The Most Important Skill

When you’re trying to get your kids to eat their vegetables, you’re selling.

Go learn how to sell.

The most important skill you can ever learn in business is the ability to sell.

In almost any venture, industry, field or project, success is virtually impossible without being able to sell.

Throw out the old adage that sales & selling is akin to a sleazy used-car salesman trying to manipulate, pressure and trick their customers into buying.

Let’s understand what sales truly is.

Sales is effective communication.

Everyone is always selling & is always communicating.

From selling a product to a customer….

Convincing team members that your concept or idea makes sense….

Raising money from investors…..

Helping employees understand a new process….

All of these are business tasks that require sales skills.

If you work on your ability to sell, you’ll improve your..

  • ability to negotiate.
  • self discipline
  • professional effectiveness
  • persistence
  • ability to close and get decisions in your favor

Go learn how to sell.

Get your kids to eat those damn vegetables.

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