LinkedIn Learning: How the Courses Can Benefit You

LinkedIn Learning is a company of LinkedIn that was originally but was purchased by LinkedIn in 2015. Since then, they have changed the courses very little, but they do now offer LinkedIn members the opportunity to apply to be an instructor. The courses are high quality, and there is an approval process in place to ensure that high quality. Taking courses can benefit you in numerous ways.

Improve Team Training

You can use LinkedIn Learning to train your team if they have the lessons you want them to learn. This is a lovely thing to offer because training is something that lowers turnover rate and improves employee satisfaction. Plus, when you train your team using the same materials, it puts everyone on the same page.

Everything Is Online

The courses are delivered online so you can take them at your convenience. It doesn’t matter if it’s 8 am or 10 pm; your course is ready for you to learn from any time of the day, 365 days a year. This makes learning a new skill easy. Anything you want to learn about business, software, and more is there.

You Can Gain New Skills

When you take a course, you’ll learn a new skill that you can use later. Let’s say that you’ve written a book and you want to make a website to promote your book. You could take the course about WordPress so that you learn how to build your own author website quickly.

You Can Add Courses Taken to Your Profile

Once you take a course, you can add the course to your profile on LinkedIn so that people see that you care about learning new skills. Even though the courses aren’t for college credit and don’t have certification, most people don’t care about that. They care that you like learning about your industry.

Learn Something That Helps Your Business

Want to learn everything you can about digital marketing? LinkedIn Learning can do that for you. Once you take their marketing courses such as Online Marketing Foundations by Brad Batesole and then keep moving up to new levels, before you know it you can implement what you learn and build your business bigger than ever.
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Training Is Tax Deductible for Most People

When you get training that is directly related to your line of work, you can usually deduct the cost of that training, whether certified or not, from your income at tax time. Do ask your tax professional about it first but do also save your receipts. Tax rules change all the time and it’s best left to your expert to figure out what is and is not deductible.

One thing that sets apart business professionals from those who just play at business is that successful business professionals like to stay ahead of the game by staying up to date on the information and knowledge in their industry. LinkedIn Learning is an ideal platform to help you learn and even help your team learn at a reasonable cost.

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