Jim Jordan, Celebrity Photographer | Capturing Jenner, Hadid, Di Caprio & Others | SSP Interview

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Jim Jordan is an American director, fashion and commercial photographer, entrepreneur, talent scout and manager, and producer.

Initially working as a hair and makeup artist and modeling talent scout, Jordan’s self-taught style of photography gained the attention of the owner of fashion retailer J.Crew, which led to him becoming a world-renowned fashion and commercial photographer/director. Jordan’s photography has been featured on the covers of magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, and Marie Claire, and other. Jordan has photographed and worked with celebrities such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Charlize Theron, Mila Kunis, Drew Barrymore, Jessica Alba, and Kris Jenner to name a few.

Jordan’s photography style is energetic, bright, warm and light. It is marked by clean lighting and timeless energy, as well as an intimacy in his models’ demeanor that derives from Jordan’s practice of building trust and rapport with his subjects before photographing them on set.

As an entrepreneur, Jordan is the proprietor of three businesses: Jim Jordan Photography, which handles Jordan’s fashion and commercial photography; White Cross Productions, a production group that directs films, and produces ad campaigns and commercials for clients such as Mercedes-Benz, American Express, Warner Bros. to name a few; and White Cross Management, a talent management agency that has represented numerous celebrities and models, most notably Jeremy Meeks, Taylor Hill, and Gigi Hadid, as well as actors, musicians, and creatives in other branches of entertainment.

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