Tesla Makes Mobile Charger 🔋 Optional With New Vehicle 🚗 Purchases

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Tesla Makes Mobile Charger 🔋 Optional With New Vehicle 🚗 Purchases

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EV maker Tesla has said that it will no longer include its mobile connectivity with new car purchases and will instead offer the Gen 2 (Level 1) bundle separately for a lower price of $200.

The mobile connection bundle offered by Tesla includes an adapter that allows drivers to charge their vehicles using a regular 110v household outlet. In case a person needs additional adapters, they will have to purchase them separately.

In a reply to a user’s reaction to the situation, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said, ”Usage statistics were super low, so seemed wasteful. On the (minor) plus side, we will be including more plug adapters with the mobile connector kit.”

This move by Tesla led to growing disappointment among Tesla enthusiasts. However, Musk later posted a clarification that Tesla would be slashing the connector price.

He said, “Based on feedback received, we will drop mobile connector price to $200 & make it easy to order with car. Note, mobile connector is not needed if you have a Tesla wall connector or to use Superchargers. Recommend installing Tesla wall connector well before car arrives.”

Microsoft Plans to Introduce Ads in Free-To-Play Xbox Console Games 🎮

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Microsoft is reportedly working on a program that will allow brands to showcase their ads within free-to-play Xbox console games. The ads will reportedly start appearing on Xbox as soon as the third quarter of this year.

While it is still not clear how Microsoft is planning to implement ads, such as having them show up as videos inside game lobbies or as avatar skins, etc., it is said that the ads will not disrupt the game and would rather appear on a billboard in a racing game.

Moreover, Microsoft is also worried that the ads could irritate players, and hence it is planning to build a “private marketplace” to allow only select brands into the new program.

Reports also suggest that Microsoft is not looking to use the data it collects from the Bing search engine and other services for targeted ads on Xbox gaming services.

Additionally, Microsoft is also not intending to take a share of the ad revenue, and will instead allow the game developer and advertising company to share the funds.

Beanstalk Farms Stablecoin Project Suffers $182 Million Loss in Exploit 🚨

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Beanstalk Farms, a decentralized credit-based stablecoin protocol that is built on Ethereum, has suffered an exploit with about $182 million in cryptocurrency stolen.

It is said that the hackers used a “flash loan” attack to access the Beanstalk network. The attacker took out $1 billion in flash loans from the AAVE protocol denominated in DAI, USD Coin (USDC), and Tether (USDT) stablecoins.

The exploiter used these funds to amass sufficient assets to take more than 67% of the protocol’s governance and approve their own proposals.

Beanstalk Farms confirmed the exploit saying, “We’re engaging all efforts to try to move forward. As a decentralized project, we are asking the DeFi community and experts in chain analytics to help us limit the exploiter’s ability to withdraw funds via CEXes. If the exploiter is open to a discussion, we are as well.”

Beanstalk has currently paused its smart contracts and revoked all governance privileges. It has also reached out to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Crime Center to track down the perpetrators and recover funds.

Bike Taxi Startup Rapido Raises $180 Million in Series D Funding 💰

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Indian-based bike taxi startup Rapido has raised $180 million in its Series D funding round.

The funding was led by food delivery platform Swiggy and also saw participation from TVS Motor Company. Existing investors Westbridge, Shell Ventures, and Nexus Ventures also participated in the round.

Founded in 2015 by Aravind Sanka, Pavan Guntupalli, and Rishikesh SR, Rapido is an Indian bike taxi aggregator and logistics service provider that offers bike taxis to its users.

The startup’s platform helps users book a bike ride through a mobile app while traveling solo.

Rapido’s mission is to bring people traveling in a similar direction together, thereby reducing the number of vehicles on the road.

The company further augments the concept of not owning everything by creating viable and accessible options to share.

The startup plans to invest the fresh funds in all its three categories- bike-taxi, auto, and delivery, aimed at enhancing its delivery-partners earnings and improving customer experience in 100 plus cities the company operates.

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