Netflix’s Password Sharing Test 🧪 is Confusing Subscribers in Peru 🇵🇪, Says Report

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Netflix’s Password Sharing Test 🧪 is Confusing Subscribers in Peru 🇵🇪, Says Report

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Streaming giant Netflix’s experiment to crack down on password sharing hasn’t gone as smoothly as it might have expected, according to a report from global tech news site Rest of World.

Findings from the report say that subscribers in Peru who opted into new password-sharing limitations are reportedly confused over the company’s loose definition of “household” and noted the lack of clarity around the differing charges imposed on consumers.

Netflix began testing password-sharing solutions in Peru, Chile, and Costa Rica in March this year, asking subscribers in these countries to pay an additional fee to enable streaming for others outside their household who use the same account.

The majority of subscribers surveyed by the news site in Peru said that they have still not received uniform messaging around the new charges, even though it’s been over two months since the policy was first announced.

The report also found that some subscribers experienced the price increase and then canceled their accounts.

But others who ignored the message about the new policy shared their accounts across households without any issues or extra fees.

Meta Platforms Inc. to Change Ticker Symbol to ‘META’ on June 9

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Facebook parent company Meta has said that its Class A common stock will begin trading on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol ‘META’ before the market opens on June 9, 2022.

Meta noted that no action is required by the company’s shareholders as a result of the change. “No action by the company’s shareholders is required with respect to the ticker symbol change. The company’s Class A common stock will continue to be listed on NASDAQ and its CUSIP number will remain unchanged,” Meta said in a statement.

With this, the company’s current ticker symbol ‘FB,’ which has been used ever since its initial public offering in 2012, will get changed.

The new ticker symbol ‘META’ also aligns with the company’s rebranding from Facebook to Meta, done in October last year.

At that time, Meta said it would change its ticker symbol to ‘MVRS,’ effective December 1.

However, in late November, Meta said that it was delaying the change to Q1 2022. But now, it looks like the company has finally decided to change its ticker symbol to ‘META’ on June 9.

Russian 🇷🇺 Central Bank 🏦 Hints Agreement With Crypto Law Amendments

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A top Russian central bank official said at a press conference that the country’s financial institution is open to utilizing cryptocurrency for worldwide funds.

Ksenia Yudayeva, first deputy governor of the Russian central bank, said that the monetary authority will permit foreign trade with crypto and will also reconsider its place on crypto mining as effectively.

Yudaeva said, “We’ve got modified our place on mining, and likewise allow the usage of cryptocurrency in international commerce and outdoors the nation.”

The Russian central bank has earlier been strict against trading in cryptocurrency and even proposed banning crypto mining in January this year.

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his opposition to the use of crypto for oil trading in October quoting “It’s too early to talk about it.”

However, since the imposition of sanctions on the Russian Federation in connection with its war on Ukraine, it looks like support for crypto-related activities has grown within the government.

Blockchain-Based Data Sharing Vendia Nabs $30 Million in Series B 💰

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Vendia, an enterprise data-sharing platform that uses blockchain technology, has raised $30 million in its Series B funding round.

The funding was led by NewView Capital along with participation from Neotribe Ventures, Canvas Ventures, Sorenson Capital, Aspenwood Ventures, and BMW iVentures.

Founded in 2020 by Shruthi Rao and Tim Wagner, Vendia is a real-time data cloud company offering the fastest & most scalable way to share operational data across data silos, clouds & partners.

The startup’s flagship product — Vendia Share, helps organizations rapidly build transactional applications that need to access critical data stuck in other applications, data stores, and silos that span departments, clouds, and even partners.

Since its inception, the company has picked up notable, large-scale partners such as car manufacturer BMW, and travel & hospitality firm Slalom, among others.

Vendia plans to use the fresh funds to grow its internal teams, invest in go-to-market engines, as well as scale partnerships and new areas of compliance certifications.

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