Netflix Introduces External Sign-up Page For iOS Users 🤳

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Netflix Introduces External Sign-up Page For iOS Users 🤳

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Streaming platform Netflix has started directing iPhone and iPad users to an external webpage where they can sign up for the service.

The change comes just a few months after Apple Inc. started allowing “reader” apps that provide access to digital content, such as Netflix and Spotify, to link to account sign-up pages on their own websites.

Since 2018, Netflix hasn’t offered an external sign-up link or even let users know where to join up in the iPhone and iPad apps.

Instead, users had to use their web or mobile device to find Netflix’s website and sign up for the service there before accessing the app.

The setup made it complex and confusing for new users who would think they would be able to sign up to Netflix using the app.

However, now with this new prompt, Netflix has made it easy for iPhone and iPad users to see an external link and sign up for the service.

T-Mobile to Pay $350 Million Settlement 💰 Over 2021 Data Breach 🚨

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T- Mobile has agreed to pay $350 million to customers affected by a class action lawsuit filed after the company suffered a hack last year that exposed around 76.6 million US residents’ data.

T-Mobile announced the news in an SEC filing, saying that it will put $350 million into a settlement fund for lawyers, fees, and, of course, people who file claims. The company will also spend another $150 million over the next two years to bolster the mobile carrier’s data security.

The 2021 breach at the company is appalling since it exposed social security numbers, addresses, dates of birth, and driver’s license ID information for some former and current T-Mobile subscribers.

The settlement agreement proposed by T-Mobile still has to be approved by a judge, and if agreed, -the company will have ten days to put money in the fund to cover the costs of notifying people eligible to claim.

However, the agreement doesn’t contain estimates on how much each claimant can expect to receive.

Bitcoin Difficulty Falls to 27.693T 🔽, Its Third Consecutive Drop

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Over the last fortnight, the difficulty of mining a bitcoin block has dropped by 5% to 27.693 trillion, making it easier to mine a bitcoin and allowing smaller miners a fighting chance to earn the mining rewards.

Bitcoin’s mining difficulty gets adjusted automatically every two weeks to keep the time required to mine a new block at roughly 10 minutes.

As more computing power gets added to the network, the difficulty adjusts higher, and if the computing powers get pulled from the network, the difficulty adjusts lower.

The recent difficulty fell 5% to roughly the same level it was back in March, according to data from

It’s the third consecutive drop in mining difficulty since reaching an all-time high of 31.251 trillion in May 2022.

The first drop in the hashrate in the mid of June was likely caused by the declining BTC prices, but the second drop at the beginning of July was likely caused by miners powering down in response to high electricity prices.

Surgical Intelligence Platform Theator Raises $39.5 Million in Funding 💰

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Theator, an Israeli medtech startup that offers a surgical intelligence platform, has raised an additional $24 million in funding.

The funding is an extension to the startup’s Series A of $15.5 million from February 2021, bringing the total for the round to $39.5 million.

The latest funding was led by Insight Partners along with participation from existing investors, including Blumberg Capital, Mayo Clinic, NFX, StageOne Ventures, iAngels, and former Netflix Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt.

Founded in 2018 by Tamir Wolf and Dotan Asselmann, Theator is pioneering the surgical intelligence revolution.

The company’s platform institutionalizes the routine capture of surgical video data, generating actionable insights to optimize patient outcomes and raise the standard of patient care.

The platform allows medical professionals to view each procedure as an ordered list of processes, including steps, events, milestones, and decision-making junctions.

Theator plans to use the additional investment to continue its commercial expansion and accelerate the rollout of its surgical intelligence platform in operating rooms and healthcare systems worldwide.

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