Permission Based Selling

The sales component of “permission based marketing”, coined by Seth Godin, where a salesperson reaches out to a prospect after that prospect has given them permission to do so.…. whether that be over the phone, via email, through an opt-in form, or any other medium that lets them indicate sincere interest.

Why do you need to care about permission based selling?

– You seem less pushy.
– Leads are automatically qualified.
– You have an idea of your buyers interests.
– It’s a consultative approach that lets you build trust.
– It’s a consultative approach that lets you build trust.
– It adds a sense of legitimacy to your offering.

How do you get permission?

– Position yourself as an authority
– Develop a respected brand
– Offer valuable content / goods, in return for info
– Opt-in emails
– Free shipping offers
– Online sweepstakes and giveaways
– Pre-launch product offers
– Newsletter subscription offers
– Exclusive social offers
– Customer loyalty offers
– Brand ambassador programs
– VIP loyalty programs
– Landing page sign-ups
– Website pop-ups
– Newsletters
– Private subscription communities

– Annoy/spam

– Respect data & info regulations

How are you getting your buyers permission?

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