Microsoft productivity Hack #4

How do you get time back in your day without compromising productivity?

One of my solves is my Productivity Hack #4 as a #MicrosoftPartner.?

*Having an onslaught of tedious tasks adds up & can take hours away from my day. I’ve found the easiest way to tackle these is through automation*

We use Power Automate to create an “if this, then that” workflow, in turn, automating tasks and removing the need for me to do things manually so I can focus on the bigger picture ticket items on my list.

Here’s some great examples of workflows that I automate, which saves our team hours every day.

1. Marketing: When a new blog is published on our website, it’s automatically published across all of our social media channels. This saves us time posting & scheduling content ourselves.

2. Sales: Whenever a customer fills in a lead capture form, we automatically send an email with a video message and schedule an appointment for us to connect. This increases our percentage of leads and in turn conversion opportunities.

When I replicate this automation mindset across other business activities I can focus on what really matters in the business.

For more resources to help YOUR team during the current WFH environment, check out ▶️

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