Twitter Rolls Out Improved Alt Text Accessibility Features 🎉🎊

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Twitter Rolls Out Improved Alt Text Accessibility Features 🎉🎊

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Micro-blogging platform Twitter has launched its ALT badge and improved image description features globally.

“As promised, the ALT badge and exposed image descriptions go global today. Over the past month, we fixed bugs and gathered feedback from the limited release group. We’re ready. You’re ready. Let’s describe our images!,” reads a tweet from Twitter’s Accessibility account.

Earlier, most Twitter users did not essentially have access to alt text content descriptions except by utilizing display screen readers.

But now, Twitter has made it easy to add alt text to image uploads, allowing Twitter users to provide a description of an image to help people who use screen readers or speech-to-text programs.

To add an image description, you need to first upload an image to a tweet and select ‘Add description’ underneath the image.

Next, you have to enter a description (maximum 1,000 characters) of the image in the text box. After adding the description, click ‘Save’, and an ALT badge will appear in the corner of the image.

Once you post the tweet, a user who clicks on the ALT badge will be able to see the description.

Global Experience Platform Lilt Raises $55 Million in Series C 💰

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Lilt, a U.S.-based global experience platform, has raised $55 million in its Series C funding round.

The funding was led by Four Rivers and also saw participation from new investors Sorenson Capital, CLEAR Ventures, and Wipro Ventures.

Existing investors Sequoia Capital, Redpoint Ventures, Intel Capital, and XSeed Capital also participated in the funding round.

Founded in 2015 by Spence Green and John DeNero, Lilt’s platform enables organizations to build and deliver multilingual experiences and scale across every step of the global customer journey through its translation technology and services.

The platform uses AI and automation to make the localization process simpler and faster, bringing human-powered, technology-assisted translations to global enterprises.

The platform seamlessly integrates across business systems and customer touchpoints via its suite of native integrations that help to facilitate streamlined, automated content, and information exchange for greater efficiency, speed, and customer outcomes.

Lilt plans to use the fresh funds to expand its research and development efforts as well as its customer footprint and engineering teams.

FDIC Asks All Banks 🏦 to Report Crypto-Related Activities

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U.S. top banking regulator Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has asked banks to report all their crypto-related activities, citing possible “safety and soundness risks as well as financial stability concerns” resulting from exposure to crypto assets.

In a financial institution letter issued to FDIC-insured banks, the regulator said, “All FDIC-supervised institutions that intend to engage in, or that are currently engaged in, any activities involving or related to crypto assets (also referred to as “digital assets”) should notify the FDIC.”

FDIC added saying, “While the FDIC supports innovations that are safe and sound, in compliance with laws and regulations, and fair to consumers, the FDIC is concerned that crypto assets and crypto–related activities are rapidly evolving, and risks of this area are not well understood given the limited experience with these new activities.”

The new reporting requirements are a step-up approach to the earlier statements of the FDIC on crypto. It is also an indication that the banking regulator is now getting more serious about cracking down on crypto.

One-Third Developers Cite Data Privacy And Security as Top Metaverse Hurdles 🚨

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A new study focused on developers suggests that data privacy & security and ecosystem interoperability as top metaverse challenges.

According to a survey conducted by Agora, a pioneer and leading platform for real-time engagement APIs, 33% of developers believe that data privacy and security are the biggest hurdles that the metaverse has to overcome.

Other top hurdles that metaverse will face include ecosystem interoperability (12%) and disinformation and hate speech (10%).

Apart from the above top three challenges, the metaverse will face other hurdles like community building (10%), accessible tools for developers (9%), monetization (8%), creating a currency and payments ecosystem (7%), identifying users (5%) and lackluster hardware (5%).

The study surveyed 300 developers to get their thoughts on a wide range of topics and ideas relating to the metaverse.

The findings highlight that 53% of respondents believe NFTs will become the biggest form of currency in the metaverse.

Moreover, 57% of developers said that it will become the most popular place to buy, store and trade cryptocurrency.

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