Microsoft Partner Productivity Hacks #1

It is a challenging time for many, as we attempt to balance work & family life — all from the confines of our homes. As a #MicrosoftPartner, I thought it’d be timely to share a series of productivity hacks each week that I’ve used to make the transition into our new work reality a little easier.

Productivity Hack #1 ?

The #1 hurdle we’re overcoming is the ability to maintain the same level of communication we had with our team in the office. There were hallway conversations, whiteboards & most importantly, face-to-face meetings.

For my team, video calls have been an important adoption, but one we’ve had to adapt to. There are more distractions at home than in office, as families are having to homeschool their children and share office spaces.

*To reduce distractions, we started using the blurred background feature on calls.*

Having a child or spouse in the background can be distracting to others, drawing attention away from the discussion at hand. I’ve also found people feel more comfortable on video with a blurred background as they’re less preoccupied with whatever may be happening behind them. Less distractions have meant meetings remain productive and efficient.

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