Is Jacinda Ardern the most effective leader on the planet?

Leadership style says alot about an individual, especially when you’re forced to throw out the playbook on what works and what doesn’t.

This pandemic is one of those times.

Jacinda Ardern has adopted an empathy first approach to leadership.

Her people have bought into this because empathy at it’s core is is defined as a people-centric, people-first approach.

How does this translate into practical things she’s implemented?

She’s started doing Facebook live sessions.

Well worn sweatshirt, raw, unscripted and real.

It’a authentic, real and shows how she views herself as a citizen, just trying to get by while offering some helpful advice to her fellow country-men and women.

This is a theme that repeats itself again and again.

Just be real.

Be you.

You can be a marketer, a sales rep, a manager, a leader, a prime minister or a president.

At the end of the day, people will respond to authenticity and empathy.

The secret to leadership, both in high tension, life changing circumstances or small micro interactions with employees on the day to day, is always “people first”.

Lead your organization like Jacinda leads New Zealand.

With empathy.

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