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Rosie Mercado is an American plus-size model, celebrity makeup artist, fashion designer and television personality. She was an expert Life Coach on talk show called Face the Truth. Produced by Dr. Phil and Jay McGraw’s Stage 29 Productions, on the show Rosie dealt with conflict and provided people with a usable takeaway dished out with her no-nonsense style.

A proud, bilingual Latina, Rosie is a true crossover star who also guest-hosts and is a correspondent on leading Spanish-language networks, Telemundo and Univision, as well as on the Emmy-award winning Dr. Phil Show and The Doctors.

In fall 2020, Rosie has two projects launching simultaneously. Her shocking story of survival and triumph will be told to a worldwide audience through the publication of her memoir, The Girl with the Self-Esteem Issues, in both English and Spanish by Harper One and Harper Espanol. With the same title, fans are excited about the international launch of her podcast in partnership with the Himalaya Media Platform. The podcast, with both video and audio components, will be released in English and Spanish. Each episode will feature candid discussions between Rosie and influential figures from all walks of life covering topics such as parenting, health and relationships.

The journey of her 240-pound weight loss and life transformation into a prominent voice for women’s empowerment went viral. Now, Rosie was named in 2019 by People en Espanol as “Top 25 Most Powerful Latin as,” Rosie is an exciting star with a universal, international appeal.

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Rosie Mercado, Scott D Clary


Scott D Clary  00:06

Welcome to the success story podcast. I’m your host, Scott Clary. On this podcast I have candid interviews with execs, celebrities, politicians and other notable figures, all who have achieved success through both wins and losses. To learn more about their life, their ideas and their insights, I sit down with leaders and mentors and unpack their story to help pass those lessons on to others through both experiences and tactical strategy for business professionals, entrepreneurs and everyone in between. Without further ado, another episode of the success story podcast. Thanks again for joining me today I am sitting down with Rosie Mercado. Now Rosie has been capturing the hearts and imaginations across the globe with her story, her persona, her beauty. She was an expert life coach on a powerful talk show called Face of truth produced by Dr. Phil and J McGraw stage 29 Productions. It was a traditional talk show that dealt with conflict and provides people with a usable takeaway. She is a proud bilingual Latina. She is a crossover star who also gets hosts and is a correspondent on the leading Spanish language networks Telemundo and Univision, as well as on the Emmy award winning Dr. Phil Show, and the doctors the journey of her 240 pound weight loss and life transformation has basically launched her into a prominent voice, a known well known voice for a woman’s empowerment. She sees her calling as advocating for people who are marginalized, a transforming societal norms that all are valued and appreciated. In April 2019, she was named as the top 25 most powerful Tina’s and she is just an absolute delight full of energy full of positivity. I’m very excited. Thank you so much for joining us. And I’m really excited to hear a little bit more about about your story.


Rosie Mercado  01:58

Oh, thank you so much, it’s always great to have an opportunity to be able to share and, and the biggest, the biggest goal is to create impact and just really pay it forward. And if someone can tell you have bits, one person that we impact, and they have a great takeaway, and it’s transformative than job is done. Like that’s a blessing.


Scott D Clary  02:15

I 100% agree. And I think that you’ve had an incredible story. Just as you’ve evolved over your career, and now you’re becoming more of a household name, but I always like to tee it up, sort of bring it back to the roots. So So tell me your story. Tell me how you became who you are today, right from the very from the very start.


Rosie Mercado  02:39

I think from the very start I mean, I think it comes up when it you know, as you’re growing up, you know, being Latina and coming from a Mexican households and coming from immigrant parents that come out here with the hunger with having nothing in their pockets and just building something out of nothing, you know, building with hard work, strong values, a big vision, a big heart and understanding their, you know, their their priorities and devalues along the way, having a strong family value. So coming from that and being able to have learned that and apply that in my own life really gave me the startup to really knock on doors keep knocking having thick skin and not giving up because I got to see my dad as he built his own business, you know, knocking on doors and just always trying to find a way something didn’t work. It’s like, try different way try different way keep knocking on doors door closes down window opens up, like always find a way to get to where you want, but have a bigger purpose than it just been for you. It was always the purpose of being able to provide for us, give us you know, getting us to a better place than where they started when they were younger at their age. So having a vision and having that and always being able to pay it forward with the intention of helping others. So growing up I mean, I was always plus size, that was a big thing. You know, I was always a big girl got criticized a lot. So I felt like I was very much a loner when I was in high school, got picked up on picked up, I’m not picked up picked on like bullied a lot. You know, I shift my weight and for my hips. And I look back now and I’m like, damn, I wasn’t even that big. Um, but I got a lot of shit and really mess with my mind. It messed with my mind. And I’m thankful in the sense that I was you always have to have gratitude for good times. You’re always grateful, it’s easy to be grateful for the good. But when the bad stuff when the shit happens, that’s when it’s hard to be grateful. And I think I’ve learned now that in those moments you have to learn, you know, what is it trying to teach you and I think you know, everything in life happens for a reason. And those were moments that for me, were prepping me to get to where I am now and to be able to not only connect but have a more compassion and heart and understanding to be able to understand what other people go through. Um, you know, getting that constant bully that pushback. How do we get prepped for knocking on doors to understanding what my purpose was and going after it fearlessly you know going into auditions and knocking you know on different doors for you know production companies and and going into studios and not knowing what to do and constantly getting no or getting that out. You know I have a beautiful face. But I have a really fat body or, you know, my ethnic background played a role, you know, having been bullied kind of sets you up for, okay, like I keep any nose and some people are really nice about doing it gracefully. And some people are really mean and just tell you like, hey, what do you think you’re just too fat to get to where you’re going. Um, so I’m just, I’m just thankful for the baggage that my parents showed me. And for everything that I went through that got me into a place of understanding body image, understanding how the psychology of that plays, you know, as you’re growing up, I’m having failed relationships helped me a lot, because it helped me better understand what is it that I really looking for? And I think when it comes down to it is that I think you are always showing your purpose along the way. You’re always leaning into, you know, what is it that I absolutely loved, and I loved talking, I could remember that I love talking, I didn’t have much people to talk to. So having my first opportunity to going to radio, and not being able to connect with anybody in high school because of the bullying gave me this opportunity that nobody’s looking at me there’s a mic in front of me, they don’t see my weight, but they get to hear me. And that’s where I understood that my voice mattered. And that was a startup at all. It was a startup at all working for free. Working for experience. That was a big one for me.


Scott D Clary  06:21

So tell me something Tell me something. When when you when you first started your career, was it it was radio first and then you went into modeling after? Or was it almost like simultaneous, you are trying to expand and do both things at the same time.


Rosie Mercado  06:33

It never occurred to me that I could ever model why because I was 420 pounds. I was I was a really big girl. Um, and you know, when you’re when you’re 20 pounds, and I wanted to make a bar district, you know, because I felt like okay, you know, everybody can tell me how to beautiful phase. Well, I feel like that was like the closest that I could get into TV production. I always loved everything about TV. I love the behind the scenes, I love looking I love the red carpet. I love when I saw women on the red carpet interviewing, oh my god, Giuliana Rancic, like when I would see, you know, I you know, when I saw me growing up, you know, and doing you know, her, her her shows, you know, doing all these interviews, visiting all these places, you see all these people, you know, doing all these things that you just like, wow, you know, I wish that was me. I never thought I could do it. Because I was still having I kept getting told that I was so heavy. So the closest that I got to was first makeup artistry. And I did makeup. School, I got paid $25 to do makeup for proms, and I helped with my way and I never thought I was like I’m making money as a teenager, great. Here comes along and opportunity that I might win some tickets, and I go with her. And DJ starting the radio personality started screwing around in Spanish and I kind of join in and I didn’t speak the best Spanish either. But he loved it. He loved my personalities, I wanted to come back. So that kind of found me. Um, then one day out of doing makeup, I had my daughter, I had to figure out a way to provide and I needed to make more money. So there was a sense of how am I gonna provide. And that’s where the entrepreneurial side started building. My dad says, you know, hey, you’re in the makeup business, you’re in the radio, you have all these connections, start promoting yourself. What else can you offer? Know what services can you offer? What can you create? I created a makeup line. And as that, you know, came up, money came up, okay, well, you need money to make, make, you know, make more business and you know, make more money come your way. So my and when you don’t have it, you gotta be smart with it. So I didn’t have money to pay models. So everybody kind of told me you have a beautiful face, but you’re too fat. Well, photographer says, what’s gonna cost you to just eat just to get a couple models cut, I’m gonna cost you a couple $1,000 Just to start and I’m like, Oh, am I gonna do that I don’t have the money. I don’t have that kind of money. Either I buy the product, or I buy the models. So he says, To the makeup on your face, and I’ll take pictures of your face. Nobody has to know, you know, I don’t have to take pictures of the rest your money, just your face. And when that happens, my picture went viral. My picture went viral because someone posted a picture of my face. And I’ve always had a thinner face. I’ve had a big body in its interface. That’s just the structure of the way I’ve always looked at it in the face. Never Never have I looked full. Like it just went viral. I had the Miss America Pageant reached out to me wanting for me for me to join in. They did not know that I was that I was heavy. That was the most like shocking moment when they actually wrote to me invited me to be part of Miss America. And then I had agencies just like straight size agencies hitting me up saying we want you to model we want you with us. And when that kind of blew my mind and and when I wrote to them like hey, you know, I’m there, like, send us a picture of your full body what I did. They’re like, this is photoshopped. And I’m like, horrible. That’s it. It’s photoshopped. Like I told you it was a big girl. They’re like, No, they Photoshopped the big body on a small face or either that or you photoshopped the hell out of your face, make yourself look really thin. And then silence. So it found me through all of of the searching and finding a way to provide for my phone Family modeling found me in the first time that I got to do to it, I fell in love with it. So it’s a crazy journey how life works out. But I’ve learned the lesson there was what is meant for you, will be for you, as long as you keep hustling and looking for opportunities. And as long as your values are really set that it’s not from a place of ego from a place of love, and and really being able to provide for others impact others teach others, it’s always about putting that energy out there, what is yours will find you and that company,


Scott D Clary  10:28

Amen, I love that you’re so full of positivity. And we’re gonna talk about, you know, what you’ve done with, with the, like, your education and what you’ve done with Tony Robbins, and just like the life coach aspect, that you’re sort of work that’s part of like who you are now, but back then that wasn’t really the thing, I’m sure you, you had a lot of issues, you know, this, like, that’s, that’s not that’s an I, when I first when I, when we first started speaking, like you were just laughing, like, I think that, it seems to me, like when I brought up, you know, your, your journey, there’s a lot of things that you look back on, and it’s and there’s a lot of like, you know, holy shit moments like, you know, the the mindset that you had back then is so different from what you have now, which is understandable, right? Because you don’t know what you don’t know, you don’t know what you’re capable of, and you don’t know, you don’t know, I guess what, what you can do, and how you know how powerful and how successful you can be when everyone’s telling you can’t you can’t you can’t. And this is this is not really meant to be like them. And it’s not really meant to be like a like a motivational podcast by any means. But it’s like your story is by definition, a motivational story. It’s like an upbringing story. And I love it. And I guess, like how did you so? So how did you develop this mindset? Because if I was getting told every day, that oh, your face is good, but I send in the photo of my body and they’re like, No, that’s photoshopped. That is the most demoralizing, like, like, just devastating thing I could think anybody could ever tell me that my actual body looks like it’s photoshopped someone that’s disgusting. And somebody would ever say that.


Rosie Mercado  12:02

Well, literally that just I mean, just Okay, so just imagine so you’re so you’re doing your passion, like you were interviewing these stories. And just imagine, like you were, you’ve interviewed some amazing human beings that have their full of knowledge, love and power. And so just imagine like, you are like, you want you this is your dream, this is what you want to do the rest of your life. And then they just tell you, Hey, you’re a shitty host. And they and you keep getting that your shitty host your shitty house, your shingles. And you know what, we don’t love the way that you talk. And you just constantly get get that. Obviously, that’s gonna bring you down. But then it comes to a point where you’re like, Well, I’ve heard that so many times, either one, it’s true or two, I’m just going to give up or three. I’m not going to hit any more, you know, rock bottom, so I might as well like, if I really love this, I’m going to figure how to become better. One, two, what you know who’s doing what I love, you know, the best way possible, what did they do to get there, and then three, I’m so sick of hearing negativity that I need some positivity that I’m going to start feeding my spirit positivity, I’m going to understand that you’re angry about something, and you’re giving me all that negative energy that even if you say that I’m a shitty hosts, hey, thanks for taking the time and telling me that but I’m gonna keep doing me while I get become better. Because, look, when I started hosting when I started modeling, I can tell you the first couple times, I did not do the best it was a learning experience. And I got pinches and I got looks and I got like, you know, don’t do this. It doesn’t quite look too well. Or you know what, Rosa? You’re speaking way too fast in English and it’s not Spanish slow it down? Or what did you just say? Or why did you say that? Um, I think we start off in a place as a novice and you get better and better and better with time experience and investment into yourself into learning into feeding your spirit and your soul and constantly listening to what people have to say even if it’s negative. You you listen and say, Okay, I don’t like what I’m hearing but let me see how can I become better and constantly just asking that question and even when it makes you cringe not giving in because there’s someone that I’ve broken down and cried and I’m like, Alright, I’m gonna cry. This really sucked at this really hurt. I feel like giving up what if what they’re saying is true. Well, I’m not going to let that become my truth. And even if I am a shitty model right now, and you guys might get and I’m really fat. I’m going to keep going because I have to do this for me and not for you.


Scott D Clary  14:36

What I’ve noticed too, and I’m seeing it with you as well. A lot of people that got through something you can tell their their their moral fiber and their and their persona just so much stronger than somebody that never had to go through things. I’ve noticed that time and time again and now like conviction, which you speak about just just really positive personality traits that There’s something that is like core to your personality that a lot of people don’t experience that level of understanding of, of positivity and mindfulness. And I don’t even know if it’s manifestation, but just understanding the drive and the will that it takes to get what you need. If they had an easy road there, they don’t see that struggle.


Rosie Mercado  15:17

Yeah, I and I’ve noticed that a lot. That one things like when you put your tears and years of hard work, and you get a lot of shit for it, and you fight through that. And there’s this hunger that comes about wanting to get on the other side. So bad not to prove those people sometimes it is to prove other people wrong, you got to be honest, sometimes it is to prove people wrong. But I think most of the time, it’s about proving that’s not going to be true, that is not going am I’m going to get better, I’m going to get on that other side. And along the way, because I’ve invested so much time, I refuse to give up because this is I’ve worked for this years, and it’s not an overnight. And when you invest that much time and energy money, and I’m and thought it is not something that I’m willing to let go, I’m not willing to let it go. Because number one, it makes me happy too. I love the transformation that I’ve gone through the good and the bad, because the bad has made me more compassionate, and more connected. And the good has given me the moments to celebrate all the hard work and the sacrifices because you got to sacrifice one thing to get the other. And I’m thankful for the bad moments. Because it gives you it gives you that hunger, it gives you that it gives you that fire under your butt to keep going it really does. And you do not want to hit rock bottom when you when you go through all that stuff.


Scott D Clary  16:38

So very well said very well said Now, let’s keep going through through your career. So when was when was the point when you were actually after this whole, you know, issue with the face and the Photoshop and it wasn’t Photoshop? What’s next in your career? What’s the next stage of your life?


Rosie Mercado  16:56

Well, the next stage was crazy. My my picture went viral, because they didn’t understand how a 420 pound woman could have a beautiful face that look thin and didn’t match the body. So it’s like, okay, you’re beautiful from the face. But how can you be big, so that was like, everybody’s kind of like shot back. So So when my picture went viral production company reached out to me, and the show was called curvy girls, and I got to be part of a reality show of, you know, the captured my journey and you know, figuring out, am I going to lose weight? Am I not going to lose weight? Do I really want to go into modeling, you know, how much do I want it and what the process was a finding myself through that. And that was the first opportunity to television that was really the first opportunity to television. When I was in radio, it was great, because I did red carpets interviews I had a lot but I got to work with Univision, but it was always, you know, some camera work and everything, always can music because I came from radio I learned to speak the Spanish you know Spanish properly and and that helped with to transition into the American market was a whole different animal, it was completely different demands are different. Having a cultural background of being Mexican, your values are really shown and your values are really tested when you go into the industry. And you know, that’s that’s really been my experience. So I got curvy girls and my values were tested, my values were tested in the sense that if you take up all your clothes, and you get on the cover of magazine, you could go viral and get more work. And those are the kinds of things that came up, you know, as I was going through my career, do I do this to get to the next side? Is that the easy way out? Is that really who I stand for? Do I have an issue? I don’t care what anybody else, but do I have an issue? And then the next question is how my kids view it 10 years from now what will they have to say? Is this the way that I want to work for my careers is how I want to get to the next level. So it was really Kirby girls that set the tone of where do I want to go? What do I want to do? And how do I want to do it? And from there, that’s where everything took off. I started you know, getting you know, on Fox, I got a different, you know, red carpets, you know, American red carpets and being able to do correspondent work and figure out stories, what kind of stories do I like, you know, I love transformation. You know, I got to kind of figure out develop where exactly I wanted to land and keep knocking on doors and try different things to figure out, you know, what I absolutely loved. And that brought me to where I am now. Now it was a it was radio modeling, you know, television, in Spanish television, doing the crossover into reality shows, and then from reality shows correspondent working in the American market, and then from there, you know, finding myself developing myself and going into life coaching.


Scott D Clary  19:46

So speak to me speak to me about life coaching because what was what was the purpose when you went into life coaching? Was it more of a personal journey? Or was this something that you took on and you said purposefully, I want to Help other people because I went through a ton of stress in my life. And I don’t want other people to have to deal with that. What was that portion of your life?


Rosie Mercado  20:08

So life coaching for me really came from the sense that I have a lot of issues, I need to figure my shit out. I really do. I went through a lot of shit. And I’m not saying that I’m perfect by means like, they’re by no means am I perfect. I’m a human being constantly choosing to work on me. I have ups and downs emotionally. Um, there’s a lot of triggers that I deal with. And you know, I think, and the thing is, I’ve gotten to a point where I can acknowledge that and that’s what this has helped me with. Life Coaching came to me about wanting to figure out why do I think the way that I think why do I do what I do? Why do I react the way that I act, you know, and, and being able to figure that out and getting to, you know, get understanding my purpose, my goals in every area of my life, how’s that gonna impact my kids, and wanting to be a better human being not only for myself, but for my kids, because monkey see, monkey do, like, my kids are gonna gonna do everything that they see me do, not what I tell them to do. So that, for me was my biggest strike. And when I started figuring out that and I started feeling better myself, it seems, it seems like the law of attraction comes into place, your energy starts changing, and you start attracting as much as you attract the light, you attract the darkness. And I just started running into different human beings that had struggled and had gone through whether it was failed relationships, divorce, infidelity, weight, loss, weight, gain, motherhood, you know, going through, you know, parenting as a single parent parenting, as you know, being married. And then trying to figure yourself as a mother, as an entrepreneur, as someone that’s seeking, you know, life goals, and then as a parent, and being able to balance all that the chaos of all that, and connecting with all these people, it just showed me that I had gone through so much. But at the same time, I felt like it was my responsibility to pay it forward, as I became better, who can I help along the way, because I know that those are blessings that I am, you know, helping other people that if those blessings don’t come back to me, though, some will be able to help my kids, if I’m not around. And I think that was the biggest purpose of leaving my imprint in this role. Before I go.


Scott D Clary  22:12

I want to, and I appreciate that. And I guess that’s where you’re on. Now, when you you know, now you have a brand. You have, you have like a certification in life coaching, it’s the best way I can put it from, from the man himself from Tony Robbins, who basically has done his entire career. And I guess he, he runs a course now that teaches this, and, and it’s all about, you know, helping others, you said marginalized, transforming societal norms, and that all in so that all are valued, and, and all are accepted. Now. Now, let me understand what prompted you because you, you’ve now come to terms with who you are as a person, you you’re sort of taking these steps to to understand a little bit more about who you are. But then you’ve also gone on this incredible weight loss journey. For you know, you’ve lost probable it says, you know, I’m reading this bio as a 240 pounds, but obviously, I’m sure more than that, if you’re, you’re originally 400. Plus, that’s insane. That’s an incredible achievement. But that’s an incredible achievement. And it’s very, very difficult. But what how do you how do you work with people who aren’t able to, or maybe aren’t ready to lose that amount of weight, because that’s also a big deal for people that don’t lose the 200, or the 200 Plus pound, and they and they stay a certain size for their for their entire life? But you still have to like keep those people feeling like they can they can stay as they are? Or is there a point where it’s no longer healthy? And that’s what I’m trying to understand. Like, I think that the the modeling of plus size modeling and all that is a very beneficial thing because I think, a lot of negativity. I think social media is very bad for your mental health. But I’m wondering, is there is there a threshold that isn’t healthy anymore?


Rosie Mercado  24:07

I think the threshold is is not in a number because I was 420 pounds and yes, I felt tired. But did I have high blood pressure? You know, that’s all debatable. There’s a lot of stuff. So through my journey, what I’ve learned is that if you are investing time into working out, investing time into feed, your spiritual, your psychological, your emotional, you know well being, you are going in the right direction and things will transform on it’s no no what the purpose that I have to look at I have to be I have to be 160 pounds at a size eight or 10 and my body you know my waist has to be a 34 inch waist with a 40 inch hip like I got way past that because first of all, I’m never going to be that that is not the structure of my body. That is it for me to maintain that weight, the smallest thing I got was 175 pounds. And it was such a huge struggle for me. And I think I’ve never talked about this, this is the first I’m going to talk about it. It was such a huge struggle for me to maintain that. That day, it was basically to be able to stay at 175 I had to be on a liquid diet, make sure that I had no bread, no carbs. And when you don’t have any of that stuff at all, and you are only on liquids, not only you’re gonna feel weak, you’re gonna feel moody, it’s gonna mess with your mind. And I that was a process that I had to go through. I was like, Yes, I’m 175 pounds. This is the smallest I’ve ever been. Yay. But I still got bashed of having big hips, that I was still fat. Um, that why did I get a tummy tuck? Why did I lose the weight? I still hadn’t lost enough weight. And that was a big lesson to me. It was, am I doing this to make other people happy and to fit in? Or am I doing this? Because I’m sincerely happy? And was this number really? You know, what did this number teach me? So the lesson there was, regardless of where you are in your life, big or small, people always criticize you. Health is a state of mind. And a state of well being, how much are you investing into your well being in your state of mind, it does not come to a number because I know people who are 250 pounds, they’re completely healthy. They don’t have any problems. They’re exercising, and that’s just where they’re at. And, you know, they take care of themselves. They’re happy, they’re energetic, they get brought in, they do all these things. And I know people who are 250 pounds, who have whole bunch of health problems, and that is your body telling you, this is not healthy. It’s not society telling you it’s your own body saying you have high blood pressure. Hello, first time, you got to take care of me. You know what? You’re getting dizziness. Hello, you got to take care of me. Hey, you know what? You’re dehydrated? You know, hello, I need water. So I think it’s about listening to your own body. And and really understanding what health means to you. What are you going to obtain from it? What are you going to invest in it? And understanding that not everybody wants to be a size zero and understanding that not everybody wants to be precise. It’s finding the balance of who you are, what you want? And what do you want to stand for what your values are.


Scott D Clary  27:13

I love that message. It’s very important. And I wish that more people would realize this. And I 100% Blame social media, you can see a running theme with my issues of social media for for painting this unhealthy picture. I just, I thought it was just interesting, because I saw the article like where Adele she lost a ton of weight. And then she was getting she was getting hated on for losing. Yeah. And I


Rosie Mercado  27:37

didn’t understand what Adele lost a lot of weight. I’m like, first of all, I understand what it went through. Because I got bashed, like I got hate mail for losing weight that and that is something I did when I got him. I was like, hold on. And they’re like you’re a sellout you sold out to Hollywood. I’m like, first of all, like my purpose was, I couldn’t like I guess I didn’t have any headphones. But I had physical problems. I could not keep up with my children I couldn’t get in right and I couldn’t fit in certain places. That is an issue that is my body saying, Hey, hello, you need to do something about this. And the moment that you feel like you’re constantly in jail in your own body. That’s an issue. But her getting a whole bunch of stuff like I understand people’s concerns. But I think her her wanting to lose that much weight. That’s her own personal decision. And if that’s where she is happy with her body in her mind and her soul, then you know, congrats to her for being bold and doing that if she did that for her wonderful if she didn’t do it, and that’s her own personal journey if she didn’t do it, and she did it because either she was pressured or she had to fit in, then she’s going to learn from that that’ll be a different journey that’ll teach her a lot about her own happiness. As as I learned from my own, for me being 200 pounds and being curvy, and being able to run on the treadmill and being able to exercise for me. It’s like, Hey, that’s my happiness. Like, I feel good at that weight. And people still will still look at me and say, Hey, you’re fat, you got to lose weight.


Scott D Clary  28:59

Yeah, I find that there’s just so much there’s so much negativity, like you mentioned before you You nailed it, like both ways. Like if you’re if you if you portray yourself as one way, no one’s gonna be happy if you change. Still, no one’s gonna be happier, the original group’s not gonna be happy, like, no one’s ever happy, especially when you’re in the public guy.


Rosie Mercado  29:16

No, there’s something that there and I think being it, and that’s what I’ve learned about the beam in the public light, there’s someone always looking and depending on how they feel is how they’re going to criticize you or either uplift you, if they’re having a shitty day, they’re going to look at you and see everything that’s wrong. If they’re having a fantastic day, they’re going to uplift you. So I just learned that look. My job is to be happy to make myself happy to make myself healthy. And then I will radiate that to my kids and I will be a mirror to my kids. And when I’m in good health and good emotions, and understanding that I’m walking in gratitude, that’s going to be a reflection to attract the moment that I’m not healthy. I’m gonna start pushing away stuff. I’m not going to be able to do things I’m not going to feel like wanting to do things and it’s going to it’s That, to me is shown through my attitude. And then it’s going to impact my kids and everything else that I do.


Scott D Clary  30:06

Now, what how do you how do you take that mindset that you have? And as a life coach, is this something that you learned? Because I don’t know how to do this? I’m really curious if you know how to do this effectively, how do you take that mindset, and you impart it on somebody who is way more impressionable, and way younger, so that they can have that same level of confidence as you,


Rosie Mercado  30:27

you know, what I’ve learned, and that’s such a great question. You cannot force anybody to love you, you cannot force anybody to change, you cannot force anybody to want what they want, they can tell you that they want something. But if they really want something bad enough, they will be open arms, open ears, open mind, and they will be receptive to the wisdom or to the experiences that you have to offer. And just like you right now, you are receptive, you’re open, you are hungry, you’re wanting to learn. So you are like on this path of not only impacting and empowering others, but at the same time, you’re going through growth yourself, because you’re talking to different people to try to understand and learn. You’re hungry, you’re wanting that information, you’re wanting to learn and run with it. And from not just wanted, because everybody could give you the solution and the equation on how to solve the problem. But if you don’t want to do the work, the problem will not be solved. So what I’ve learned is to really understand as I’m working with different people in the life coaching is, how bad do they want it? And is that what they really want, because sometimes they say that they want it, but that’s what their family wants, that’s what their friend want. That’s what the husband and wife wants, that’s what their kids want for them. But that’s not what they want. And I’ve learned that that wisdom will not be received well, and genuinely at their heart, they’re not willing to change. And you have to have that honest talk. If you’re not willing to do the work, there will be no change.


Scott D Clary  31:46

And I’m going through some of the things that like you’re working on and I don’t mind I don’t mind bringing them up. I appreciate your time. So you know, you have you have a book The girl with the self esteem issues that is coming out October 13 2020 You have a podcast launching as well, I think coming up this is it all around the same same topic. So self esteem, life coaching, like love yourself. Like there’s really really ton of positivity in these I’m assuming Well, you


Rosie Mercado  32:15

know what it’s gonna be about everyday it’s gonna be about infidelity and marriages and sex and parenting. And it’s gonna be about, you know, health and losing weight and gaining weight, it’s going to be about finances, it’s going to be about kids. I’m, I’m talking about every area of my life. And I’m an open book and I am curious, and I have so much hunger to learn. So I am, you know, I’ve been so blessed with with this book, because not only has been therapeutic, but it has also taught me a lot about why I did a lot of things that I did in the past, and how I’ve becoming better at understanding triggers, and then also celebrating my victories because that’s something I had to learn to do also, because I was so much you know, being being Latina, I was brought up you work, work, work, work, work, work, work, but never did I get to celebrate so many victories, so many things that I’ve accomplished, and being able to celebrate those moments are important to keep going to have that energy. But we’re gonna be talking about lots of things, you know, from the book, you know, I think there’s just so many I was single for so many years, and then you know, being married and now having a new baby and entering into motherhood at this age and, and just learning about learning about how everything just comes together and being able to share that was a but also received new wisdom from other people that are just doing amazing things. So for me, the podcast in the book is about creating an impact educating, being able to connect, having compassion, and understanding that every human being goes through ups and goes through lots of downs and a lot of crazy shit that happens in life. And it’s about teaching people how to get through that crazy shit. You know, not, not around getting through the crazy shit and understanding


Scott D Clary  33:51

and what are what is, you know, the life coaching business is a lot of people sharing like their darkest moments. What are what are things that you see, obviously without naming names, of course, but what are really horrible things that people are trying to deal with in 2020 Because I think I’m I never grew up in this kind of age when in this so you know, so connected, always seeing things that seemed better seem you know, are different lives that are better people that are in quote unquote, better shape, all on social and just as a kid, I’m curious, what do they come to you with? What are some of the problems that they’re they’re seeing and what is the reality of a kid or somebody who’s just stressed or struggling in 2020 2020?


Rosie Mercado  34:46

Um, I think the biggest thing that I have seen, and it’s been something that I’ve seen repetitively it’s quite, it’s quite crazy how much of this comes up? And I went through this personally. So I was able to like, I’m able to look at them, like, go to the core. And the core is loving connection. Number one feeling loved and appreciated, and being it feeling so disconnected from the world right now. And people want a place of belonging, they want love in their life, whether it’s through family, or through friends, or through that personal love connection, but also feeling it feeling like trying to find a sense of purpose through all of this, you know, feeling lost, kind of, like, I know, I’m at this point in my life, I don’t know what I want, I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know where I’m going. I feel like I lost myself a sense of loss, you know, feeling lost. And I’ve just seen that process. So feeling lost love and connection. I think I think


Scott D Clary  35:44

there’s so many factors that play into that, just because you think about like, man, like the social stuff, like even like COVID like my god, kids that are graduating this year, like job prospects, there’s a whole bunch of like employment stats, like lack of employment plus, on top of lack of employment, just people changing jobs every year. Like there’s so much uncertainty like you saying, like, I don’t know how I’m gonna have kids, like, it’s gonna be stressful for me, because I don’t have kids yet,


Rosie Mercado  36:10

yet. Well, I have a baby that I just had a month ago.


Scott D Clary  36:14

So yeah, no revelations, by the way.


Rosie Mercado  36:17

Having been in the hospital and seeing how much of a goat how crazy it is to go in one at a time, it was me first. And then I had to get changed and get ready for my C section. And then then they let my husband go up, but then having this worry, okay, but you know, it’s everything’s expected like it is everything, okay? With the nurses, you can’t have people visiting, everything’s via FaceTime, everybody’s meeting your baby, there’s not like this personal contact. You know, what, I’m thankful that they let me have my husband there. But I do want to say as much as people are saying, you know, that the COVID, and it’s crazy times, I just want to offer a little bit of light. And for those that are watching, I think everything in life presents a great opportunity. And as bad and horrifying as not only COVID, but the racism and everything that you know, is going on right now. You know, whether it’s politics, whether whether it’s, it’s held everything like this is such a crazy time, because everything is getting shifted left and right. We’re in this transformation. Um, and I think a lot of people are waking up, and they’re getting a tune. And they’re understanding the importance of connection and respect, and love and the importance of health and valuing family, and valuing friends. But this also presents a great time that even though everything is happening, it poses a time to educate yourself to become better as a human being. And it presents a time where you can invest in yourself, because all this time that people had for quarantine, it’s either you did nothing, you were frustrated, or you dealt with your frustration, it forced you to look inward, it forced you to look at the family that you’re living with, what’s missing, what can you do better? And it also forced you to think quickly, what am I going to do to provide? What am I going to do to step up? How can I educate myself? What can I learn, either I go to social media to look at what everybody’s doing, or I go to social media for a source of inspiration and to become better.


Scott D Clary  38:13

That’s a great lesson, I think that this is a great opportunity, like you mentioned, as horrible as times are to just to just like upskill to learn to improve yourself. And if there’s one thing you know, there’s one thing that is one thing that’s coming to light now, is that is that everything you do every action, you take everything you say everything you say, even if you think it’s in private, nothing’s private anymore. Things right? If you if you have views that are considered outdated, that’s the best way to put it about certain things, I think now is a really good time, not just on like the on the so on, like the, like the job and the professional development. But just like personal development, like you see people getting, like just wrong out on social media for things they’ve done years ago, and this is like a wake up call because people people were, it’s not like people just became racist, or people just became effective. They always were. But now if you are, it’s very public, and people will pick up on that. So I think that, you know, it’s just a time to think about who you are as a person and how you want to be represented to the world. And don’t like don’t Oh, it’s sorry, go.


Rosie Mercado  39:24

Yeah. And I think you bring up the true point. You know, I think so many people thought you know, years ago they can get away with so much. And you need to understand that when you do something bad. Like you make a bad decision. Not because it’s forced upon you not because it’s wished upon you this is just the way it is. We pay for everything that we do good and bad before we die. And that is passed on along to our kids. We are teaching our kids right from wrong. If we are acting stupid don’t expect you know you don’t don’t expect anything good to come out of that. If you are vocalize Hate, don’t expect it to not catch up to you eventually, if you are showing love, you know, don’t think that that’s gonna be, you know, unseen, I think everything is coming up to light. And I think what’s most important is this is a great time to understand who you are as a human being and your values and how your values have impacted you and where they’re taking you. And if you do not like what you’ve created, the wonderful thing is, you have an opportunity to not only to apologize, to step up to do something and make things right, and also create impact and really take action in that part. And I think this is what it’s taught us, it’s taught us to be able to look at other people who have done stupid things, who you know, who regret what they’ve done, but also to give them the opportunity to change things around. And if they don’t change, they’re going to pay the price. Unfortunately, that’s just the way it is. And


Scott D Clary  40:48

that’s really the point though, but I really wish what I wish, though, wasn’t people do. Like when people do try and change. I hate canceled culture. I hate it, hate it, hate it. I hate canceled culture, because I hate that. It brings up things that maybe people haven’t changed. But it brings up things that happened 10 years ago, 15 years ago when people were much younger. And it it vilifies them now, and I guess I just wish that for the same for the same opportunity for those people that did bad. And if they are still bad people, if they, if they are still very hateful people, then maybe they deserve it. But I do believe that there’s an opportunity to grow. Maybe I guess it’s just like a process. I don’t know, it just seems like a very angry culture. When people discover anything about anyone.


Rosie Mercado  41:37

It just it seems like they feed on that and they want to tear other people down. And and that’s where I where I come in, I say like, you know, even if you did it 10 years ago, it shows you aside that, you know, hopefully you no longer aren’t learn from that. But if you haven’t learned from, that’s the only thing that I do that I do that if you haven’t learned from that, then you know, it gives you an opportunity to kind of wake up and see. And, and also like speak up about it. I just I don’t know, it’s just so hard. Like, it’s so hard every everybody’s going through so much. And I just all I know is that the end of the day, this is a great opportunity of growth, to pay it for it to take action to use your voice. Because if you think your voice doesn’t matter, you are wrong, your voice has so much power, it takes one person to really stand up and create change and, and to get things going, you know, one post could go viral in a second, whether it’s good or bad there, it holds a lot of power right now. So we hold a lot more power than we think


Scott D Clary  42:27

very well said. I’m going to ask a couple of quick, rapid fire, like life insight lesson questions that you’ve learned. But before I do that, I just wanted to ask, is there anything that we didn’t touch on that you wanted to speak about? Or you wanted to bring up?


Rosie Mercado  42:42

No, I love talking to you. You have such such great work. Great questions.


Scott D Clary  42:47

Thank you. I appreciate really good questions. I just I’m curious.


Rosie Mercado  42:52

That’s it. When I do my podcast, it’s like, that’s a good question. I I want to go that way. So thank you for the inspiration.


Scott D Clary  42:59

No, it’s my pleasure. I just you know, for this, like, I’m not I’m not like a trained broadcaster. I just I just asked questions that I want to know the answer to I just


Rosie Mercado  43:11

that’s a great thing. You’re authentic and you’re real and you’re curious. And I think that’s that’s what’s the it’s not about training. It’s about just the passion behind it. So


Scott D Clary  43:19

I believe that 100 Thank you. That’s really, really tiny. I appreciate that. Okay, so let’s, let’s do some some rapid fire. So one question I like to ask everyone is one life lesson that you would tell your younger self.


Rosie Mercado  43:32

Don’t listen to the negativity that people offer. Just don’t make other people’s stories your own. Don’t, because you lose so many opportunities and it because it creates so much personal pain. Let it go. People tell you something that you don’t like, feel what you got to feel in that moment. Let it go send love and keep doing you turn that turn that store around and always share who you are. I’m powerful. I’m loved. I’m gifted. I have favorite ungrazed and you know what the best is yet to come.


Scott D Clary  44:00

I love it. I love it. That’s good lesson. And that was so quick to even think about that. Some people take a second to think you were like that was like like, you’re good to go.


Rosie Mercado  44:09

Thank you. I’ve got so much shit for everything that I’ve just learned. Like, alright, this really sucks. I don’t like what you have to say I’m gonna cry for like a minute and then I’m like, that hurt. Alright, Rosie, who are you remind yourself who you are? To get a girl.


Scott D Clary  44:23

That’s really I appreciate that. All right, um, last last question before we just get some some contact info out of us so people can go check you out and go find more about who you are. But I want to ask one more. Um, what would be a source it could be a book a podcast and audible a person. Something that you go to to learn from that other people should go check out.


Rosie Mercado  44:44

Oh, God, what do I learn from constantly, I can name you know, a couple, you know, a couple of books that I’ve read. But what I really want to learn and I think it’s different for everybody in our respect everybody’s opinion on this, but this is my personal. Um, I pray. I honestly I go to prayer. And I asked for guidance, I asked for guidance, and I asked for growth. And it’s always revealed to me within within days within months like, some of you all have a mentor and for me, it’s about listening to people that have gone through bigger experiences that I have. You have Michael Beckwith, you have Jay Shetty, you have Lewis Howes, you have Tony Robbins, Gary Vee, Oprah Winfrey, you have so many inspirational leaders out there. But first, before I go about anything, and I’m going through a hardship, I always go into prayer and meditation. And that, for me is the number one step to obtain like knowledge and an empowerment because I feel like I’m guided, I really feel like I’m guided to find those answers and the people that I need, and the podcasts that I need, and the books that I need are revealed to me somehow, someway, it is revealed to me so for me, before I do anything, power of prayer.


Scott D Clary  46:00

I love that. So that’s that’s two good points. So not only not only just like finding that inner peace, prayer, whatever that looks like, for whoever, because I know a lot of people pray in different ways, but also like, prayer, whatever you want to call it. Yeah. But also the mentorship piece is also very important. And you hear that time and time again, but you can’t drive it home enough.


Rosie Mercado  46:19

The mentorship is so huge. Why because Why do you want to recreate the wheel? Like someone’s already doing it? I want I want someone what their? How did you do it? And it’s just like you it’s about being curious and asking questions. But okay, with so many inspiration, there’s so many urine inspiration, like there’s so many inspirations out that that have to obtain knowledge. You know, I’m starting my podcast, I want to come to you. How did you start your podcast?


Scott D Clary  46:43

I’ll tell you, I’ll give you a rundown like right from the beginning. All the all the stuff that I went through? Yeah.


Rosie Mercado  46:48

And that’s, and that’s what people people find themselves stuck when they’re like, Well, I don’t even know how to start. So what the I’m not even going to start, I just feel stuck. And then you get this frustration? Well, I don’t have what I want. I’m not getting this. Okay, so what are you doing? Well, I don’t know how to do it. Okay, but who’s done it? That’s a good question. Let me figure it out. Hold on, before I do that, all right. I need to meditate. who’s done it? What do I want? I need answers. Help, like just angels. Help me, God help me, you know, whatever it is for you just help guide me. And it seems like someone will call me like, Did you listen to this podcast? Or someone will say, hey, I want you to meet this friend. He’s done very well, in this business, he can offer you some advice, I know you have some questions, something will be revealed to you, but you must seek it.


Scott D Clary  47:32

And you have to have an open mind for it too. Because if you don’t have an open mind for it, even if it even if it’s in your face, you won’t you won’t see it. Um, I want to just work hard work. Yeah, I shall, I’ll give you you know, I don’t want to drag this out. Cuz I was a really good point, don’t take away from it. But at that, like a data point on that, like, if you don’t if you’re not looking for it, you won’t see it. Like there are actual actually like psychological studies done that if you can’t see yourself driving, for example, like some like luxury car like say, a Porsche or whatever you want to you think Porsche is like a nice luxury car, but you can’t see yourself in it, you can’t see make enough money for it, you will actually not see it. When a Porsche goes down the street, like you will be less tuned in to seeing Porsches go by because you don’t see yourself in that car. Whereas if you’re always thinking about it, always turn into it, you’ll actually notice them more often. But it’s not because there’s more than one on the road. It’s because now you are actually awake top of mind, you’re awake to the opportunity. It’s just a silly, silly idea. You’ve probably seen that before where you felt it, where you’ve thought about something and all of a sudden, it’s like you’ve seen it, whatever that thing is like in your life or in in your in your circle or whatever it is, like a week later or a couple days later.


Rosie Mercado  48:43

Yeah, absolutely. No, it’s definitely it’s definitely. It’s definitely happened. I know that like what test like, for example, this is a crazy example. But, um, what Tesla’s first came out, I said, I want to test that I want to test that I want to test it and, and I didn’t really see too many of the the model the model x’s out, I just didn’t and then all of a sudden, it’s like, you get that you get to that point where you’re like, you manifest that or you manifest an opportunity in that job. And then you’re like, oh, there it is. There everywhere. Everywhere because you become awake to it. So that’s so funny that you mentioned that is so so true. And I wish people is like color red, the color red. Don’t think about the color of the person. You think about the color reading sheet everywhere.


Scott D Clary  49:23

Yeah, well, actually I did. That’s not my lesson. So I actually interviewed Joe Vitale from he was in. He was famously made. He was made famous, excuse me by the movie The Secret. And and I thought he’s, you know, he’s an incredible individual. But he actually told me that lesson. It was I think it was I think it was him. If I remember correctly, I have to go back and listen, my own podcast was months ago, but I think I got it from him. But it was It was eye opening for me to think about it in that in that like,


Rosie Mercado  49:48

question for you. Yeah. So you’ve interviewed some amazing human like human beings like just some, like I look at some of the people that you you you’ve connected with and because you’ve elevated yourself to that energetic level to be able to attract that into your life. I mean, you’ve obviously prepped for that. But what is the biggest lesson that you’ve learned in reading some? Like, what? Is there a commonality? Is there something that just keeps popping up for you that you’ve learned interviewing all these people?


Scott D Clary  50:13

I would say, it depends on on what lesson I’m trying to pull out. But yes, definitely, like in terms of in terms of success, the two drivers would be curiosity and grit. So just dealing and just sort of pushing ahead no matter how much negativity or or just, you know, shit you have to go through, but also curiosity and and always trying to find new ways to do things I’d say, as an entrepreneur, that’s probably the two most successful traits in terms of just personality or


Rosie Mercado  50:42

maybe you’re like, Oh, my God,


Scott D Clary  50:45

like I would say, self aware, very, very self aware of, of their own faults, like like, like painfully self aware of all the things that are wrong with them. And And okay, verbalizing it. Like they’ll tell you, I screwed up here. I’m not good at this. This was a low point in my life. You know, I was homeless here. I got fired here because of this. And that’s what prompted me to understand what I had to do to be better. And like those those self aware moments, I think are super super key. Anybody who is successful, I’m almost that’s a trend that I’ve seen across literally everyone I’m like, so the people that I’ve spoken to that are I don’t like to name names. Some people do have like more more of a following, but everyone I’ve spoken to is incredible. But there’s some people that have like a little bit more notoriety. So like the Guy Kawasaki. Grant Cardone Anthony Scaramucci.


Rosie Mercado  51:39

Blew my mind I just have to say blew my mind.


Scott D Clary  51:42

Yeah, yeah. So it’s very it no matter what, and they’re all different industries, right. They’re all different in what they do like Guy Kawasaki is was one time marketing for Apple then now he does some stuff for Canva. And a couple other you know, brand sponsorships, Anthony Scaramucci, Director of Communications and then now he’s now he runs his own investment firm. And Grant Cardone is like sales guy turned influencer turn, you know, he has like a couple billion assets under management as a retail real estate investor. So all very, like, some differences, some similarities, like all very successful individual, but it’s that self awareness. And I’d say curiosity and grit are things that they all have. That would be that would be huge. And that’s something that I definitely see. And not just in the names. I can I can name other people who, if you’ve if you aren’t in, like, for example, the Silicon Valley, San Francisco tech scene, you’re not going to know these people, because they’re CEOs of companies. But it’s the same, it’s the same and these are all like, you know, multi million dollar billion dollar like software, SAS startups, it’s all the same personality traits. For sure.


Rosie Mercado  52:47

That’s interesting. Wow. Well, thank you so much for the opportunity. This is this has been amazing. Thank you so much. Like for asking that question. It’s always a curiosity of mine to like, figure out what people’s aha moments especially being, you know, going into the podcast world, and to the you’ve been doing it and just everything that you’ve created the belief connected to. So it’s always I find that so intriguing, always, because there’s always like, you interviewed these people that you’re like, Oh, my God, you got to interview this person. What did you learn? That for me is like, what did you learn? Give me that give me the size.


Scott D Clary  53:15

I’ve also, you know, when I started this, I didn’t mean to, I didn’t mean to start a podcast. That was when I first started this podcast, I meant to start a podcast sorry, I misspoke. But it was focused on on my background, which was sales and marketing. Like I my whole career was in sales and marketing. And I was speaking to a lot of executives, and it was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed it. But I found that the way I learned is to learn from leaders not learn from leaders only in the thing that I’m doing. So when I listened to people I listened to like very, you know, influential politicians. I listened to world leaders, religious leaders, it could be in arts, it could be in finance. And all again, you see all these people have similar traits. So that’s how I learned. So what I wanted to do with this podcast is I pivoted, I moved it from just focusing on sales and marketing, executive CEOs, because I had no reason to ever start something like, I never wanted to be like a consultant. I guess that’s kind of what you do when you do like a very niche down podcast. So I just opened it up, I opened it up to speak to credible people with incredible stories, sort of pulling out their playbook and like their insights and their life lessons from whatever, you know, whatever they’ve experienced, and then you start to see those commonalities. And those trends across people have different industries. And that’s what I think is super powerful for somebody who’s earlier on in their career. It could be somebody in a company, it could be somebody trying to start their own business. It could be somebody who just wants to sort of expand their their mind and like learn from the best and the brightest across a couple different industries. That’s really what I wanted to be in. That’s what it is right now. So you know, I speak to yourself who has you know, you’ve done modeling you’ve done broadcast now you’re, you’re doing your own branding, you’re building your own persona. You’re building out a life coach. business. But I’ve also spoken to like, again, like, you know, Grant Cardone, I don’t think has a very similar origin story to yourself. But he, he still has a lot of really interesting lessons that I hope that you can learn from some lessons from yourself some lessons from him and some lessons from all the others. So


Rosie Mercado  55:17

everybody has every human being has something to offer, that’s the most beautiful thing. Sometimes it’s in not seeing our own value in our own potential that we choose not to share our stories, and we use have not doing so. So everything has something to offer.


Scott D Clary  55:33

And you know what? Thank you, I appreciate that’s really fine to you. And I’ll tell you something, too, I’ll tell you one more thing. And as a marketer, you know, I’ve worked in various like executive roles running marketing and sales organizations. And as a marketer. The number one piece of advice I give anybody, if they want to build a company brand, or a personal brand, is just speak your truth, speak who you are, speak what you’re dealing with, if you are, if you are, you know, a dog walker, and all you do for your entire career, you know, you’re an entrepreneur, you’re a dog walker, speak about all the things you deal with, while building out a dog walking business. Because somebody else is going to be trying to learn how to do that. And that’s your tribe. And that’s where you want to you want to build that audience. That’s, that’s marketing one on one, you want to build an audience want to build a tribe, right? And if you speak about your truth, there’s going to be somebody who wants to listen to it, but not but so many people have this, like apprehension towards speaking about who they are. And I don’t really know why, I guess I guess it’s, I guess it’s stressful to put yourself out there. But if you do, you’ll find your tribe. And I think that’s a really, really important lesson because in 2020, age of social media, yeah, if you don’t, if you don’t have a brand, you don’t have anything. Even as an individual, you have to have some sort of brand because you already have a brand. But if you don’t put out content, you don’t have control over your brand, people are going to just assume.


Rosie Mercado  56:53

Yeah, and I think it’s your point that people are afraid to speak their truth. And what I’ve noticed and what I’ve learned about that is people are afraid to speak their truth for the fear of criticism for the fear of being accepted for the fear of being disconnected the fear of not being seen as perfection or you know, they they have this, this this personality that the point is putting out there. It is so relaxing to just walk in and own your shit and just say, This is who I am. I have nothing to hide and you want to ask me something, you know, right or wrong? I’ll answer the question and just know that I’m here learning along the way with you.


Scott D Clary  57:26

I love it. Word. Okay, so wait, I you know, I I hijacked the last part of that. That wasn’t cool. You shouldn’t have done that. I like talking too much. That’s your own fault. Um, but I want to I want to go.


Rosie Mercado  57:39

It’s all good. It’s all about learning. And I have my own curiosities too. And I have to ask my questions.


Scott D Clary  57:44

Okay. Well, next time I’ll go on, I’ll go on your show.


Rosie Mercado  57:47

I want to have you on.


Scott D Clary  57:50

Alright, deal deal. Um, I need to know, where do people go to find out more about you? Your website? Your social?


Rosie Mercado  57:56

Yes, simple. Rosie And you can find me on Facebook, on Facebook on Instagram on Twitter. Rosie Mercado super simple. And if you want to count and DM me and you have any questions, I’m here to help and I hope that when you do have a chance for you looking for personal you know, transformation or growth, a little bit of inspiration, a good kick in the ass, make sure pick up the girl with the self esteem issues launched in October 13. Big thanks to Harper Collins and the whole team and, and also to my family at Himalaya with the podcast that’s coming up. And I hope to have you on the path, a podcast with me. But there’s a lot that we could talk about.


Scott D Clary  58:30

Yeah, no, I’ll do it. For sure. I’ll do it. That’s That’s awesome. Thank you so much. That’s all for today. Thanks again for joining me on another episode of the success story podcast. You can download or stream this podcast wherever podcasts are available, including iTunes, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, I heart, radio, and many others. You can also watch his podcasts on YouTube. If you haven’t already. Please subscribe and share this podcast with your friends, family, coworkers and peers. Please leave us a rating on iTunes takes about 30 seconds as it allows other people to find our podcast and lets our amazing guests reach even more people with their message. And remember any rating is fine as long as it contains five stars. I’m Scott Clary from the success story podcast, signing off

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