SpaceX 🚀 Starlink Mission of the Year Adds 48 New Satellites 🛰

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SpaceX 🚀 Starlink Mission of the Year Adds 48 new Satellites 🛰

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At 5:45 am PST on March 10th, a Falcon 9 rocket set off from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral in Florida, with a staggering 48 satellites.

These new satellites will be a part of SpaceX’s constellation of 2,000 devices that orbit the Earth providing internet. SpaceX has become a major contributor to the United States’ rocket launches. This Starlink mission was the sixth this year, in addition to the three other missions that the company had previously launched.

Elon took a dig at Russian space agency Roscosmos’ head Dmitry Rogozin taunting him as Dmitry mentioned that without Russian engine’s, all America could do to get to space was to take a “broomstick” (in reference to Russia refusing to supply the US with rocket engines due to the sanctions they’ve placed on Russia because of the Ukraine conflict & invasion).

“Time to let the American broomstick fly and hear the sounds of freedom” – Elon tweeted, making it abundantly clear that he didn’t believe the US needed Russian support to launch rockets successfully.

Twitter to Roll Out Alt Text Feature 💡

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Twitter recently announced that it is planning and testing new accessibility features of alt text descriptions, which will enable users to view image descriptions upon clicking a badge labeled as “alt.”

According to Twitter, only around 3 percent of the users on this platform will find themselves able to try out this latest feature over the next month, but they plan to roll it out to their entire audience as soon as possible.

Alt text features were not available due to the absence of a dedicated accessibility team at Twitter up until 2020. Prior to 2020, employees were required to volunteer to work upon these projects in addition to their regular job duties.

Twitter also plans to add an “image description reminder” that will popularize alt texts, and the newfound accessibility team has also added live captions to voice tweets and videos.

Alice&Bob Making Major Breakthroughs in Quantum Computing 🖥

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A tech start-up based in France, Alice&Bob, claims to have achieved breakthroughs in the field of quantum computing and is planning to implement them into what it says are fault-tolerant quantum processors machines, in the coming year.

Consequently, they have announced funding rounds and have raised €27 million and look forward to utilizing their funding to develop chips and computers and a business model based upon the exponentially powered quantum-computing-as-a-service, planned to launch in 2023.

Founded by Peronnin and Raphaël Lescanne in 2020, Alice&Bob was backed by Elaia and Breega in an initial €3 million seed round.

Furthermore, their Series A round is also being led by Elaia and Breega, and will also include Bpifrance (by way of its Digital Venture fund), and Supernova Invest.

The highly qualified team with several Ph.D. on staff, is headed by CEO, Théau Peronnin. He notes how their ventures are aligned with what Google and IBM are envisioning and how they are dramatically ahead of most of their competition in terms of quantum computing proficiency.

Alice&Bob has filed for several patents on its hardware and software components and is planning to use these patents to build their own computers instead of licensing it to other companies, although they see a licensing deal as a possibility for the near future.

Ethereum Gas Fees Drop to Lowest Levels since August 2021 ⬇️

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The latest data from Coin Metrics, suggests the seven-day moving average cost of Ethereum transactions as of Wednesday, totalled at $11.14, a record low transaction cost. This was a stark difference from mid-last year where we reached incredible prices of almost $55 avg. per transaction.

Data from several sources suggest a huge drop in prices of Ether (ETH) from 218 Gwei at the beginning of the year to 40.82 on Wednesday.

DappRadar data shows a significant decrease in trading volume in Ethereum across almost 90% of tracked marketplaces.

Additionally, 8 out of 10 Ethereum based DeFi projects have also seen dips over the past month in terms of total value locked (TVL) and native asset token price.

Around the Web 🌐

No more PS5 for Russians: Sony Interactive Entertainment has publicly expressed its solidarity with Ukraine in the wake of the Russian invasion It has halted all software, hardware shipments, and the launch of Gran Turismo 7. It has also donated $2 million USD to UNHCR and the international Save the Children NGO for the war victims.

Tinder Takes one More Step to Improve Security on its Platform: In addition to last year’s blue “verified” mark update, Tinder has partnered with nonprofit Garbo that runs online checks to optimize security on the app. Users will be able to run in-app background checks (searching for violent or harmful behavior, drug possession, and stalking) before swiping on user profiles.


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