Invest, don’t rent.

Investing in your own output is a better strategy than renting someone else’s.

Everyone’s looking for the best to use the skillsets they have in exchange for monetary or financial compensation.

This is what most of us have been trained to do our entire life.

Learn a skill, and use it at a company to make them (and us) money.

The issue is that when we do this, we’re always renting output.

Leveraging our skills to rent out someone else’s combined output.

This is a classic “job”.

And that’s fine.

That gets our feet wet.

But the issue is that this is level one, in the game of life, but we’re taught that this is, in fact the final boss.

Doing this successfully and renting out a portion of someone else’s output is where we’re supposed to end up.

That’s why so many of us get jobs, work our entire lives and then retire.

We think we’ve won the game.

Except the issue is, that you never really win the game when you rent, you only win the game when you invest.

Stop renting output and start investing in output.

What can you invest in?

Network, skills, education, resources.

The list goes on and on.

Invest in things that can allow you to optimize your own output.

Invest in things that make others want to rent your output, like you did when you were first starting out.

And don’t get me wrong.

You’ll still be renting while you invest.

That’s normal.

But if you’re patient enough, and ambitious enough, eventually you won’t have to rent.

You’ll have people coming to you, to try and rent your output.

And that’s when you know you’ve truly won.

Always invest, so you never have to rent.

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