BLOG: The Fear Of Buying

Why do you feel a slight hesitation right before you buy something? Especially something big. The reason is because when we buy, we are literally giving away some financial security. That security could be invested in something else, something that may help us in a better way, or a different way. Yet the outcome or the ROI of the different decision is unknown.

To put it simply, we’re trading our own financial security for something we desire. Something that will help us achieve something, yet we only do this when the perceived benefit of the thing, outweighs the fear of financial loss.

To get over that fear, they need to trust the salesperson. It doesn’t matter how good or well priced your product is, to get over an innate fear, the buyer needs to trust the seller. If they doubt you, they’ll never buy from you. To sell is to gain trust.

Be authentic. Over-deliver. Provide value. Build trust.

Help people overcome their fear.

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