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About The Guest

Kate Bradley Chernis is the Founder & CEO of Lately – A.I. which learns which words will get you the most engagement and re-purposes video, audio, and text into dozens of social posts containing those words.

As a former rock ‘n’ roll DJ, Kate served 20 million listeners as Music Director and on-air host at Sirius/XM. She’s also an award-winning radio producer, engineer, and voice talent with 25 years of national broadcast communications, brand-building, sales, and marketing expertise. What she learned on the radio about the neuroscience of music helps fuel Lately’s artificial intelligence.

Prior to founding Lately, Kate also owned a marketing agency that got Walmart a 130% ROI, YoY for three years.

In addition, Kate’s appeared as a guest speaker on hundreds of sales, marketing, and entrepreneurial podcasts and has led presentations for Walmart, National Disability Institute, IRS, United Way Worldwide, SaaStr, SXSW, Content Marketing Institute, HubSpot, Harvard University, Columbia University, NYU, and others.

Talking Points

  • 00:00 — Intro
  • 02:48 — Kate Bradley’s origin story
  • 14:25 — How does Kate Bradley do content marketing so well and what role does AI play?
  • 32:38 — How did Kate start Lately.ai and what did she do with the money her company raised in the beginning?
  • 41:34 — Marketing problems Kate is solving.
  • 46:05 — How is AI important and applicable for smaller content creators?
  • 49:59 — How did Gary Vaynerchuk use Lately.ai?
  • 58:20 — Where can people connect with Kate Bradley?
  • 58:52 — The biggest challenge Kate has ever faced in her life
  • 59:27 — The most impactful person in Kate’s life
  • 59:48 — Kate Bradley’s book or podcast recommendation
  • 1:00:07 — What would Kate tell her 20-year-old self and what does success mean to her?

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Scott D Clary  00:24

Welcome to success story, the most useful podcast in the world. I’m your host Scott D. Clary. The success story podcast is part of the blue wire podcast network as well as the HubSpot Podcast Network which has other great podcast like socialite hosted by Steph Taylor socialite discusses all things online marketing, Steph Taylor answers all your business marketing questions, she deep dives into the nitty gritty of online marketing, content marketing, social media marketing marketing strategy for business owners. If any of these topics resonate with you, you’re gonna love the show, you’ll learn things like how to scale your brand on various different social media platforms, some of the biggest mistakes you can make with your launch of a new product or service, the importance of nurturing and engaging your audience consistently. The importance of having your audience fully understand the problem you’re trying to solve and why it’s important to solve right now, as well as why growing audiences across all social platforms feels so hard. In 2022. You can go listen to socialite wherever you get your podcast, or at the HubSpot Podcast Network at hubspot.com/podcast Network. Today, my guest is Kate Bradley Chernus. She’s the founder and CEO of lately basically a content marketers dream tool. It’s an AI that learns which words will get you the most engagement and repurpose his video, audio and text into dozens of social posts containing those words. Now, as a former rock and roll DJ Kate served 20 million listeners As music director and on air hosts at Sirius XM. She’s also an award winning radio producer, engineer and voice talent with 25 years of national broadcast, brand building sales and marketing expertise. What you’ve learned in radio about the neuroscience and music helps fuel lately is artificial intelligence. Now prior to founding lately, Kate also owned a marketing agency which got Walmart 130% ROI year over year for three years. In addition, Kate’s appeared as a guest speaker on hundreds of sales, marketing and entrepreneurial podcasts and his lead presentations for Walmart National Disability Institute IRS United Way Worldwide Sastre South by Southwest Content Marketing Institute HubSpot, Harvard Columbia University and why you and others now we spoke about the evolution of content marketing, we spoke about pivoting career successfully. From DJ to marketing mastermind we spoke about having Gary Vee as one of our major clients, we spoke about how to market for a company like Walmart achieving those incredible numbers, and leveraging AI for marketing as well as a whole bunch of incredible content marketing lessons.


Kate Bradley  03:13

So I used to be a rock and roll DJ Scott, my last gig was broadcasting to 20 million listeners a day for XM satellite radio. My, my radio voice is, you know, it’s a little bit warmer than my normal voice. My husband’s always like, why don’t I get the nice voice. And what I what I learned about the neuroscience of music, listening through radio actually turns out to be one of the largest informers of how lately these AI works, which I can tell you about later. So don’t forget to ask me about that, because it’s kind of cool. But I also in between radio and a few other things before lately, I had a marketing agency. And my first client was a little old company called Walmart. And I got them. Yeah, not bad. So I ended up getting Walmart 130% ROI year over year for three years with this exhaustive spreadsheet system that I created, you know, spreadsheets coming now. But the idea was to look at consistency. So for the marketing nerds in the room, raise your hands. It was I’ll just give you some details. So it was Walmart and all their franchises Bank of America and all of theirs, at&t and all of theirs, the IRS, the National Disability Institute and also United Way Worldwide. So it was for profit, nonprofit and government, small, medium large. There were 20,000 marketers that we were actually wrangling together it was it was a project designed to help lift the poor out of poverty through income tax credits and financial empowerment. So everybody wanted to be a part of this, like, good thing, right? And when I came in, I came in from radio. So cow girl, you know, I don’t really know a lot about corporate roles, and I don’t really follow a lot of rules. I was a line cook before all this. So, you know, I’m into the lawlessness of things. And I was like, You guys are crazy. But this is a giant mess, you know, with didn’t have my edit button on either. And I went home and built a spreadsheet system, which first is organized everything like, okay, so if there’s 40 People placing ads and newspapers across the country, what are the zip codes? And what is the content they’re using? Or if there’s 100 people writing the press release? Well, like, let’s get it all the same message like this idea of consistency. And, and then I thought a lot about repurposing because I was like, it seems like everybody’s remaking the wheel, constantly here every single day, there’s gotta be a better way. How can we unify our resources, but at the same time, and this is so important, is to customize each message on the local side, because you know, this, Scott, and I’m zigzagging all over the place. But humans are multifaceted. And so while consistency is important, you can no longer get to people with one message, right? That’s actually outdated. It’s it’s dying. And the Big Dinosaurs aren’t catching on, really quite yet. Having a coke have a coconut smile, right? I was great for a long time. But now it’s got to be, you know, there’s got to be some little tweak in there. And so we figured that out. And when I built lately, I use these two ideas, like how can I repurpose content? So with Walmart, I had written a blog. And I thought, well, the title of this blog, which they’re promoting, you know, Walmart helps lift the poor out of poverty, nobody cares about honestly, let’s be honest. But each of the sentence is inside. were interesting, because I wrote it. And they were like, kind of teasers if they stood alone with a link back to the full length. So if I broke up all the sentences and turn them into social posts, I got 40 social posts and an hour. And I can disseminate these to everybody in the network, and show them how to customize them. And what if I did that with every piece of long form content? We had video, audio, news, newsletters, white papers, right? It’s all there in front of us. So those two ideas kind of got us here. That’s part one of the story. Do you want to hear part


Scott D Clary  07:28

two, I do want to hit no. So I was just gonna You don’t have to give me a second to jump in. I forgot to when we were when we were prepping for this. I forgot to say don’t feel the need to punt it back over to me, because then I’m gonna talk too much. So it’s all about, it’s all about you. But no, this is a great story. And I just first of all, congratulations on the the success with Walmart, because that’s incredible. And sometimes I just wanted to point out the something’s very interesting about when you moved into this marketing, moved into marketing from not marketing. Sometimes it’s the people that don’t know the rules that do the best when they move into something when they can really disrupt the way things have been done. So that’s something that’s interesting. So not only did you do that in your, in your actual job in your role in what you were delivering from Walmart, but this is something that I think that what is probably allowed you to create, lately, which is looking at marketing a different way. So how do we and this is something that I now I see actually spoken about quite often like how you have this content strategy that takes one piece and then starts to break it out and disseminate it and repurpose it with even that repurposing it with the caveat that you still have to localize it, regionalize it and make it a little bit contextual to the audience that it’s going to see it but still, like, it’s like, you don’t have to do the heavy lifting every single time. Just it’s very, it’s just a smart way to learn. You’re like way ahead of your time. Because now how like, now, you’re doing it like before, there was tools and tech and people like will talk about Gary Vaynerchuk do that always speak about this is the strategy that you have to have to be a marketer that can keep up with social and, and the constant need for information and new content. Like it’s difficult. So anyways, that’s my two cents. So back to you what


Kate Bradley  09:14

it is, yeah, and I mean, one of the phrases that I say to my team and to myself all the time is, it’s always right in front of you. Meaning like at this point in my life, and then this is the confidence in the work you’ve done wherever, wherever it is, is that I’ve probably already got pieces of this thing that I need to do right here somewhere, you know, whether it’s, if I’m going to write a blog on consistency and marketing, I’m sure I’ve written 50 emails about that somewhere. Let me just go find them and pull them together. You know, I don’t really have to start from scratch. Right? That’s kind of one idea. And then also touching on what you were saying I love metaphorically stealing good ideas that seem to have nothing to do with what you are interested in and then twisting them and reapplying them. That comes back to music like so I’m a sucker for covers Scott And there’s some standards though, like a cover can’t just be the straight ahead song. Why do it again if it’s already great, right? You need to turn it inside out. So make it minor key instead of major, slow it down and kind of speed it up. Right. All those things. That’s when you go wow, you know, I can’t believe I just did that. Right. And I think, what’s that? What’s that? What does that phrase like


Scott D Clary  10:28

about like murder? Or something like that? Like, yeah. I can’t remember. Like, GREENGUARD is steel or something. I don’t know, artists. Artists deal. Yeah, I’ll wait one second. Anyways, I believe I’m pro stealing. It was Pablo Picasso. He said, good artists borrow Great artists steal? I don’t know. It’s disputed as to whether or not he said it. But this is a great quote.


Kate Bradley  10:53

We should give it to Pablo. He deserves it. Yeah, so you know, and, and then, even if you don’t, I mean, I was also by the way, like, so this didn’t just like happen out of nowhere. I was a fiction writing major. So rule breaking is something that I learned in a lyrical sense, right, again, back to the music and in the sounds like that’s somewhere where my, my heart lives. And in fiction writing you break rules as a, as a matter of course, right? That’s part of it. Certainly in poetry, for example, and then we touched on the kitchen as well. I mean, everything that Tony Bourdain ever wrote is 100% effing true. You know, I loved that. And I loved it. And what, what I loved was the chaos and like, the serenity and the beauty that comes out of the chaos, getting everything up pot at once, you know, like being on the air. I was on the air live for most of my career, which nobody has any more in radio anyways. But like, that’s stressful, man. Like, I It’s


Scott D Clary  11:56

very strange. You’re on Sirius XM 20 million people. Like that’s like a 10x multiplier on the amount of people that let’s gonna listen to this. So I would never


Kate Bradley  12:05

do that. Again. By the way, like that. I someone points that out to me regularly. They’re like, how can you be scared, you did this thing. And I was like, I don’t know what I was thinking.


Scott D Clary  12:14

You just probably don’t even understand like the magnitude, like the scope of people that you’re that you’re actually I’ve spoken people on radio before. And like, they’ll, they’ll be like, fresh out of college. And they’ll be speaking to like, hundreds of, well, not maybe hundreds of millions, but like millions of people. And like that’s a lot of damn people. And I don’t think you realize that when you’re sitting there just talking. Like, you really don’t get the magnitude of like what you say carries. So it’s true.


Kate Bradley  12:38

They teach you like I had a good mentor, actually, who taught me to always I used to draw a picture, talk to one person, imagine who the person is. And like, that’s who you’re talking to. And, I mean, this is important to we’re going to be continuing to talk about here. But like, the, the theater of the mind is so powerful, because you have to, you have to allow for that unknown character to fill the blanks, right? This works in radio, and it works in or podcasts and it works in writing to an author, right. So let me jump back to what I had said before. And then I gotta tell you part two. So when you listen to a new song, Scott, the your brain must instantly access every other song you’ve ever heard in that moment. And it’s looking for familiar touch points, so it knows where to index the new song in the library of the memory of your brain. Now, your voice has a musical note to it. It’s has a frequency, like a song. And when you write text, and I read the text that you write, I hear your voice in my head. So it’s your job as the author to give me the reader. Familiar touch points and trigger, nostalgia, memory, emotion. These are all the base liars for trust. Right, and trust is why we buy.


Scott D Clary  14:00

I just want to take a second and thank the sponsor of today’s episode HubSpot. Now, running your own business means uncertainty is everywhere. So wouldn’t it be nice to have a CRM platform that just works? A CRM platform that helps you provide a seamless, connected best in class customer experience? For too long, businesses have had to deal with managing point solutions that slow down their teams, frustrate customers and hit them with hidden fees? HubSpot, all in one CRM platform has everything you need to business, no hidden fees included. With a connected platform that’s easy to implement and use. Your teams have all the tools and data they need to spend more time on what matters most creating remarkable customer experiences. Learn how HubSpot can help your business grow better@hubspot.com. So, knowing that because I don’t think many people are very cognizant of that when they create content so they already


Kate Bradley  15:00

They’re so Ann Handley is Do you know her? She’s amazing.


Scott D Clary  15:03

I do. Yeah, I do. I didn’t know. I’m sure. Like, I’m sure like the people that are like, at that level probably are very like another one who I felt like Seth Godin. Like whenever he writes, I’m sure like, he knows his style. And you get that feeling too when you read his content. So I guess I want to hear is that we’re still going into part two, but I have questions. So we can we can index these questions for later. Doesn’t matter to me. But I think the the first question would be, how do you how do you do that? Well, because that’s a great tool for marketers have, or how do you do that at all? And secondly, how does AI capture that? Because if you’re going to use a tool, like lately, for content marketing, ultimately, at some point, it has to be as as impactful as if a human was creating it.


Kate Bradley  15:50

Right? So, so many good ideas there. So the first part is, how do you do it as How do humans do it? So there’s an easy trick, you just read out loud what you write. I’ll give you an example. This is a letter that I got in the mail. So I’m holding a piece of paper. And it’s from West Elm where I shop. This certificate is issued for reward purposes, and is a duplicate of the certificate you received by email. You guys hear that? So hear me trip over that. This certificate is issued for reward purposes, duplicate of their certificate, you can hear me say all things very hard to say. What they’re trying to tell me is, hey, Ding Dong, we emailed you a copy of this coupon, you can’t use both. That’s what they’re saying. So when you write, copy and read it out loud, if you trip over it, you gotta read to it. It’s not authentic, you’re communicating poorly, because if you’re tripping, I’m tripping. Right?


Scott D Clary  16:50

Interesting. And even if I’m not reading it out loud to say, get that in my hand, and I’m reading it and it feels awkward. You’re saying that, even if I’m just reading it on paper, there’s a good chance that if I can’t read it out loud as the author, then the the person, the recipient, when they read that on paper, it’s going to feel awkward, it’s going to feel clunky in their head, even though they don’t know why.


Kate Bradley  17:10

That’s right. And when it feels awkward, the first thing you don’t do is trust somebody and like I said, Trust is the main thing, right? And so then you get that spam feeling. Or, you know, there’s a there’s a pact that we make as salespeople and marketing people, and there’s no shame in this, we’re all selling something. Right? We are we all everybody wants someone to do something. I want my husband to take out the trash. You know, you want your children to do their homework on time, you want the person in line in front of you to hurry the EFF up and pay with a credit card instead of writing a cheque. Are you kidding me? Let’s move it. Right. So, so all these things and so when I’m thinking about okay, well, if I want you to do x, what is the x I wouldn’t want you to do? So let’s talk about social media. For example, like in social copy, there’s only two outcomes, click or share. That’s it. Right? No clicks for smaller companies or for people who don’t have a lot of trust, right? We don’t have a lot of name recognition, clicks or heart There’s one exception which is when you create how to content it’s a lot easier to get people to click because they’re curious it’s already built in Oh, how to how do I do that thing you know? But the share is is actually easy. And this is built on we were talking about that third person in the room so sharing is all about your ego and me making you look good me the author making you look good by sharing my content when you share my content you get credit for it. Like an album in college. Yeah, you know somebody gave it to you this new record oh my god you’re with it


Scott D Clary  18:44

you seem like you’re in the know you seem like you have all the tools you have access to the cool stuff or you know, like you’re you’re the person that you know knows what’s what’s good and what’s coming up. So that’s why the content has to be educational, entertaining, like something that makes you look good as the sharer


Kate Bradley  18:58

There you go right so if you know that those are your only two objectives just keep it real smell then you back into it. So if I’m writing copy, I go for the share because I I can do that. Well, you know, I can make people laugh. I wrote something recently that said like, is your LinkedIn page him a turd? Mine is mine is. And I did it because I want you to react. Right? So reacting is the first step into having a conversation and then making them do the thing. Click share whatever it is, you got to you got to make people lean forward. And then to tie into your second question was like, Well, how do you do this with AI? Like, and I’ll, I’ll spell it out technically, for everybody if you like but the first thing to say as we don’t separate humans from robots at lately. We know that the human is an essential component component of marketing and sales. So marketing and sales has been You know, social selling is not new. When the first person had the wheel that that was a social sale he made back in the day. It was a man I have to say but right. So nothing is different. It’s just all the tools we use. Did I lose my train of thought? No, I didn’t. Okay, so with with, with, with marketing and sales, the human has that junus a qua. Again,



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Scott D Clary  21:34

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Kate Bradley  22:00

This is that third piece in the room we’re talking about, right? You can’t put a finger on it. You have to allow the space there. And you you can’t always describe it. It’s the thing you and I just met today. We already discovered that we could talk for hours and I totally want to have a beer with you or non alcoholic beer or whatever we’re doing. It doesn’t really matter


Scott D Clary  22:17

I can do. I’d rather than a non alcoholic. I don’t.


Kate Bradley  22:23

There’s not that good, but they are getting better. I’ve been trying.


Scott D Clary  22:26

I haven’t. I haven’t done a non alcoholic beer in a while actually, actually, to be honest. I haven’t done a beer in a while. I usually just go to like, I’ve done too many white claws. Like it’s like I’m super basic. Because I don’t like hangover. So like now I’m getting old. So like if I do like anything like like actual liquor, like it might be like a Scotch or whiskey. It’s like I’m done the next day. So it’s like tequila or like white claw like beer is like I’m all bloated. Like it’s not like


Kate Bradley  22:52

we have the same problem. Yeah. Shout out to Lauren, on the white claw. The claws the law, right? Yeah. Good. But yeah, and only you and I were able to do that. This is what I’m saying. Like you I feel like we’ve already reached through the screen. We’ve we’ve hugged we’ve high fives, like all those things, right? And so you can’t remove this element. And you don’t you don’t want to right. This is why AI will never replace marketers altogether, in my opinion. So what we do is, lately, robots job is to get you three quarters of the way there. So that the human has the space to fill in that that quarter percent. Now the difference isn’t one plus one equals two, it’s one plus one equals three. And that’s even more the reason you do it. So to back up and give people the commercial briefly. But lately, AI learns your brand voice, it’ll learn any brand voice, and then it’ll atomize any long form content into dozens of previews or or movie trailers,


Scott D Clary  23:58

clips, video clips of that, if it’s a video or just like short little text.


Kate Bradley  24:03

That’s right. And that so the magical part is the AI knows what which clips to learn, or to use to cut up and to present to you in a social post. And it’s doing that because it’s actually studying your analytics from your social channels, it can see what words and phrases and sentence structures get you the highest engagement. And then it starts to look for that same content and whatever you feed it right. So the human part though, has to curate it’s only a robot is a little dumb, and it doesn’t even know you yet it has to get to know you. So the more time you nudge it, the more the more time you spend telling it this way, this way, it’ll get smarter and smarter. Which is great. And the job is to as all robots, right? Robots are cold. Humans are warm. Robots are fast. Humans are slow. But together This is that. This is that magical thing you get So, you know, the the story, I guess, like that I wanted to touch on because, you know, we’re talking about a lot of new ideas here. We’re talking about, as you pointed out, like, looking at things differently. So I want to I want to zag back for one sec. When I was at XM, I had I had really bad tendinitis and epicondylitis Scott for up with arms and hands. I couldn’t I couldn’t type anymore. And it was scary. This is 2000 A


Scott D Clary  25:29

tennis elbow. worse, worse? Elbow. Yeah.


Kate Bradley  25:33

Yeah. Yeah. And there wasn’t like you said before, this is like, a long time ago, there was we had a flip phone. You know, and Dragon Naturally Speaking had been invented. That’s the the voice activated software that powers Siri. And, but not a lot of people knew about it. And it was very clunky and hard to use. So I learned about it. I found there were four coaches in the whole country. One was in DC, I had no money. I was in radio, I eat ramen, you know, and other people’s diet. Charles Shaw $3.03, Buck Chuck, right. And I found this woman who was a fan of my channel, and I paid her and CDs because I had hundreds of them. So I was really lucky. And then I took the software to exam, they wouldn’t put it in the system, you know, because of it and whatever. So I, I, I got a credit card, I bought a laptop, which I couldn’t afford, so I can at least bring it to work. And then now I’m a real pain in the ass because I need a private room. Because I have a microphone and the microphone. Here’s everything. So now I want special treatment. Right? I’m not I’m actually a person with a partial disability, but I want special treatment. And so and it was sexual harassment, like galore, like, all these things were happening and hostile work environment. This was not I didn’t basically, it was it was shitshow. But we didn’t have the language I’m using to describe to you. And it was to me, it was just frustrating. I was like, Wait a second, I kind of kick ass here. Like, my channel is like number 21 out of 300. You know, I’m doing a great job. Why am I not getting rewarded for this? And why is it so hard? And my I was crying a lot. And smoking a lot. Um, I was very good at smoking. I was smoking. And my, my dad kind of had it with me and he loving very lovingly shook me by the shoulders one day and said, you can’t work for other people. And there’s no shame in that.


Scott D Clary  27:27

Advice. Very good advice. Yeah.


Kate Bradley  27:29

Light Bulb, right. And so that’s when I this is, I just want to show this other part because for those of you who are, you know, maybe inspired but haven’t yet made the leap. Or, you know, when there’s lots of hurdles in your way, like the universe is trying to tell you, dude, we move you have to make the leap here, you have to move it. So in that moment, all in the same week, my husband heard he was my boyfriend. And he heard my dad and his great kindness and wisdom went right out to the bookstore, and got me Guy Kawasaki Art of the Start. Seminole startup book, right. And so I started to read that and I got into maybe Chapter Two where IT guy says, don’t make a plan, just get started. Right? Meaning like, don’t waste time thinking about all the things you had to do. Just you just got to roll with it. And I thought, Okay, well, I don’t need this book anymore. And I literally tossed it aside. I tried to go back to it, but I never really did because that those books are not a map, there is no map for what you’re doing. You should only inspiration, you know, that’s what it’s designed to be. And then the other thing that happened to other things, this is all one week, I was reading a self help book, Scott and I I don’t like self help books I I don’t I find them just kill me now. But I was trying everything I could in my power because I was unhappy. And I knew I had to do something and change the channel. So I read the secret, which is a total barf of a book. And the secret, by the way, is not a secret at all. It’s a mindset. That’s what it is. And I see that my mindset sucked. I smoked. So I’m like totally wishing death on myself literally by the moment. I’m all I’m talking about was how much pain I’m in and how much I hate my job. And I thought, Okay, well, I’m just not going to do that stuff anymore. I’m not going to talk about I’m not going to have negative stuff come out. I’m going to stop smoking and stop just being like this mess. And then I met I went to lunch with some customers who were big fans of mine from from XM. And they wanted to hand deliver a product because they wanted to meet me which was very unusual, usually just put it in the mail. And we went to lunch and it turns out, they were angel investors and they gave me $50,000 to start my first company.


Scott D Clary  29:48

And this all happened in one week and this was not so this was not expected at all this was this this lunch and like it was in that lunch that they were like you want to start something you have an idea We’ll help you out.


Kate Bradley  30:01

Yeah, I was actually I was, remember I told you, I don’t have an edit button. And I was talking about there’s this guy, Bob Bob lefsetz, who was a big deal in the music industry. Back in the day, he had a newsletter, which, you know, guys, MySpace was just coming around, right? So, man, he went head to head authority, because he had that voice. And Bob was always talking about my show and exam, but not giving me credit for it when he told my boss specifically, that she couldn’t possibly be making those song choices, because she’s too young. And, you know, couldn’t have that. Were with all that really pissed me off. And so I was complaining about him, and they knew who he was. And that’s when they were just like, here, here. Awesome. You’re crazy. Let’s take on Bob lefsetz in the world. Sure, why not? You know? Because I didn’t, I didn’t have any what could I lose? You know, I was already


Scott D Clary  30:53

I mean, like, you weren’t in a good spot, you couldn’t really lose anything. If And if anything, you know, you just end up leaving a toxic work environment, and it forces you to find something else that’s hopefully a little less shitty. That’s the worst that can happen if the entrepreneur stuff doesn’t work out.


Kate Bradley  31:09

Yeah, exactly. And like I was, so I was lucky. Luck always has a role, I totally believe that it’s you have to have both you have to know to the door has to open you have to know to go through. So it’s both. But like, I was able to then and I had help. I had catalysts to help me do this. To start pulling on my my mind out my tool drawer of things, you know, a fiction writing line cook radio. Okay, so I have these skills. Somebody actually, this is a great skill for all you guys listening. So when asked me to run through my contacts and try to group them in an in it and think of them in unusual ways. Because I was raising money. Eventually, right? I started lately. So I’d like to do we’ll, we’ll get to that story too. But I was trying to think of who they were. So my first idea was, well, they’re all music people. There’s the artists, and there’s the record industry people, right. And then I started in, there’s family, friends, whatever. And I started looking at life differently, trying to cut the cut, cut across these groups in different ways. And so I had people I could see were entrepreneurs, I had people who I could tell were risk takers, like I made these categories. It turns out, I did have people who were had a lot of money in my life, but I didn’t really know that about them. But I had I called them risk takers. And those are the people I went to first to bet on me. And I raised on nothing on an idea and an idea that I it was so poor back then, to be honest, it wasn’t this at all. We raised $250,000 In a few months, not mostly from friends and family actually, mostly from strangers. Was one of them actually was Go ahead. Sorry. I was gonna say one of them. Bob McCaslin was one of my biggest fans at XM and he’s my largest investor. So like radio, new radio would pay off that ridiculous career I had, you know,


Scott D Clary  32:57

I just want to take a second and thank the sponsor of today’s episode manscaped. Now manscaped is the leader in below the belt grooming. And because you’re listening today to success story, you’re gonna get 20% off, plus free shipping with the code 20 success and manscaped.com but let me give you a little rundown of why manscaped is so awesome and what you’re going to be getting, so you’re getting the manscaped performance package 4.0 It has everything you need to prepare that summer body. In the package, you’re gonna have the lawnmower 4.0 trimmer, the weed whacker ear and nose hair trimmer, you’re going to have the crop Reviver toner, you’re going to have the crop preserver which is under the belt deodorant, you’re gonna have performance boxer briefs, and you’re going to have a travel bag to hold all of it now. There lawnmower 4.0 trimmer that is the thing they’re known for it features a cutting edge ceramic blade, this reduces grooming accidents, thanks to their advanced skin safe technology, they have a 7000 RPM motor, a new multifunction on off switch, they can engage a travel lock, they have an LED light on that you can take it anywhere because it’s all waterproof. So Beach, Lake shower, the razor goes anywhere. So if you want 20% off, that’s 20% off, plus free shipping on the performance package, you’re gonna go to manscape.com use the code 20 success, remember that is 20% off plus free shipping, the performance package, all the stuff I just mentioned, go to manscaped.com and use the code 20 success. That’s a whole other conversation about if you have a reach and an audience you can do quite a bit with it. Which that’s that’s a lesson in and of itself. But okay, so you raised you raise 50k then you raise up to 250k Still on an idea. There’s obviously pre revenue. So how did you start How did you you know, you’re now the current iteration of lately is a you’re not developing this yourself. You’re not an engineer. So what did you do? What did you do with that money?


Kate Bradley  35:03

Yeah, so so the first money the first 50k, we actually built not lately at all, we built miniature radio, it was two songs a day, an old song and a new song that chemically had to work together. sonically and chemically. And it was free. It was like a widget. And as I was, but it’s, it taps on to the ideas that we’re having here. Familiar, new, familiar. touchpoints, right. It’s all there. And that’s when somebody came to me and said, Hey, you’re really good at marketing, let’s put you on the Walmart account. And I was like, great, goodbye, radio, I’m done with you for life. Finally. But then, as that was happening, and I was making all these spreadsheets, these my spreadsheet system, my friend, Steve, who was in this world, he was a former CTO, he’d had a successful exit, he knew all these words that I didn’t know. And he said to me, kept saying to me, let’s automate your spreadsheets. We just need $25,000 to build wireframes, you know, and I’m like, Okay, first of all, don’t touch my spreadsheets. Second of all, $25,000 like, have you met me like I, I’m, I was for about to be 40 at the time when I was buying my first house. And we’ve saved, scraped and saved to do this, you know. And then what I didn’t know what a wireframe was, of course. And so Steve ended up pulling the money out of his own pocket, bringing in my one of my co founders. So Steve was the glue. He was the person that had the tech background. And, you know, the first go through Scott’s I mean, in Jason, the first co founder that came in Jason single handedly built small business products for both target and, and Bank of America. So he, you know, had that, obviously, cachet. And then our first CTO that we brought in, so Jason is my chief product designer, my first CTO, we lost two alcoholic depression. The second one we lost to suicidal depression, nobody died. I’m just saying they were evaporating my life. So the funds we raised, were evaporating as well. And it was hard. You know, it took this was like a two or three years at this point at this point of being into it with nothing to show. And still this cockamamie idea about spreadsheets and organization and not AI at all. And finally, we raised some money, and I got a good CTO, Brian, who’s my CTO now was amazing. And we watched our customers and what they did, and the thing that we thought was valuable, wasn’t really valuable to them at all. What they liked was this crazy idea I had, which was let’s just take a blog, push a button and turn it into 50 social posts that was so we built the spreadsheet had worksheets. And each worksheet was a feature of lately, right? The platform had all these features. That was my process. And so our original idea was that my process could be replicated. Turns out that’s not true. My process is too complicated. To replicate. It’s too hard to understand, because I’m crazy. And I don’t you can already tell I don’t think linearly. I don’t talk linearly. I’m all over the


Scott D Clary  38:12

place. Right. But it’s good. I can see I can see. Well, I can see, you know, just when you’re first speaking with I can see why this would be a successful, a successful product process for marketing. But you’re right, like if you’re going to try and turn this into like a any sort of product or software product or SAS product. It seems like there’s a lot of points where it can break.


Kate Bradley  38:34

Yeah, you’re right. And, you know, work because I can, as Joanne Wilson, my favorite investor says to me, I can walk through walls. I mean, I have no, just kick me over the head a few more times, like, yes, please give me another. Right. So we kept we had piling on because we knew we had something there was there was something there. And we’re nimble enough to float keep refocusing on the thing that was surfacing, and double down on and triple down on it. And so that’s what we’ve been doing. And there’s there’s so many highs and lows. I mean, I I like getting punched in the face. And obviously, I love it. Right? And how do


Scott D Clary  39:11

your investors like it?


Kate Bradley  39:15

That’s one of my finest qualities. I mean, like, I mean, there’s a lot of things that I suck at, but like I’m competitive, and they know that I’m not going to quit. And this this game is especially if you’re a woman, Scott right, so So and or underdogs in general, but in my world, female entrepreneurs only get 2% of all the venture funding 2% 2%. Now I’ve raised $3.4 million, all from angels, not ventures. I’ve had a couple of I’ve had one term sheet in my hand. I’ve failed to raise a price round twice. It feels like a huge shortcoming on my part, why can’t I achieve this one hurdle? And the answer is because it’s keycard, and they they raise the goalposts on you all the time, you know. And I’m constantly looking for other kinds of validation I’m checking myself like, Am I crazy? Why am I still doing this? You know, but I’ve got 348 customers that, you know, wouldn’t let me pry lately from their cold dead hands. So it’s like, constantly thinking to yourself, Am I stubborn? Or am I just driven?


Scott D Clary  40:19

But you’ll still see, even if it’s incremental, like the small, you’re still moving in the right direction always. Even Even though things Yeah, always working out.


Kate Bradley  40:30

Right now speaking of the right direction, so the right direction, traditionally, for all startups is monthly recurring revenue. That’s the direction that that’s the ometer for all the things. And we were going, we took us a long time, we flatlined for a while, and we dropped and whatever. And then we were flying super high. And then something broke. And I cried a lot. And a lot of stuff actually broke all at once. No, that was really difficult. Because, you know, we can take a lot of punches. As myself and my team, I have a very high tolerance for pain and stress. But this was all the stuff at once. We had to just pick up our heads and we are, we’re doing something crazy. Which is we’re saying now that MRR is not our true north. This is crazy, right? I’m gonna say it. I’m gonna say making money is not what I care about right now. What I care about right now is what? What is it? What is the one single thing that makes customers not churn? What is that thing? What do they have to do in my product? To get enough, aha, whatever, to love me till the day they die, you know.


Scott D Clary  41:40

And your goal right now is to figure that out, or you have figured that out?


Kate Bradley  41:44

I know what it is. Yeah, I already knew before. But I, what I didn’t know in this lots of things this year helped me understand what exactly what you said is can you make it a straight line? I figured out how to do that. But it means becoming what we are and stop trying to be the things we’re not. And that’s a big, being a little bit cryptic, because it’s too long and boring to


Scott D Clary  42:12

slightly cryptic. I’m like wondering like, how do you press on this, like, figure out what you’re doing right now?


Kate Bradley  42:19

Well, you can, yeah, you can sequence you can sequence. Lately, the AI, you can’t sequence marketing, marketing, everybody comes at it from different ways. And that’s what we’ve been trying to do. This is why well, no, we weren’t trying to do it. We we knew that. And we, so we didn’t automate a million things. And we really relied on customer interaction demos, and like for an enterprise mindset. And we knew all the reasons to not do that, or to do that for the moment. But we had enough validation happening around, you know, what were my gift? My Uber power is making listeners into fans or customers and evangelists. That’s what I do. And how can I take that, and using product lead growth, scale that, right, because what I do now, we don’t do Lean forward, everybody. So we don’t do any paid ads, and no cold calls and no cold emails at lately. We only use our own organic AI for all lead generation. And we have a 98% sales conversion.


Scott D Clary  43:29

Incredible. That is incredible. That’s incredible. Now, are you are you how do we spell that? Right? The question is, yes, I was gonna ask how do you scale that, but also is that just because you want it to figure out those key carrots you have to dangle in front of customers to actually you know, those things that you have to have the customer do before you reduce, you return to whatever 0% or whatever metric you’re trying to achieve? Do you want to figure that out first, before you ramp up the more traditional air quotes, type of marketing? Or is that just not what you want to do as a company, you’re happy with a 98% conversion rate with no ads back?


Kate Bradley  44:07

Well, I mean, I’ve looked up a million other things like that’s the one shining good thing, you know, but


Scott D Clary  44:12

I’m just wondering where you’re heading the company in the future, when you figure those numbers out?


Kate Bradley  44:17

We have figured them out already. Because remember what I was saying it’s always right in front of you and was right in front of us. And we knew it before we have amassed a lot of data. What I’d got some great advice from an entrepreneur several years ago, which was to always look for the patterns, right? Because you’re either going to double down on the patterns or like the patterns are going to show you what’s wrong. And so I knew that and I had collected all this data and I could tell that I just wasn’t looking at it right but I didn’t have the wisdom or the perspective I needed. I needed someone else to come in with their eyeballs or light something up and so I spent time with Mark Roberto this summer mark is Yeah, Mark is the former CRO that took HubSpot, this IPO for Those


Scott D Clary  45:00

from like, he was like employee number like, whatever. It’s six, seven and a garage. And he was like the demand gen. He’s like the person like I like to follow and subscribe to for content marketing strategy, because he’s all about inbound. He’s all about it. Yeah, yeah.


Kate Bradley  45:14

He lives and breathe it. And he’s so nice. And it wasn’t, you know, he, he emailed me, he’s also, we have time for a quick story. He’s also a professor at Harvard Business School, and Harvard Business, School alumni, Angels of New York actually led my first round. So I like I didn’t go to Harvard, but like a Harvard in my life, right? And he called emailed me and said, Hey, will lately be a part of this thing for my, my class. And I get these kinds of things all the time. And I have to really be judicious about where we spend that time or not, because it’s not often worth it. And I was like, sounds like a waste of time. Now, I wasn’t paying attention to that, because I’m busy. And I often I often gloss over things, you know, I do, because like, there’s so much coming out you right? And this person was very persistent. And he was like, let’s get on the phone. And I was like, Okay, you had mark on the


Scott D Clary  46:06

phone and you up again and again.


Kate Bradley  46:10

And I don’t know who it is, I’m not paying attention. I know who he is. But I’m not conducting connecting the dots. So we’re on a call, just like this on a zoom call. And he’s talking, I just keep thinking, damn, this guy really took some time to know about me, he’s cool. He’s smart. He’s got good insights. Because most people don’t, they’re just shining me or whatever advice is free, right? And I’m googling him. And I’m like, Oh, my God, it’s micro bearish. So we did the project, it was actually a waste of time. But what wasn’t a waste of time was that later that summer, stage to capital did their first which is Mark’s venture arm did their first ever accelerator, and they reached out and asked lately to participate. And I was like, Oh, I’m gonna spend 10 weeks being coached personally by Marco bears. Yes, I’m doing this.


Scott D Clary  46:54

That’s not always. That is not a


Kate Bradley  46:57

  1. And he was. So he was part of the catalyst like the He equipped us with people to come in and look at my numbers and help me sift through them in new ways. But also, I wanted validation, Scott, because, you know, I’m like, crazy, right? Here. We are like, Oh, my God, everything is upside down again. And I got it, I got it. And in so many ways that like, I’ve done a lot of accelerators as well. And I’ve worked with a lot of people, but I’ve never had so many people from his cherry pick from his team, who actually actually helped me, they didn’t just give me some advice that I could maybe execute on or noodle on or whatever. And in my world, that’s so valuable, because I’m only one human, and there’s never enough people to do to actually physically do all the things. So anytime I can get somebody in, you know, to do it, I don’t need it. I don’t need advice. I’ve got a vise coming out of my ass, you know, I need executors. Right. And, you know, now it’s time to take what I learned and put it to the test. And hey, well, you know, as always, like, well, let’s stick to the wall. We’ll find out. Stay tuned. So


Scott D Clary  48:06

okay, so then we have to do we’ll have to do a follow up when, because I really want to know what what you’re changing. I like, you know, even before we jump in this call, like you said, like, you’re gonna shake things up, you’re gonna, you know, rip stuff out. And so obviously, you’re like in a in a high transition period right now? Because I’m, I’m curious what, I’m curious what it’s going to look like. So anyways, you have you have some great advice coming in from some great people, obviously. So I think it’s going to be a net positive. I can’t imagine it going the wrong way. Marco bears is just really impressive. So like, if he’s the one who helped be the catalyst for all this, I think it’s probably going to end up working out quite well. Anyways, I’m curious. Yeah. Because I’m also even like, when we first before we actually started talking. I was trying to figure out like, this seemed like such a great product for like, like a consumer or like, you know, for a smaller content creator. And I’m like, Well, this is priced out of my range at the beginning, when I first started looking into it. So I’m like, how do we how do we, you know, how can I use something like this? Because I’m not Gary Vaynerchuk. And I don’t have a, you know, a huge marketing budget. But this is like AI is like the dream for a smaller content creator. Because that’s, again, you just mentioned how every time you can bring somebody in to help you like that’s within my, in my, in my world, like tools and tech and AI is what allows me to replicate myself without hiring somebody full time. So how do I figure out how to get this into my world? And maybe that’s it. Hopefully, you’re going down that road in the future, we’ll see.


Kate Bradley  49:37

Yeah, I feel like I’m democratizing my own company. Like, yeah,


Scott D Clary  49:41

but that’s not a bad thing. No, that’s not really a bad


Kate Bradley  49:43

No. It’s the thing we were built to do. Like this is the the best part and we should wrap it up by now and I’m being so cryptic, and it’s mean of me so


Scott D Clary  49:51

no, I just, it just means you’re you’re you’re planting for something and


Kate Bradley  49:58

the best part is I’m how Happy, you know, somebody said to me in listeners, like this is so important and it sounds so fluffy and cliche but one of my investors in France, Peter said, are you happy? And the answer was no. And I don’t operate in a world that I’m not happy because, you know, I’ve learned the hard way that it manifests physically for me and incapacitates me. And I was like, Oh my God, and he asked what, what, what makes you happy with work? You know, when I told them that the things that I’m best at doing, I wasn’t actually doing anymore, or at all. And so we restructured even internally, the company who got paid, who was going to work here anymore, you know, sales versus engineering was the decision we made, we made. We made it engineering, we made it product, the product needs to shine, the product is everything. You know,


Scott D Clary  50:47

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Kate Bradley  53:45

I mean, we did a test with them. Because so so you know, lately isn’t really made for Gary, because Gary doesn’t need me. He’s got an army, right. And he’s not my ideal customer. Amazingly enough. He’s my ideal poster boy. And like, the goal wasn’t ever to make him a customer because we just knew like it’s hard to replace mindset. You know, we found this when we talk to enterprise customers, especially or like large agencies is they get really nervous because they’re like, Well, we were already doing this by hand. And you’re like, Yeah, but we can save you time. And anyway, so it was it was interesting learning from Gary’s team, you know, around that. But to your point, you know, we asked Gary to talk about us on social twice, LinkedIn, and Twitter, we got a ton of inbound. And each time we weren’t able to convert the inbound at a large scale, and like, we’re like, we knew we didn’t know why, but we’re starting to figure it out on top of all the other things we’re learning, right? So like, the new product that we are releasing is actually designed for you and everybody else who wants to do exactly what you’re saying, and so that the AI will get them 90% of the way there instead of only three quarters of the way. And to be at that you know, consume Were kind of kind of price range and all the things with, with Gary, what what happened was, okay, so I’ll tell this last story, and then I gotta go. Because I’m having so much fun we do. And I realized I have a thing


Scott D Clary  55:14

I want I’m trying to like, so I know we booked. Like, I was like whatever, like, these are great stories and we’ll wrap it up. I don’t I didn’t want to I didn’t want to drag it out too long. But it just, it’s all really good, great. It’s all really good stuff. And I appreciate that. Like, he just you’re very self aware entrepreneur. And I think that like your story is, is inspirational to say the least. And I just appreciate like how real you are with how you’ve done things and how you’re building things. And it’s just, it’s nice. It’s a nice story. So I didn’t want to,


Kate Bradley  55:46

well, no, no, I mean, to be really clear, I can’t do this by myself. I rely on you. I rely on my customers, right? And like, you know, what’s life after lately? I don’t know. But like, as much as I know, that part of my journey is to like, try to help other people along the way. Right. And so by sharing the stories, that’s the way I can do it with the time I have, right, I can’t give people personal consultations or advisor, marketing, whatever, but I can I can share the stories. So with Gary like, again, we talked about opening the door and then having also the where, where the wherewithal to go through. He does four DS right? That course he does where you can go with like seven or 10 other people you hang out at VaynerMedia all day. We we lived underneath Baynard and in a accelerator for a year. So I knew, you know, I know the building really well. And anyways, I got an I got an invite to 40. So I was like great. I will do this. I don’t really care about having marketing advice from Gary or anybody else all day. I just want to close the sale. You know, I knew that I needed to get the sale to get noticed by Gary. And he doesn’t know who we are. And so I we we closed trial with Jim Thompson who was running team very Gary Vee marketing. And it happened to be that Jim was on vacation this week when I went 40s was happening, which is a bummer. But I figured out I’ll meet everybody else. So I went around like so I was like constantly leaving the room. I didn’t give a fuck. Like you’re giving me advice on Facebook. And Gary only comes in for one hour. It’s his whole staff is in for the day giving you great advice. But like I didn’t I don’t need that advice. You know, I’m not like the best thing since sliced bread. But 98% sales conversion. I’m pretty good. So at some point Gary does come in, he’s so awesome. He treats every single person like a superstar. And he talks to you individually. And he focuses on you even there’s a room full of people, which is incredible thing for for anyone to do, you know, I would be impatient person and be like, oh my god while you’re asking me this ridiculous stuff, but he doesn’t. He’s like, you know, 100%. And he gets to me, and I tell him what I do. I’ve actually met him before, but he did remember when I pointed out which is funny. But anyway, so he was like, wow, marketing automation. We would never use that. Here. I’ll get back to you. He’s kind of short with me. And I was like, Okay, and so when he comes around the room, and you’re we’re supposed to have all these questions for him. I don’t have any questions. I’m scrambling to come up with some questions and my little notebook. And so he gets back to me. And he’s like, wait a second, are we? Oh, he said, he said, Yeah, it’s something again, about not using AI. And I said, well, actually you guys are using lately right now. And he was like, what? And to his great credit, he, he said to the cameraman, or nick or whoever it was, he’s like, who’s using lately? Get them in here. And so he brings in Ragone who’s like, are using lately? Yeah, we love it. Like, here’s what it does, you know, and it was this great moment where and they videotape this whole thing. And they put it out as content, right? Because that’s what Gary’s about. And so this is an hour long show, he spent 18 minutes with me, which is a long time. And then he chooses to put this out like so, you know, he kind of was caught by surprise, which I think is, you know, that’s that’s integrity coming out your eyeballs. Right. So,


Scott D Clary  59:04

yeah, that’s you’re not gonna get much better recommendation than now for somebody who’s, yeah, that’s that. Yeah.


Kate Bradley  59:09

Yeah. And then like, you know, they, they were we thought they were about to churn. And then we released the video clipping feature, and we saved the sale for a couple years. And then actually, they recently turned which is no surprise, we knew it. I mean, like, they’re not using it right. Yeah. And my relationship with Gary isn’t for him to become a customer it’s from for him to help me market it to all of his followers.


Scott D Clary  59:31

And he’s are the actual ideal customer profiles, like the people that don’t have a team of 100 marketers, that’s, that’s who you want to use it or you need to use it. That’s who needs to use? Yeah.


Kate Bradley  59:42

Yeah, yeah. And he’s just, he’s just the nicest human like he always like, I try not to bother him very often, but like, I do have his phone number and I do once in a while text him. And he always responds, it’s nice. And yeah, I mean, I feel like you know what I hate I hate always asking and I want to give and I don’t know what to Give him because he doesn’t need anything from me can only mean? So listeners if you have any ideas, let me know. It’s so much better to come bearing a gift and then to ask later, right? I hate feeling the needy team is needy. I don’t want to be the needy team.


Scott D Clary  1:00:13

Okay, let’s, let’s wrap this up, not because I want to wrap it up, but because we have to have life. Okay, so I needed to do a quick, a couple of quick rapid fire, but you can go really, really quick. I just need them for the end of the show. But before I pivot into these, where can people reach out to you find you? Where do you want to communicate? Social media? Website, all that stuff?


Kate Bradley  1:00:36

I’m friendly, you can get me on Twitter. Lately, AI Keightley. So Keightley my team calls me Keightley from lately, lately is dub dub dub dub lately.ai. And tell me where you are and how the weather is. Because those are the great questions that everybody can relate to.


Scott D Clary  1:00:53

Very good. All right, quick, rapid fire. Biggest challenge you’ve had in your personal life? What was it had you overcome it personal or professional? Excuse me?


Kate Bradley  1:01:03

My hands not being pleased my hands to type is terrifying and scary. And I use voice activated software every day. Like this is why the reason I have this headset is because I talk all damn day long. Right? So like I cheat I can hear myself. I have resting bitchface in writing. I do like I can hear it. So like when I was talking about reading it out loud, it’s because I live that you know, I know. I know. I gotta put a lot of smiley faces in there.


Scott D Clary  1:01:28

You have to choose one person. There’s obviously been many who have been incredibly impactful in your life. Who was it? And how did they help you? What did they teach you?


Kate Bradley  1:01:38

My husband David teaches me all the time that I’m worth putting up with


Scott D Clary  1:01:48

you’re not that bad. I mean, you know, your favorite source to learn or grow book podcasts, audible anything you’d recommend people go check out.


Kate Bradley  1:01:59

I reread the Harry Potter series every year. It’s my go to because I know how the story ends and I like an underdog to win. And I believe in magic.


Scott D Clary  1:02:08

Amazing. You can tell your 20 year old self one thing what would it be?


Kate Bradley  1:02:16

Spend money on ice cream sooner?


Scott D Clary  1:02:18

That’s a good one. And then last question, what does success mean to you?


Kate Bradley  1:02:26

God, honestly, it does mean money. Yeah, and I’m not ashamed to say that in the glow of it. I want to roll in that stuff man.



We could talk about how complicated other banks make it to redeem credit card rewards, like how they require minimums and worse, how their rewards flat out expire. Well, we could talk about how we discover you can redeem your rewards for cash in any amount at any time. I mean, talk about amazing. And now that we’ve talked about that, let’s get back to talking about Vegas, golden night hockey. You know the stuff we talked about here. Learn more discover.com/redeem rewards, terms apply


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