Tesla to Integrate Steam For In-Car Gaming 🎮, Says Elon Musk

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Tesla to Integrate Steam For In-Car Gaming 🎮, Says Elon Musk

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the company is getting closer to integrating Valve’s Steam to take its in-car gaming platform to a whole new level.

Musk also said that Tesla is aiming for a demonstration soon. He replied to a tweet, “We’re making progress with Steam integration. Demo probably next month.”

While the electric vehicle-(EV)-maker has reportedly been investing heavily into integrating video games into its in-car entertainment system, what’s really surprising is that the automaker has now planned to integrate Valve’s Steam, an online video game store & distribution platform, in its vehicles.

Tesla currently offers several games through the built-in Tesla Arcade, but adding Steam’s digital storefront could give users access to a whole lot more.

The demonstration will likely involve some computing-demanding video games to show the gaming capacity inside the company’s vehicles.

If successful, the integration would result in a massive increase in games playable inside Tesla vehicles.

US Lawmakers Urge FTC to Crack Down 🔨 on The VPN Industry

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Lawmakers hailing from the Democratic Party of the US are calling on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to stop VPN providers from using deceptive practices to mislead customers into believing their services are secure.

The Democratic lawmakers told the commission that the current VPN industry isn’t very transparent, and it is so much easier for people to exploit others.

Rep Anna Eshoo from California and Oregon’s Senator Ron Wyden revealed their complaints on the matter via a letter sent out to the FTC.

In their letter, Eshoo and Wyden asked the commission to crack down on VPN providers that engage in deceptive advertising or make false assertions about their service’s privacy.

“The VPN industry is extremely opaque, and many VPN providers exploit, mislead, and take advantage of unwitting consumers,” told the lawmakers to the commission.

While the FTC confirmed that it received the letter from Eshoo and Wyden; however, it declined to provide any additional comment.

Earlier this month, the FTC reaffirmed that it would go after companies that make misleading claims about data being “anonymized” when it’s not.

Hodling Activity of Bitcoin Resembles Past Market Bottoms 🔻, Finds Glassnode

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Blockchain analytic company Glassnode has found that most of the Bitcoin have been hodled for at least three months, mirroring previous Bitcoin market bottoms.

It has been estimated that over 80% of the total USD-denominated wealth is used for Bitcoin investment. The exact amount of Bitcoin has not been moved for a minimum of three months.

“Over 80% of the total USD denominated wealth invested in #Bitcoin has been HODLed for at least 3-months. This signifies that the majority of the $BTC coin supply is dormant, and HODLers are increasingly unwilling to spend at lower prices,” the analytic firm said in a tweet.

Glassnode also remarked that the number of active addresses and entities has decreased since November 2021, indicating that the new and existing investors are not interacting with the network.

Earlier this month, the firm noted that the Bitcoin market had seen an almost complete decline of traders, saying that activity on the network is at levels concurrent with the deepest part of the bear market in 2018 and 2019.

DTC Genetics Company Nucleus Genomics Secures $14 Million in Funding 💰

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Nucleus Genomics, a next-generation consumer genetic testing & analysis company, has secured $14 million in a new funding round.

The funding was led by Alexis Ohanian’s Seven Seven Six, along with participation from Founders Fund, Adrian Aoun (CEO, Forward Health), Patrick Hsu (Bioengineering Professor, UC Berkeley), Brent Saunders (former CEO, Allergan), Hugo Barra (CEO, Detect), Packy McCormick (Founder, Not Boring), Shrug Capital, Austen Allred (CEO, Bloom Institute of Technology), Alexandra Botez (influencer), and Anthony Pompliano, among others.

Founded in 2021, Nucleus Genomics is redefining DTC genetic testing. By combining polygenic scores with traditional rare variant DNA analysis, the startup provides comprehensive assessments of genetic disposition across various diseases and traits.

The funding will help the company bolster its scientific and engineering team.

The company plans to use the funds to set up the computational and physical infrastructure required to analyze whole-genome sequencing (WGS) data at scale, customize reports, and expand its presence in the international market.

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