Sony And Honda Team up to Make Electric Vehicles 🚗

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Sony And Honda Team up to Make Electric Vehicles 🚗

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Japan’s Honda Motors and tech giant Sony Corp have announced that they would pair up to develop and sell electric vehicles, as the companies aim to become a key player in next-generation automobiles.

The joint venture hasn’t been finalized just yet; however, the two companies recently signed a memorandum of understanding with a focus on EVs.

As part of the agreement, Honda will take care of producing the first EV model to be developed by the two companies, while Sony will develop a mobility service platform.

“This alliance aims to bring together Honda’s mobility development capabilities, vehicle body manufacturing technology and after-sales service management experience cultivated over many years, with Sony’s expertise in the development and application of imaging, sensing, telecommunication, network, and entertainment technologies, to realize a new generation of mobility and services that are closely aligned with users and the environment, and continue to evolve going forward,” said the announcement.

The two companies have not yet named the joint venture, but they are likely to form the new company this year and aim to begin selling the first model in 2025.

Samsung Might be Throttling The Performance of Apps 📱

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Samsung is artificially limiting or throttling thousands of common Android apps on its Galaxy devices, according to a report from Android Authority.

Such reports have also received attention on Twitter, as well as Samsung’s Korean community forums.

According to several reports, Samsung’s software called Game Optimizing Service (GOS) is reportedly throttling the performance of several popular apps such as Netflix, Instagram, TikTok, and even some Google apps.

Besides this, the Korean tech giant has also included some of its own apps like Secure Folder, Pay, etc.

Overall, the list of apps affected by the GOS software appears to be around 10,000; however, it excludes benchmarking apps such as 3DMark, GeekBench, and others.

Currently, it’s unclear which phones are equipped with the GOS software. Android Authority notes that it did not find the software on the Galaxy S20 FE, Galaxy S22 devices, or the Galaxy S10E, but it did find it on the Galaxy S21 Plus.

While Samsung is yet to disclose why it is doing this, it hints that part of the reason is to prevent “excessive heat” during games.

UK’s Financial Conduct Authority Investigating 50 Unauthorized Crypto Firms 🕵️

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UK’s financial watchdog, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), has launched an investigation as part of its efforts to crack down on unregistered crypto firms.

In an announcement, the FCA said about opening 300 probes into unauthorized cryptocurrency operators in a six-month span last year, many of which it believes to be scams. Additionally, the FCA is conducting 50 active investigations, which may include a criminal probe into unauthorized crypto companies.

“The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is taking assertive action to tackle harm in the consumer investments market, as data published today shows it has stopped 1 in 4 firms from entering this market,” the watchdog said.

Between April and September 2021, the FCA is said to have received over 16,000 inquiries, which included crypto-related scams. The top types of scams reported to the FCA include cryptoasset, boiler room, and recovery room scams.

The announcement of investigation comes as financial regulators across the world are more closely scrutinizing the digital asset industry in an attempt to enhance consumer protection and reduce the potential illegal cases such as money laundering.

SpaceX Successfully Launches Starlink Satellites to Low Orbit 🚀

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Elon Musk’s space venture SpaceX has successfully launched 47 Starlink satellites, joining more than 2,000 others in the program’s first-generation constellation orbit Earth to provide high-speed, low-latency internet across the world, even in remote regions.

In an announcement post, SpaceX said, “A two-stage Falcon 9 rocket carrying 47 Starlink internet satellites launched from Kennedy Space Center in Florida Thursday at 9:35 a.m. EST (1435 GMT). About nine minutes later, the Falcon 9’s upper stage came back to Earth for a vertical landing on the SpaceX droneship Just Read the Instructions, which was stationed in the Atlantic Ocean a few hundred miles off the Florida coast.” Since its debut in 20201, Falcon 9 booster ‘B1060’ has completed 11 flights.

Currently, Starlink is approved to expand its constellation to 12,000 satellites; however, the company is said to have applied for launching 30,000 satellites.

With this latest mission, Starlink has completed its sixth mission this year. The company’s next launch is scheduled for March 8, from the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station (CCSFS) Launch Complex 40.

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