Separate the signal from the noise

Franklin Roosevelt focused on education over misinformation.

In his first public address following the Pearl Harbor attack he was explicit and purposeful in his address to the American people.

He wanted to inform and educate.

“I’m going to ask the American people to take out their maps. I’m going to speak about strange places that many of them have never heard of—places that are now the battleground for civilization. I want to explain this war in laymen’s language; if they understand the problem and what we are driving at, I’m sure that they can take any kind of bad news right on the chin.”

When times are uncertain, there will always be levels of fear and anxiety however one of the most important things we can do for our families, peers and communities is to focus on separating the signal from the noise.

Noise generates fear.

Signal facilitates understanding.

Absence of signal (lack of education and credible insight) in the presence of too much noise is what causes fear and anxiety.

Be conscious of this and proactively act to separate the signal from the noise.

Social distancing and other measures help us get through this physically, education helps us get through this psychologically.

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