The definition is broad. But not confusing.

Good leadership is hard to define.

What is leadership?

Etymologically, the word itself comes from two Latin roots: “legere”, to choose, and “ducere”, to lead.

So leaders are those who ‘choose to lead.

But I think that it’s something that happens with good process – the kind of process where each person on the team trusts the rest, where the decision-making rules are clear and work well, where there’s no need for too much management, and where everyone is accountable and takes responsibility for their outcomes.

Becoming a leader can sometimes be intimidating, but focus on being proactive.

Take charge of opportunities instead of worrying about the possibility of failing.

We define leadership as making the best decision possible in a given set of circumstances.

It is about being able to take control in any situation, and being able to recognize that control when it is presented to you.

That is true leadership.

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