Lead The World With 6 Simple Steps

Every single day Presidents and CEOs are forced to make life changing decisions without knowing all the facts or possible outcomes.

How useful would it be to have this kind of superpower, incorporated in our daily lives.

Ram Charan, highlights a basic framework to help anyone understand how to make definitive, complex decisions with incomplete information.

Ask yourself a series of 6 questions.

1. What is happening in the world today?

2. What does it mean for others?

3. What does it mean for us?

4. What would have to happen first (for the results we want to occur)?

5. What do we have to do to play a role?

6. What do we do next?

To answer these questions successfully you need to consciously supersede ingrained precedence which can be deeply embedded in the psyche of leaders.

The way we’ve always done it” is the number one indicator that a poor decision is about to be made.

The ability to understand new and alternative ways of doing things, being self aware and adapting to how those things impact us, will always lead leaders to make the best possible decisions, given the set of circumstances they’re faced with.

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