Microsoft Partner Productivity Hacks #2

How do you ease the burden of collaborating remotely?

One of my solves is my Productivity Hack #2 as a #MicrosoftPartner.

Within our business, the majority of our collaboration is in person. Things like contract deal points are hashed out together in one room. When we started WFH, version control was a problem. Document edits were emailed back and forth, and a lot of time was lost trying to nail down the latest version.

*Having documents in the cloud alleviates these pain points, and gives us the control we need over our workflow. For example:*

– We use view-only links when sharing finalized documents or assets across our org, allowing everyone to view the files without being able to make edits.

– We send editable share links when input from multiple stakeholders is needed, allowing for real-time collaboration, while maintaining version control.

– We use anonymous links for sensitive documents we need to restrict access to, such as pending client contracts. The link prevents unauthorized users from accessing, even if they somehow get a hold of it.

This was a simple process to adopt, and allows us the flexibility we need to collaborate both internally & externally.

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