Sales Disablement

We’ve gone from CRMs to Sales Automation and now Sales Enablement which is comprised of Tech Stacks, Social Ecosystems, Acceleration Platforms, Revenue Intelligence Machines, and even (insert favorite phrase here).

I’m just wondering,

  • With all this technology why is it that salespeople still have about a 50/50 chance of achieving or exceeding their quota?
  • Why is it with all this technology, executives still say that over 75% of all presentations by salespeople provided no added value?
  • With all this technology, why are salespeople only spending approximately one-third of their time on actual sales-related activities?

At times, it seems to me, that the more we engage with (depend on) technology, the less we engage (connect) with clients.

When does sales enablement becoming sales disablement?

Guest Post

By Victor Antonio

As Vice President of International Sales in a Fortune 500 $3B corporation at the time, he was selected from over 500 sales managers to join the President’s Advisory Council for excellence in sales and management.

He has shared the stage with top business speakers: Zig Ziglar, Daymond John (Shark Tank),  Rudy Giuliani, Paul Otellini (CEO of Intel), and John May (CEO of FedEx Kinkos).

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