Imagine what life would be like if you knew yourself, not as a list of accomplishments or failures in the past, but as an intricate and complex human being.

Imagine how much more powerful your voice could be when there are no hidden agendas?

Knowing who you are inside and out, what makes you tick, how your personality works under pressure — knowing why certain things matter so much for each of us individually.

It is essential to know oneself well enough so that we can trust our own instincts; it’s important for self-knowledge, because without it, one cannot lead others.

If you’re looking to find more meaning in your life and work, it can be a good idea to know yourself.

This is one of the most powerful things we can do for ourselves, because there are no hidden agendas when you know who you really are inside and out.

Knowing why certain things matter so much for each of us individually will help make sure that our voice carries weight with others, even if they don’t always agree with what we have to say.

So, take some time this year (or any other) to invest in self-knowledge; it could change everything about how well you lead others by knowing yourself first!

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