Learn. Unlearn. Relearn.

Self improvement is not stagnant….

Acquired wisdom is not something you can set and forget.

In life there is an abundance of information, readily available for those who choose to seek it out.

Adopt a Learn, Unlearn, Relearn framework in your self improvement, learning and understanding of the world.

Create informed opinions.

Learn from multiple sources.

Challenge yourself and others.

Understand context.

Come to opinions and conclusions.

And then open yourself up to erasing the entire mental chalk board and starting again, when new information is presented, in a new light, in a new way, in a new context, with different implications.

This process. This framework.

Learn. Unlearn. Relearn.

Is a perpetual flywheel of growth and discovery that will each and every one of us to be better citizens, in a world that’s changing faster than our minds can comprehend.

Take this into your next week, month or quarter.

Personal or professional.

Watch how fast your life improves.

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