Jonathan Perelman, President of ICM Stellar Sports | How to Grow Your Digital Footprint

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About The Guest

Jonathan Perelman is the President of ICM Stellar Sports. ICM Partners is one of the world’s leading talent agencies, dedicated to the representation of artists, content creators, broadcasters, authors, journalists and artisans, and in 2020 Perelman helped to oversee ICM Partners’ acquisition of the powerhouse London agency Stellar Group, which represents over 800 athletes.

Before orchestrating the ICM Stellar Sports deal, Perelman served as ICM’s Head of Digital Ventures, and he previously spent time at Buzzfeed and Google. Perelman also serves as a board member for several sports and entertainment start-ups.

Talking Points

  • 09:28 – Why Jon left google.
  • 20:28 – What does ‘digital transformation’ mean?
  • 29:12 – Growing your brand.
  • 36:08 – How to scale your business with the right talent.
  • 42:39 – How do you find the right mentors?
  • 50:04 – Managing high performance people.

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