NFT Users Increasing ⬆️ in Japan ??, With 26% of Users Saying They Have Already Used NFTs

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NFT Users Increasing ⬆️ in Japan ??, With 26% of Users Saying They Have Already Used NFTs

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A recent survey in Japan highlighted an increase in interest among Japanese crypto users for NFTs. Under the research undertaken by Bitbank, a Japanese crypto exchange operator, one in four crypto users in Japan have tried out NFTs.

Between October 26th to November 1st, the crypto exchange operator surveyed 2061 crypto users to understand the affinity in the country for NFTs.

Some of the surveyed respondents were Bitbank’s clients and some were random users who took part in the survey through Twitter.

Most of the users who invested in NFTs did it considering its long-term potential. Thus, they see NFTs as something that will increase in value over the long term.

The Mania ? for TikTok-like Feed Continues, Spotify ? Latest to Experiment With it

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The success of TikTok continues to make other internet startups try out their luck with TikTok-like feed. The recent one to join the list is none other than Spotify.

As per a Techcrunch report, Spotify is experimenting with full-screen videos like TikTok on its beta iOS app.

This test feature enables its users to like a video while they are scrolling through the feed.

Spotify confirmed that they are currently testing the feature in a statement given to Techcrunch. But they did not disclose when they are planning to roll out this feature to its main app.

Women-focused ? Challenger Bank Jefa Nabs $2M in Funding ?, Eyes LATAM & the Caribbean Market

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To offer banking services to women in LATAM & Caribbean, Jefa raises $2 million in a seed funding round.

The interest in Jefa’s services in both LATAM & the Caribbean region can be gauged from its waiting list, as over 115,000 women have signed up to avail of its services already.

Many leading VCs and angel investors participated in Jefa’s seed funding round, which includes Foundation Capital, DST Global, FINCA Ventures, Siesta Ventures, among others.

Some of the leading angel investors to participate in the seed round include Ricardo Shaefar, Jean-Paul Orillac, Allan Arguello, Daniel Bilbao, and JP Duque.

Initially, Jefa will roll out its services in Mexico, then Columbia, and then Central America.

Online Sales may Surpass a Record $200 Billion ? After Thanksgiving Weekend, Says Adobe

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According to recent data from Adobe Analytics, online sales are set to surpass a record high of $200 billion during November and December.

That being said, online sales on Thanksgiving were lower than expected, at $5.1 billion. It is similar to the online sales recorded on the day of Thanksgiving in 2020.

Adobe expects that online sales this season will touch $207 billion, which points to a 10% Y-on-Y growth.

As for the combined volume of online sales & offline sales this season, it is expected to be in the range of $843.4 billion to $859 billion.

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