Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele ?? Buys Bitcoin Again

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Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele ?? Buys Bitcoin Again

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El Salvador continues to leverage the dip in Bitcoin prices as the Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele purchased 150 BTC when the asset’s price slipped below $50,000, effectively losing more than 15% in market value.

The precise buying price was $48,670 per coin. With the purchase of 150 BTC, El Salvador’s Bitcoin reserve has touched 1,270 BTC.

As we already know, El Salvador has announced Bitcoin City, to be funded by $1 billion Bitcoin bonds. Apart from disseminating digital and technological education, the entire city will have provisions for Geothermal energy along with efficient and sustainable public transport.

The city will also host the crypto exchange Bitfinex and Adam Back’s Blockstream. Bukele believes his initiatives would soon draw many local and foreign digital assets companies to the country.

Meta is Introducing a Built-In ? Bill Splitting Feature in Facebook ?

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Meta believes that the feature would be helpful when dividing a restaurant bill with friends or a rent bill with roommates and other similar instances.

The feature would also allow people to ask for money in a group chat. It will also be capable of authenticating who among the group members has paid their share.

Another feature that Meta plans to add is Group Effects, allowing people on Messenger and Instagram video calls to share the same AR effects.

Meta has also introduced Soundmojis. These audio effects are inspired by Stranger Things and Taylor Swift’s Red.

Vinehealth Raises $5.5 Million ? for its US Launch

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Founded in 2018, Vinehealth, a London-based digital health startup has built an application to offer personalized support for cancer patients. Vinehealth also helps collect patient-reported outcome (PRO) data.

The startup has recently raised $5.5 million in its seed round. Talis Capital led the round. The other two investors to back the round was Playfair Capital and Ascension. Several other angel investors also joined the round.

Vinehealth plans to use the recently infused funds to expand in the United States. The company leverages behavioral science and Artificial Intelligence to carry out its services on time.

The patient support features also include provisions of self-management and medication reminders. Using Vinehealth, clinicians can also monitor their patients remotely, provide feedback on symptoms and report side-effects of treatments.

The app was first made available in January 2020. It has had nearly 15k downloads so far.

New Twitter ? CEO Aims Reorganization ?

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The new Twitter CEO, Parag Agrawal has taken up reorganization efforts with immediate effect upon joining. To restructure the company’s Consumer, Revenue, and Core Tech divisions, the company has already removed two top executives.

From now onwards, there will be individual leaders for these divisions who will be delivering improved accountability, speed, and operational efficiency.

The two leaders to leave their positions by the end of the year would be the company’s engineering lead Michael Montano and its design and research lead Dantley Davis.

Reports suggest that the newly inducted Twitter CEO, Parag, is focused on operational excellence and setting Twitter up to hit its goals.

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