Twitter Restricted 🚫 in Russia Amid Ongoing Conflict With Ukraine

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Twitter Restricted 🚫 in Russia Amid Ongoing Conflict With Ukraine

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According to a report from the internet monitoring group NetBlocks, the Russian government has blocked access to Twitter in an apparent effort to suppress the flow of information in the country amid the ongoing conflict with Ukraine.

The report of the Twitter block was first reported by NetBlocks on Saturday, February 26, morning.

“Confirmed: Live metrics show that Twitter has been restricted on multiple providers in #Russia as of 9:00 a.m. UTC; the incident comes as the government clashes with social media platforms over policy in relation to the #Ukraine conflict,” said NetBlocks in a tweet.

The news of restricted access was also been confirmed by several journalists who were on the ground in Russia.

Moreover, on February 25, Russia also announced a new block on social media giant Facebook after the company removed the accounts of some state-run media organizations, a move the government said was a violation of “the rights and freedoms of Russian citizens.”

Overall, these events have taken place in the backdrop of anti-war protests, which are coordinated and mobilized through social media and messaging platforms.

Zendesk Terminates ❌ Acquisition of SurveyMonkey Parent Company

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Zendesk Inc. has reportedly scrapped its offer to acquire SurveyMonkey’s parent company, Momentive Global after shareholders rejected the deal.

The proposed acquisition was valued at about $4.1 billion when announced in October 2021, but it had dropped down to about $3.8 billion due to a decline in the value of stocks involved in the transaction.

“While we were excited by the potential of this transaction to transform the customer experience and create stockholder value, we respect and appreciate the perspectives of our stockholders,” said Zendesk founder and Chief Executive Officer Mikkel Svane in a statement.

The deal was also criticized by prominent investors including, state pension funds and large mutual funds, which questioned its rationale and said the deal is too risky.

For the acquisition to take place, shareholders from both companies had to participate in the voting. However, as the investors of Zendesk were against it, the deal was expected to be voted down, leading to an end of the proposed acquisition.

Amazon Music Set to Become Second Largest 🥈 Music Streamer in The US

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Amazon Music will likely surpass Pandora in 2022 to become the second-largest music streamer by users in the United States, says a report from Insider Intelligence.

The report includes users on both paid and ad-supported plans of these services. It estimates Amazon Music to grow at 5.3 percent year on year, while Pandora continues losing lost its user base since 2017.

“By the end of 2022, Amazon Music will have 52.6 million users in the US, up 5.3% over last year. On the other hand, Pandora’s user base will decline by 6.7% to 49.1 million. Pandora has been steadily losing users since 2017, but its steepest decline occurred last year when it lost 11.0% of its US user base,” said Insider Intelligence (formerly eMarketer) in its report.

Currently, Pandora has 52.3 million users, down from 58.9 million the year before. And when it comes to paid subscribers, Pandora stays far behind its competitors, the report said.

Spotify, which surpassed Pandora in 2019 to become the #1 music streaming company will remain the number one US music streamer by a wide margin. The streaming giant is estimated to grow at 7.0% and reach 89.2 million users by the end of this year.

BTC Addresses With Non-Zero Balance Hit an ATH of 40 Million ⬆️

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According to data from on-chain analytics firm Glassnode, the number of BTC addresses with a non-zero balance has seen a steep increase, leading to a new All-Time High (ATH) of 40 million.

In a Twitter post, Glassnode said, “$BTC Number of Non-Zero Addresses just reached an ATH of 40,276,163,” Glassnode in a tweet. Previous ATH of 40,275,801 was observed on 05 February 2022.”

Glassnode data also noted that among the addresses with a non-zero balance, 817,445 of them have at least one whole bitcoin, a 10-month high on February 28.

Additionally, Glassnode said that wallets with a positive BTC balance are increasingly holding their coins.

Moreover, the circulating supply of bitcoin last moved 3 to 5 years ago, hitting a 4-year high of over 2.8 million coins.

The sudden increase in bitcoin supply that was last active 3-5 years ago coincides with the peak of the last extended bull market at the beginning of 2018.

Overall, the spike in BTC addresses with a positive balance indicates the strong supply-side dynamics of the bitcoin network.

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