. You can’t pick up a book that you’re going to get value from it if you’re not ready to to understand you’re reading about how to improve yourself. What is your weaknesses? What are you doing wrong, Bobby? You’re a freaking mess. What are you what are you going by? I’m not on drugs? I don’t do not I don’t rob people. You’re a mess. You’re a mess. So the secret, if you read it, please read it again. I have read that book over and over and every time I read it, I get value from it. Look into Richard Branson. He has some great messages and amazing story. If he did it, anybody can do it. This guy was a mess in his life.


Scott D Clary  45:20

That’s a good that’s you know, everyone knows Richard Branson, but I don’t think a lot of people researcher or understand his story. I think he’s just like, some ominous figure that it’s worth a lot of


Bobby Castro  45:30

money. They’re on social media. They’re just scrolling seeing the fancy pictures. Yeah, you know, you want to learn more? Man, this Google is so powerful, man. You don’t have to pay nobody for Google. Yeah, it’s


Scott D Clary  45:41

a good it’s that’s probably the best advice anyone’s ever given on this show. Just just do some damn research and and use the resources that are free. That’s all you got to do. Um, where do people go to find more about you, Castro?


Bobby Castro  45:53

Well, my son created the Instagram account. It’s official Bobby Castro. And then I have a Facebook does all that. And again, guys, you know, I’m not doing nothing or expecting anything out of this. I’m doing it from my heart. These are reminders on given that you already know. You’re just not applying them. And if somebody like myself, this is this is how I did it. I can’t really talk about her others we all have our stories. But I am an individual was not at school. I moved very fast. I just was in a meeting right before this podcast with my controller. She had to explain it. Simple things that probably you’ll get anybody get booked for me how to explain it 10 times over and over, and I still didn’t get it. So now I gotta get back on the zoom with her to so you know, Instagram and all that man. Just be kind to people. Don’t invest your minutes being angry and all this drama, all this stuff that’s draining you you’re you are missing man, you are cheating and discounting your life like you do. It’s like you are expected to wake up you will bet a million dollars. You’re gonna wake up tomorrow. That’s how people are so distracted. Yeah.


Scott D Clary  47:03

And by the way, I want to put on the record while we’re recording Bobby That’s all for today. Thanks again for joining me on another episode of the success story podcast. You can download or stream this podcast wherever podcasts are available, including iTunes, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, I heart, radio, and many others. You can also watch his podcasts on YouTube. If you haven’t already. Please subscribe and share this podcast with your friends, family, coworkers and peers. Please leave us a rating on iTunes takes about 30 seconds as it allows other people to find our podcast and lets our amazing guests reach even more people with their message. And remember any rating is fine as long as it contains five stars. I’m Scott Clary from the success story podcast, signing off

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