Meta Tests 🧪 End-To-End Encryption For Quest’s VR Messenger App 📱

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Meta Tests 🧪 End-To-End Encryption For Quest’s VR Messenger App 📱

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For several years, Meta has been constantly driving its Messenger’s end-to-end encryption (E2EE) capabilities, but now the company is on the verge of beginning E2EE messaging with its Quest VR Quest headsets.

Meta is potentially testing E2EE for one-to-one messaging and calling in VR with the new v40 software update, according to a blog post.

However, it is still unclear how many people will be involved in the test or how users can enable the feature.

The company is testing the v40 update along with a handful of other notable new features.

Meta is testing new audio access options, including the ability to change the audio balance of the left and right audio channels, in addition to a mono audio feature that lets you hear the same audio on the left and right speakers.

Meta will also allow locking individual apps behind a pattern, which could be a useful way for you to prevent children from accessing the apps.

Finally, you’ll be able to see visual representations of more physical keyboards in VR as long as they’re connected via Bluetooth.

Apple Podcasts 🎙 to Roll Out a New Distribution System

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Tech giant Apple is making it easier for podcasters to get their subscription shows onto its platform by launching several new features for its Apple Podcasts service.

The company has announced a new Apple Podcasts Delegated Delivery system — a feature that will soon allow creators to more easily distribute their podcasts directly to Apple Podcasts from third-party hosting providers.

Apple says this feature will save creators time as they’ll be able to authorize their hosting provider to deliver both their free and premium podcast episodes to Apple Podcasts using the provider’s own dashboard.

“When Delegated Delivery launches this fall, creators will be able to authorize a participating hosting provider to deliver free and premium episodes to Apple Podcasts on their behalf. Once authorized, creators can simply use the dashboard offered by their participating hosting provider to publish new free and premium episodes,” Apple said in a post.

The feature will be available free to all creators through Apple Podcasts Connect, and creators won’t need a membership to the Apple Podcasts Program to publish their free shows — only to publish premium content.

Coinbase Introduces Web3 Mobile Dapp, DeFi Wallet, And Browser

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Crypto exchange Coinbase has launched Web3 app functionality, which includes a hot wallet and browser, to a select group of its mobile app users.

“Starting today, we’ll roll out the ability for a small set of Coinbase app users to access Ethereum-based dapps directly from the Coinbase app. This includes buying NFTs on marketplaces like Coinbase NFT and OpenSea, trading on Decentralized Exchanges like Uniswap and Sushiswap, and borrowing, lending, or swapping through DeFi platforms like Compound and Curve,” Coinbase said in a blog post.

The features would allow users to access NFT marketplaces and decentralized exchanges (DEX) via their trusted crypto app. This, in turn, would enable more users to see and experiment with Web3 apps.

While the crypto exchange platform is looking to drive more user participation in the Web3 space, it is introducing the feature to a small set of Android users in the United States first.

That said, the platform plans to roll out the new feature to a wider audience in the coming days.

Intelligent Sourcing Automation Startup Keelvar Nabs $24 Million in Series B 💰

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Keelvar, a global pioneer of intelligent sourcing and automation solutions, has raised $24 million in its Series B funding round.

The funding was led 83North along with participation from existing investors Elephant, Mosaic, and Paua. Bastian Nomichacher, the co-founder and co-CEO of Celonis, also joined the round as a minority investor.

Founded in 2012 by Alan Holland, Keelvar is the ideal software solution for enterprise-level clients looking to take the complexity out of supplier sourcing.

The Ireland-based company specializes in advanced sourcing for mature procurement and supply chain management teams seeking the best systems.

The company’s sourcing technology leverages AI, data science, and smart sourcing bots to empower customers to make crucial supply chain decisions quickly and confidently amidst ongoing change and disruption.

Keelvar will use the fresh proceeds to further scale in the U.S., where demand for intelligent sourcing solutions is rapidly increasing.

The company also plans to provide new solutions for large enterprise and mid-market businesses and accelerate its vision of making sourcing automation frictionless and available to all.

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