There’s always new ways to tell classic stories.

Nothing is more timeless and classic than a good story.

There are thousands of famous stories in the world.

Stories that have been passed down from generation to generation as we became smarter and wiser.

Through cave walls, scrolls, and books; we’ve told these stories for generations.

Have you noticed that authors always find a new way to tell classic stories?

It’s true.

These stories are retold over and over again, but they’re always retold differently.

These modern day retellings of classic stories show us how you can reinvent an old story for today’s generation.

Retelling an old story in a new, modern way is the exact same strategy we need to take in our careers and businesses.

There is not a single thing we are discovering, learning, implementing or accomplishing that hasn’t been figured out, understood, explained and overcome before.

Even when Elon launched the latest SpaceX Starship, which landed successfully (albeit, before exploding), that was still a modern day story on the initial iteration of NASA’s space craft.

When you embark in whatever career endeavour, or entrepreneurial expedition you choose to begin, remember…. you’re writing your own story, but your story will never be a completely unique one.

And that’s ok.

It will be a story that incorporates past lessons, learning and insights from people and ideas that came before you.

Embrace this, and improve upon previous iterations and models of whatever it is, that you’re doing.

Writing a new story from scratch is a fools errand, and waste of valuable resources and energy you could use to take a story that’s already been written, improve on it ten fold and make it your own.

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