Netflix to Launch an ‘Exploding Kittens’ Mobile 📱 Game And TV 📺 Series

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Netflix to Launch an ‘Exploding Kittens’ Mobile 📱 Game And TV 📺 Series

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Streaming giant Netflix is building a TV and mobile game franchise with the creators of the beloved and offbeat card game Exploding Kittens, marking the first time for a company to work on such a partnership.

The mobile game, described as “an exclusive version of the beloved mobile game,” will launch in May, while the TV show, “an adult animated comedy series,” will launch in 2023.

Like all of Netflix’s mobile games, the Exploding Kittens game will be free with a Netflix membership, minus ads, and no in-app purchases.

“The co-development of a game and animated series breaks new ground for Netflix,” said Mike Moon, Netflix Head of Adult Animation.

He added, “And we couldn’t think of a better game to build a universe around than Exploding Kittens, one of the most inventive, iconic, and original games of this century! Netflix is the perfect place to explore this growing franchise, and we are so fortunate to be working with this incredible team.”

This launch will help Netflix to test the market and see if it’s possible to promote a new TV series with a mobile game offering.

New York Apple Store Workers Are Seeking $30 💵 Minimum Pay

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Days after Apple Store employees at the Grand Central Terminal location in New York City started collecting signatures needed to form a union, the workers are seeking to be paid a minimum of $30 an hour, in addition to other benefits.

Apple Store workers first began to organize earlier in 2022, and in April, the group started gaining momentum and took steps that would result in it being the first Apple retail outlet to unionize.

The organizers, who have dubbed themselves “Fruit Stand Workers United,” wrote on their website, “For pay, we seek a minimum $30 for all workers, built up on a matrix based on role, tenure, and performance.”

“For benefits, we seek more robust changes, like increased tuition reimbursement, faster accrued and more vacation time, and better retirement options, including higher match rates for 401(k) and enrollment into pension plans,” the organizers wrote.

Besides this, the employees have demanded better health and safety standards, including research into security protocols, dust tracking, health effects from building materials, and noise pollution at Grand Central.

Binance And Gulf Energy Pursue Their Joint Venture 🤝

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Gulf Energy, a Thailand-based holding company primarily engaged in the energy sector, has made strategic investments in cryptocurrency exchange Binance US, signaling the commencement of its joint venture with the global Binance exchange to gain exposure to the crypto asset market.

In a regulatory filing, Gulf Energy said that it has invested in “Series Seed Preferred Stock issued by BAM Trading Services Inc.,” which is the operator of Binance US, a regulated digital asset exchange in the United States.

The joint venture (JV), which was first announced in January this year, comes amid growing demand for crypto assets in the Southeast Asian country. Once the JV is formed, the entity will apply for digital asset licenses with the authorities.

Over the years, Gulf Energy has been diversifying its portfolio with investments in renewable energy, toll road projects, and telecommunications. With this move, it wants to be a leader in the digital infrastructure industry as it will provide enough opportunities for the company to expand into other digital asset-related initiatives in the future.

Cryptocurrency Exchange CoinDCX Raises $135 Million in Series D Funding 💰

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Indian cryptocurrency exchange CoinDCX has raised $135.9 million in its Series D funding round.

The funding was led by Pantera Capital and Steadview Capital. The round also saw participation from Coinbase Ventures, Kingsway, DraperDragon, Republic, and Kindred. Existing investors B Capital Group, Coinbase, Polychain, and Cadenza also participated in the round.

Founded in 2018 by Neeraj Khandelwal and Sumit Gupta, CoinDCX is India’s leading cryptocurrency exchange providing users single-point access to a diverse suite of crypto-based financial products and services that are backed by security processes and insurance.

CoinDCX focuses on developing borderless financial services that ensure an easier and uninterrupted flow of capital.

The company’s liquidity, powerful wallet, and impenetrable security make the trading experience quick, reliable, and effortless.

The startup will use the fresh funds to increase its headcount to 1,000 people this year across functions, including engineering, product, and compliance.

In addition, the company also plans to add more products and spread awareness regarding digital assets, and support other startups.

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