Stop saying yes.

From an early age we’re conditioned to play nice.

To say yes.

To accommodate others.

Although this is good, in theory, if everyone plays fair and plays nice and you say yes to everyone and you help everyone whenever they need it, you would classify yourself as a good person.

But what if saying yes actually hurt the ones you love.

What if saying yes, actually hurts the people you’re trying to help.

The act of spreading yourself too thin, and accommodating everyone who asks anything of you is in actuality, the most selfish thing you can do, because you will end up letting those people down, at the most crucial point — after they’ve come to rely on you.

When your calendar is double booked.

When you break down.

Sleep in.

Get sick.

Whatever the result of saying ‘yes’ too much is, it will manifest, in a horrific and significant way.

Commit to what makes sense.

Be a better person.

Know your limits.

Have self-awareness.

Stop saying yes.

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