Vernon Davis, Ex NFL Tight End | Super Bowl 50 Champ & Pro Athlete Turned Actor

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Vernon Davis is a former American football tight end. He played college football at Maryland, and was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers sixth overall in the 2006 NFL Draft. In 2009, Davis co-led the NFL in touchdown receptions and consequently earned his first of two career Pro Bowl selections.

In the 2011–12 NFL playoffs with the 49ers, Davis caught the game-winning touchdown pass from Alex Smith against the New Orleans Saints, referred to by fans and the media as “The Catch III”. In 2015, Davis was traded to the Denver Broncos, where he won Super Bowl 50 with the team. He then signed with the Washington Redskins in 2016, where he played until his retirement following the 2019 season.

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Scott D Clary, Vernon Davis


Scott D Clary  00:06

Welcome to the success story podcast. I’m your host, Scott Clary. On this podcast I have candid interviews with execs, celebrities, politicians and other notable figures, all who have achieved success through both wins and losses. To learn more about their life, their ideas and their insights, I sit down with leaders and mentors and unpack their story to help pass those lessons on to others through both experiences and tactical strategy for business professionals, entrepreneurs and everyone in between. Without further ado, another episode of the success story podcast. Thanks again for joining us today on the podcast. We have Vernon Davis, who if you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know, he was for American football, NFL tight end, he played college football Maryland was drafted by the San Francisco 40 Niners in 2006 2009, he lead co lead the NFL in touchdowns and receptions whatever we’ll just say led, and consequently earned his first two career Pro Bowl selections. In 2011 2012. He was playing with the 40, Niners, he caught the game winning touchdown pass from Alex Smith against the New Orleans Saints, referred to by fans and media as the catch three. And in 2015, he was traded to the Broncos where he won Super Bowl 50 with a team. And then he signed on to the Washington Redskins in 2016, where he played until his retirement in 2019. Last year, so thanks a lot, man, I appreciate you. Appreciate you coming on to the podcast. And I’m excited to sort of, you know, unpack like, your life, your story, what’s next and all that?


Vernon Davis  01:39

Yeah, it’s good to be here. I’m just right now I’m just working away just pretty much putting everything that I that I put into football into life after. And I say that, because it takes a lot of dedication, hard work, dedication, planning to reach the highest of success that you plan for. But I know that without that nothing is possible. So I have to stay on top of it and keep going at a good pace.


Scott D Clary  02:05

Yeah, I feel you there because the professional sports it’s it’s all all consuming. Like literally your entire life. Everything you live breathe is put into this sometimes, especially when you’re first starting out and you’re coming from you know, like high school then college ball. So did you like when you when you started going into into, you know, obviously your careers as a football player. But what was like the end goal or what did you have an end goal? Or was this something that you that you were like, you know, it’s like you, you jump in and you learn to fly on the way down and then you’ll figure out what’s next as it comes?


Vernon Davis  02:40

Yeah, it’s just one of those things, you you just figure it out, you just go day by day. Well, I remember when I was in, when I made it to the pros. I always said that I wanted to play seven years, and I said want to play 10 years. And when I got to 10 years, I just said I’m going to play until I can’t tell until I feel like I don’t want to do it anymore. So that’s that’s one of the things that I find in life, you it’s always good to plan but you’re planning sometimes it it goes this way. And that way you have like the ebb and flows of ideas and goals. It just takes you in so many different directions. And when guys come to me and they when they don’t have a plan, I just say do what you feel that you best is necessary and let it take you to places you’ve never imagined.


Scott D Clary  03:28

I love that because I think that that’s very important being like that flexible. But like, like, why don’t you like I just sort of ran through a pretty boilerplate like, you know, quick little overview of like what you’ve done over your career. Like give us a background like for people that don’t know, like, you know, walk through, like high school, college, you know, your your pro career and then we can then we can go into a little bit more of like what you’re working on now. It started to get up.


Vernon Davis  03:57

Okay, yeah, sure, no problem. So when I walked into high school, I walked in the first place I went was the to the basketball coach, and I wanted to try out. But when I walked in, they had these guys that were 6667. And here I am six, three. I’m like, wow, this is it. These guys were They were really good. And I played basketball my entire life. So I was thinking to myself, I was like, Ah, it’s gonna be a long shot for me. So maybe I should try football. I feel like I’ll have a more of an advantage if I played if I try football. So I walked into the office and I told Coach, hey, I want to try out. It’s like what do you want to play office a defense? I said offense, I want to do something where I can score touchdowns. So that year, they were amazed by my speed, my strength and everything that I brought to the game. So I had college recruits started to recruit me. University of Maryland and Virginia were the first ones. So after that year, I just blew up. So when I look at By the time 11th grade rolled around, I was like, wow, this is this must be the game for me. So maybe I should try this and just go with it. So I went with it. Then, by the time I was a senior I committed to the University of Maryland. And I knew from that point on that football was for me. So I started to put become more dedicated and, and just put my heart and soul into it. So when I walked into college, I, I tried out, no, they put me a wide receiver, and then I went to tighten in. Yeah. And from there, I started to just go places, because of the hard work, the dedication that I was putting in, it took me places I’d never imagined. Next thing, you know, I was drafted to the San Francisco 49 as a sixth pick in the draft.


Scott D Clary  05:47

That’s, you know, do when you’re living not? Because I think that anybody that’s gone pro. I, when they look back, they realize how crazy and how much dedication and effort they put into their career. But when you’re living that and you’re going from, you know, high school to college, and then you’re drafted by the 40, Niners Do you realize how much effort and how much I just guess consistency it takes to make it out that and, and the reason why I’m pointing that out is because that level of of dedication that a professional athlete can show, you can take like we can speak about in a second, like what you’re working on. Now, if you took that same dedication, if most people took that same dedication that a professional athlete is required to take to be pro, they would be successful at whatever they choose to be. So when you were doing that, was it like a like what drove you? Was it like a passion? Or was it just like you knew that the amount of work you had to do with an incredible amount of work for most people to get to that level.


Vernon Davis  06:47

I feel like you let your past be the catalyst for what you’re trying to do. For me not having my mom and dad around, really gave me that that spark that I needed to pursue everything that I wanted in my life, all the desires of my heart. I let that be be that point. And I’ve always always went back there whenever I wanted something, but subconsciously, it was always on my mind. It was just, it was something about it. I was just I was hurt. I was barest all of the above. Yeah. So all of that built up to me made me gave me the steam that I needed to be where I am today. And I’m very thankful for it. But as a young guy, you have to learn how to channel those emotions. And that’s what I did when I was in San Francisco, you probably remember you or you may not but head coach Mike Singletary sent me to the locker room because he said I wasn’t the leader that I was expected to be, I need to be more for my team, I need to put my teammates first. And he was right. So once I learned how to channel those emotions, I was better for my teammates, I was better for the team. And I was better for myself ultimately. So I started my career started to take off. And those are the those are the moments we live for. Life is nothing without them. So yeah, if I go back in time, I have to really be thankful for everything that I went through in my past because it was definitely the catalyst.


Scott D Clary  08:16

So you know, the situations that you that you use to sort of fuel are not easy. They’re they’re very tough situations that people have to deal with. And I think that people crumble with a lot less stress than the than the stuff that you the stuff that you like went through growing up. So how did you? How did you effectively use that for good, and not just let it you know, just break you down and stop you from achieving anything? Because if people that man, like people lose a job, if God forbid they lose a parent, people lose a job that can’t go on? They can’t you know what I mean? Like how do you how do you keep your head and sort of just keep going forward?


Vernon Davis  08:56

Well, because because you’d have to know it, like I said, You we talked about that angle, you have to know what you want out of life, you know, and we find when we’re doing when you’re seeking when I’m not going to lie my entire career I’ve always had fear always had doubt. But you fight those things by replacing it with the joy that those joy, those joyful moments in your life, that joyful moments to come. You know, when we think about the things that we want, and you’re so you have so much faith being sure what you hope for certain what you do not see, you can you can feel that you can see it and you know it’s going to come into fruition. It gives you the strength and the ability to just keep going even further. And that’s what I will use I would always go back to those joyful moments that I’ve had and the joyful moments to come. And it gives me keeps me in that place where I know I have to achieve this certain thing because if I don’t, I won’t see those moments to come. And the moments that I didn’t have, they’d be worthless, so always kept Caprylic right there at the forefront.


Scott D Clary  10:02

That’s good. And now that’s what you’re taking. Obviously, you’re taking the same, the same mindset into what you’re doing next. So I have no doubt you’ll be successful. But how did you know when it was, I guess a point in your career, where you were like, Hey, this is enough, because you mentioned that the amount of years you want to put into playing football, but how did you know that this was enough? You know, I have what like you had a Super Bowl you had? You had two Pro Bowls. 2013 year Second Team All Pro? You again 2009 You were leading the league and touchdowns. And then you were because that’s all American 2005 You have a whole bunch of these really great, like accolades resume under your belt. How do you want to just like, that’s, that’s good. Next stage of my life? How do you make that call when you’re sort of like, you know, you’re killing it every single year.


Vernon Davis  10:52

Because you can’t be complacent, you can never be complacent in life, you have to always want more. And it’s not a bad thing to want more, wanting more, as long as you’re humble about it, and you’re grounded and you keep your your heart in a good place, then that’s all that matters. But if you don’t want more than you don’t want anything. Yeah, I just can’t stop just because I become the best broadcaster in the world. I shall also want more from a broadcast perspective, maybe I want to go deuce, do something. achieve greater heights in the broadcast casting world, maybe I want to go and be an actor, you know what I mean? You just can’t stop here, you have to always have options. Never limit yourself to anything. Because you never know, you know, always give yourself room to grow. And the platform to reach highs heights you’ve never imagined, like I said before.


Scott D Clary  11:44

Now see? So that makes a ton of sense to me. And I love that. And I think that what you’re saying is is very smart. When when you’re at the level like that you’re at you know, you have some you have some notoriety and fame, you have some successes, like what you’re transitioning into now, is this, are people throwing opportunities at you? And you’re just figuring out like what to do next? Or are you yourself, like trying to go figure out like, I want to go into film, I want to go into entertainment. What does that what does that actually look like for someone? at your level?


Vernon Davis  12:18

Yeah, I mean, people are throwing different things, you have a lot of a ton of opportunities that come your way like for me since I’ve, since I’ve been since I’ve retired, I noticed my retirement, I’ve had people come from every direction, throw in this opportunity, that opportunity, but you really have to vet it, just like you do in business, you have to vet these opportunities out and make sure it’s something that that really that. That, you know, that makes sense for you, you know, make sure the synergy is there. And if not, you might you probably want to pass on it. But I like to take my time and think about things. I don’t act on the moment just off of impulse. Because you have to make sure you have to be really cognizant of what you’re going into what you’re about to do. Yeah, it makes sure it makes sense. Use it, taking the people that you’re working with working for you like your manager, your agent, and let them look at you know, ask your friends and your buddies in the industry and see what they think about just you know, as long as you’re inquiring and dissecting I like to say I like to look at myself as a detective. Your detectives break things down right into the the answer and that’s what it is you just breaking things down dissecting it getting all pieces of information until you have it right here and you can really see it right it really looks it’s vivid you can vividly see what’s going on.


Scott D Clary  13:43

And and then you can you can put yourself behind it. So what So what what are you working on let’s let’s speak about what we’re like what you’re working on now. And then I kind of want to understand like, why you chose what you’re what you’re looking into, you know, post NFL career.


Vernon Davis  13:57

Okay, right now working on a partnership with the studio in Fisto. Atlanta. They have like 40 acres and they want to build they’re building out these, this massive studio where they have a hotel for the cast and crew to stay at when they when they when they’re filming tons of real estate on the property as well. But they’re all we’re already moving. They brought me the opportunity to come in and join them so I’m actually trying to formulate that deal as we speak and then there’s another film that I’m working on called a message from Brianna which is going to be pretty cool It’s a horror film it’s about a couple of boys into this house and now their baby is possessed by a spirit yeah now they have to figure out how to get rid of this this this demon in their in their one year old and continue to how to keep continue to work on a relationship. In this situation would you know Now their backs against the wall, they have to figure it out, they bring in a pastor to help him. And life goes on. So I can’t tell you the end of the story. But


Scott D Clary  15:08

they got they got all the best parts, they got a scary ass kid, they got a family moving into a house, they have no business getting into. But not good. That’s really so. And like when you you know, when you think about this stuff, like, where do you learn to go after? Or is it just something that you’re throwing yourself into. But that’s tough, too, because it’s not like you know what you’re you’re used to, it’s not your thing. So eventually it will be but


Vernon Davis  15:33

well, over time, when I was back in 20, I’d say 2013. I wrote in a class at the Shelton theater of art in San Francisco, California. And I learned how some of the the keys and the tools to acting. It was an improv class. But I learned a lot. And then from there, I started making appearances on shows and in finding different short films and things of that nature. And then what happened between between now in the last three years, I started taking acting classes right now that’s all I’ve been doing. I take a I work in my coach three times a week, right now, we go over the message from Briana script, and we go over other material. But usually when I get a script, I take it to my coach and we start breaking it down those those things that you do behind the scenes behind closed doors, working on scripts, and working on the tools and techniques that you’ve been equipped with. That’s what make you better, just like in football, you take the tools and techniques that you learned, you continue to continuously work on them throughout every on a weekly basis, right? And then all of a sudden, you’re you’re getting better, you find yourself getting better and better and better. So you just prepare yourself. It’s the preparation, just like anything else. So that’s where the tools and technique come from.


Scott D Clary  16:54

No, I like it. And I wanted to I wanted to bring that out. Because I know, I know you’re doing something you’re not a guy just doesn’t do anything and just jumps into something and hopes to be successful. You know, that’s not the way it is. And but I think that I think that a lot of people that not not just you know, an athlete transition into acting, they just see the end result they see the repeated success, right? Oh, this guy, you know, won a Super Bowl. Now he can go to a blockbuster. And they’re like, Oh, whatever. Life’s easy. But it’s not when you unpack it. It’s like life is never easy for anybody. Doesn’t matter if you’ve won a Super Bowl. Yeah, maybe you have an agent that can get you but you can still, you can still suck if you don’t put in the work. So, but that’s, that’s awesome. I don’t know. I’ve never I’ve never, I’ve never taken an acting class. It’s so far from what I know. But But Good on you for doing that. And I think that that’s the way to transition. So. So what do you like with this with this new movie? Is this like the direction that you want to go? Is that something like you you think you’re gonna enjoy her?


Vernon Davis  17:56

Yeah, I think I’m gonna enjoy. I just finished my lead role in a film. We finished shooting two months ago in Denver. Yeah, a film called red winter I was the lead character character playing to a guy named Daniel. And my significant other was Carla. So once is about two couples to go on a snowmobile retreat to work on their relationship. Once they arrive, they find that there once they get with the group, they find that their tour guide is missing. They witness him being murdered. Now they have to run from the bad guys. Not only is Daddy working on this relationship with Carla, but he also has to stay alive, keep her safe. And he has to prove her dad wrong. Her dad thinks that he’s a no good guy for his daughter. He’s no good for his daughter. So at the end of the movie, you’ll see that Dan, you has fought so much to not only win Carla but to prove her dad wrong, and stay alive along this journey. So that’s gonna be I can’t wait for you to see it. I feel like I put my best foot forward in that in that film. I made great choices. I can’t wait for people to see my performance.


Scott D Clary  19:00

Not so good. That and how do you choose? Like how do you choose a movie that you want to get behind? Like, you know, like, what’s what’s your thing that sort of gets you excited about this?


Vernon Davis  19:09

Well, if I read the script after reading the script, and I if I love it and I’m like, wow, this is great. Use it after reading so many scripts over time. You just you know what sounds good and what doesn’t it and it has to it it will make sense for it to relate to your life this this this this story relate to my life can I see myself in as this character? You know, how can I make great choices being this character? You know what I mean? So yeah, yeah, that’s what a that’s what it’s about. And when I say choices, a lot of people probably don’t know what I mean by choice choices is being confident and and what you’re pursuing right? If you’re, if you want to be your your need your wants, like what you want from this character, make a decision on what you want based on each scene and go after it and make great choices on your responses. You know that That’s That’s what making great choices mean. Just being confident in your work and and what you want from the character because it’s about an every every scene is all about every every, every film is all about what that character wants, knowing what’s at stake. And going after, you know, having that objective, that overall objective, and then each scene going after that overall objective, because it all adds up to that overall objective based on what you’re going after in that scene.


Scott D Clary  20:30

Do you feel like when you when you take on a role in acting, if you don’t, if you don’t believe, if you don’t believe in the story, and I know you’re gonna say like, well, actors can act, but do you the way you’re describing? And it’s it almost like if you don’t believe in the story itself, it’s hard to actually commit to doing a good performance. Is that is that something you’d say is accurate?


Vernon Davis  20:54

I would say so you have to know what you have to you have to really know that you can break this script down and build on it, you can create your backstory. backstory is everything that happens before the script even starts. Like that’s something you come up with. You use the script doesn’t the script can give it to you after you read the script. And you find clues like You’re like I said, being a detective, you find those clues that need to create your backstory, and then you create it. This is pretty interesting, man, just the just the journey that you take, take in, in breaking down the script and playing that character in the movies. I mean, you go back to your substitutions and use real life situations that you’ve been through that you’ve encountered throughout your life, and you add to the text is is pretty awesome. I think it’s pretty, pretty cool.


Scott D Clary  21:45

And do you think like, Are you are you like, obviously you’ve done one you’re doing another live you’re feeling? Is this going to be like, like, you think Vernon Davis is going to be synonymous with actor is that like the end goal? Or like what are you what are you hope? What do you want to get out of this?


Vernon Davis  22:01

Well, I know life is totally unexpected. So I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna put my best foot forward, I’m gonna put everything I can into creating really the craft, right? And what happens, I want to explore the craft and let everything else take me, we want to take, you know, just go with the flow.


Scott D Clary  22:21

And I got I got two other things. And I was looking on your website. It’s a beautiful, beautifully done website. But there was two other points that I saw. I saw Vernon Davis, the artist and I want to know what that’s about. Because I can’t draw anything to save my life. And then, you know, Vernon Davis, a philanthropist and I guess like what do you what do you care about what causes are important to you and why but what’s what’s up with Vernon Davis the artist so what are you doing? What is that a hobby? Is that something that you’re passionate about?


Vernon Davis  22:52

Well, I see is what I’m doing now the acting


Scott D Clary  22:55

Oh, that is the okay not not art as in like like painting art as in like,


Vernon Davis  23:00

go go. When I was in college, I changed my major from criminal justice to art studio not knowing where I was going. I just did a I felt like I wanted to do it. So I did I changed it came in artists. When I arrived in San Francisco, I opened up an art gallery in San Jose, California. Yeah, well, we would use local artists to display their art, their work, I had a curator. And the proceeds 5650 40% of the proceeds go back to the artist 60% would go to the Vernon Davis Foundation for the Arts. So that’s where the art came from. It came from my college days. And then I implemented that throughout my career of playing football. Recently, well, last three years between now in the last three years, I had been focusing on everything I switched my, the focus of my foundation on home health and homelessness. Focusing on the importance of reading, you name it. And I wanted to do that because I felt like that’s where my life was taking me. You know, when it comes to philanthropy. That’s what I love. I love helping people. So I just can’t focus on now I can focus on art. I can focus on homelessness, I can focus on on literacy, I can do it all. And that’s what the meaning of my foundation is. That’s what it stands for. You name it, I’m there to help you get back raise money for it. Yet,


Scott D Clary  24:33

whoever needs it, no. And and this is something that I’ve always noticed. And I want you to take on this because you know, this is what you’re doing. You were pro footballer. You’re now starring in blockbusters. You had an art gallery and you’re in philosophy. Why is it that people that seem to be successful can take on literally everything and they’re never busy?


Vernon Davis  24:57

Because we talked about being becoming complacent. I’m never complacent, I will always want more. It makes me I feel like I can really, I thrive off of more off of doing you know what I mean? That and I take time for myself, a lot of people might say, well, how are you so busy doing this, you’re doing that. But I focus on my breathing. I know what I want in life, I take my time, I’m moving slow, not moving fast. And I prioritize three kids, I have a family, and I know what comes first. But you know, my, my thing is always God, family. And whatever I’m focused on, right, yeah. And that’s my process. That’s how I that’s what I believe in. That’s what I pursue. And I just take it one day at a time and move slow.


Scott D Clary  25:43

Good. And for philanthropy. What what are you what are you working on now? For the Vernon Davis Foundation? What’s like your your cause of, of I don’t know, the moment is not probably not the best way to say it. But whatever. Whatever is top of mind right now for you.


Vernon Davis  25:57

Oh, man, this is great timing, because I just partnered with the A Nkosi in group called rasa, the restaurant, trending restaurant out of Washington DC, pretty cool. Very modern. Their food is extremely flavorful. I mean, if you think of Indian food, you think of just like maybe mundane. Hand food just buy a pricey, but no, this is not. It’s more of like the carver’s and the the Chipotle is that kind of fast, casual, really flavorful, very good. I mean, when I tried it for the first time, I was like, wow, this is, yeah, just I make it. I went well, before the pandemic, I was making a stop at Ross. And not just because I know the guys, but because the food is really amazing. I recommend if you’re ever in Washington, DC, please try it. But I’m partnering with Ross at the Werner that Davis Foundation is partnering with rasa, we are raising funds for medical workers and kids who need our help. It’s very important that we do this because we know how important it is to give back to those who are on the front line. They’re risking their lives to save lives. And it’s only right that we come out and we help. All we’re doing is raising funds, and people have a chance to contribute $5 that $5 will cover one meal. Yeah. And basically if you if you donate $10, recover in two meals, right? So we’re asking people to jump on how support the mission give back and help save lives?


Scott D Clary  27:35

Is that That’s it’s a beautiful initiative, is that in relation to the pandemic, or just because it was something that you were already working on?


Vernon Davis  27:43

No, it’s something that just came up because of the pandemic. I’m always thinking, rasa I got with rasa. And we decided to come up with this idea. Because, I mean, they’re cooking all the food, they’re doing a lot of the work. And these guys the reason why another reason why I want to work with them, not just because the food was good, but because of what they stood for. Right when, when we sat down, they talked to me about, like what they want to do from a philanthropic standpoint. And not only did I am I an investor in the group with the group. I’m also a partner when it comes to philanthropy, right? And the synergies there, and that’s what I like I like, there’s nothing like working with people who have the same synergy that you have, and things that you believe in. And that’s what caught my attention. I said, these are honest, straightforward, transparent guys, who not only want to do well in business, but they also want to help others. And I knew what I was getting into. So when we sat down and had this call about raising funds, so that we can feed the medical workers and kids who need our help within the District of Columbia area. already knew that that was coming. I knew something was coming. I knew we were going to think on the same wavelength. And here we are about to make this thing happen. I mean, everything’s in place. Everything’s ready. All we have to do is raise the funds and thankful Whoa, and then we’re fortunate enough to have our first donor donate $10,000 Oh, good job. Congratulations. Foundation’s donating some funds. I’m building funds towards the cause. So I mean, we’re looking pretty good. We’re ready to go, man.


Scott D Clary  29:25

Yeah, I think I think it’s important because I you know, like I mentioned before, we started chatting, I’m in Toronto, and yeah, it’s tough for everybody. But I see a lot of people in the States a lot of medical workers a lot like everyone’s having a real tough time. But you know, the it’s, I’m not sure what DC is like, but I do know like if you look at like the New York’s and whatnot, like you’re getting hit really hard right now.,


Vernon Davis  29:49

So yeah we do as much as we can, man. Every penny counts. Every person who contributes it counts. Yeah, I mean, you never know man. It’s I mean, this world is so Big I mean this enormous I mean, so it’s this this people everywhere they need help man. Yeah.


Scott D Clary  30:07

Every No it’s it’s it’s it’s beautiful that and I think it’s nice that you realize that because obviously you know you had a great career you’re in the position to help people but at the same time like you’re opening it up so that you built a vehicle that you know you don’t have to be a multimillionaire to be able to help $5 is not a lot of money. And also the fact that this restaurant who’s who you’re partnering with, like restaurants are already hard hit like it’s good on them to take this on now because they have the means they have the capability but like restaurants or not having an easy time Coronavirus, like those are probably the ones that are probably hit the hardest. So you know, that’s very impressive on them. Yeah, yeah, no, I appreciate them. And that really tees up like what you’re working on now. And that’s really what I want to unpack. And I and I liked it, I liked the transition, I liked that. I liked that you’re sort of taking the that same like, you know, like, put everything into it attitude that you had that brought you success in the NFL, you’re putting it into the philanthropy and just not meant to be like, you know, like a super promotional podcast about, you know, like what you’re working on now. But I believe that people can learn out a lot, when they when they understand that things don’t come easy for anybody. And they have to put more of themselves into it to get more out. And I don’t think people enough people put in the work. And they complain about not getting the results. And like you know, like that thing you’re taking like, three times a week, whatever, maybe more acting classes. To be a successful actor. This is not like you’re just jumping into it. And like everything, you know, you’ve mentioned, you have like the steps and you have the process. One thing that I like to do to that sort of, I guess, TVs up, close these up and just get some like, like, very high level like life, life lesson questions from you. There. I like to bring out you know, like the insights from the best and people that have made it. So one question I like to ask is, if you could tell your younger self something like one lesson, what would that be?


Vernon Davis  32:09

If I could turn to myself one one lesson what would be my young self,


Scott D Clary  32:20

your younger self? Yeah, something that would like get you it could be busy.


Vernon Davis  32:25

Read reading these real like, Hey, listen, read and listen. I would tell my younger self to read and listen, get a jump on it read more, of course, you you read, you know, you have to read in order to make graduate from high school and all that stuff. But, but reading more, putting the same effort that I put into football, into reading and listening. Our younger self that


Scott D Clary  32:52

that’s good. And that’s it’s simple, but it’s something that still not a lot of people do. And you know, people just watch TV and they’re not consuming and I’m 100% on board, I feel the same way. I think that if you’re not reading, you’re not growing, if you’re not learning it doesn’t and to give a little context doesn’t have to be like physically a book to be like an audible. It can be like it could be podcasts, there’s like, you know, there’s ways to consume that don’t require it. But also, just reading is good. But and then where do you like if you’re who are your mentors? Who are your people that you look up to that you think other people can learn from?


Vernon Davis  33:26

Well, I have a guy named Anthony Hirshman, who I’ve dealt with over the last seven years, he’s been my mentor. He’s been not only my visualization coach, but man, he’s been everything he’s been everything for me has been that go to guy that I could always go to when I needed some help some clarity on life. And just whenever I started to doubt myself, or because you doubt yourself, your mind, every morning that we wake up, the first thing our mind do is Harbor, self pity, hatred, doubt, fear. That’s, that’s what it searches for automatically. That’s why we have to that’s why it’s important. That’s why I say it’s imperative for us to read and enlighten ourselves, educate ourselves in and be surrounded by positive people and positive creativity in general, because that’s what we need. It blocks out all of that fear and doubt that we had, it just mitigates it, it, it makes it smaller, decreases the amount that we take in, you know what I mean? So that’s why I’ve always done that. That’s why I’ve been big on visualization and just retaining information as much as I possibly could good information.


Scott D Clary  34:35

Now, it’s good. And it’s like, is that somebody that other people can learn from? I don’t know. I don’t know him that well. So that’s somebody that other people can learn from horizontally. Yeah. And that just worked for you.


Vernon Davis  34:45

Yeah, no, he’s awesome. Anybody anyone can learn from he’s that he’s that great. I mean, if you told him he was dying tomorrow, he probably tell you that he’s learned he is smiling. Even if he was dying, he tell you that he’s just super optimist. The great energy great character very enthusiastic.


Scott D Clary  35:05

Awesome. That’s very important. Is there anything I, I’m gonna I’m just gonna ask where people can like, you know, reach you or whatnot. But is there anything that we didn’t chat about, that you wanted to bring up?


Vernon Davis  35:16

Um, I know what well, there’s a there’s a there’s another group that I partner with called Path water, which is right here, path one. Path waters mission is amazing, right? Their mission is to mitigate single use plastic water bottles, because of everything that’s going on with the ocean. All the animals, the creatures that are dying under under the waters. That’s where they come in at me. People don’t have really have an opportunity to see it. But if you can go see what’s happening in the ocean with all the plastic polluting our environment. It’s outrageous. I mean, if you could just see it firsthand. So that’s where they come in and mitigate the plastic and they’re doing a great job. Wonderful job. They’ve just taken over San Francisco airport, which is amazing. You go in San Francisco, you see nothing but bathwater. They just came out with their Apple app. 9.5, pH, alkaline water, also sparkling water. So I mean, they’re killing it. Especially they have it, they have a huge presence on the West Coast. And I’m all about helping, I’m all about saving the world, making the world a better place. And that’s why I jumped on with path water because of their mission and what they stand for. So if you don’t know about them, check them out. We’re not encouraging you to bag the water. We’re encouraging you to refill instead of landfilling, which is imperative. So, yeah, no,


Scott D Clary  36:47

you know, what I, you know, just a point, like, I like that everything that you that you promote, like, there’s like, there’s a story that you’re passionate about, like, you know, like, when you’re telling me, I’m not, you know, we already wanted to when you’re telling me that, like when you do your research, you act detective and you do your due diligence, and you know, you look under the hood, you aren’t you aren’t bullshitting, like you, you really you really do have a reason to care about this, the stuff that you stand behind, and I like that a lot. You know, it’s not just like a, you’re shilling a product, it’s like it’s a product that actually matters, something you care about, and something that we should all care about. But no, I respect that a lot. Because a lot of people just stand behind products they don’t care about. And I think that that’s not a good thing, right? Especially if you have influence, it’s not a good thing to Duke’s..


Vernon Davis  37:39

Yeah, absolutely Of course, if you build the businesses, I mean, you want to your your is profitable, of course. Right. But, but what about a mission with if you want to do if, if it’s going to be profitable? Why not help something or make a difference in the world? Yeah. Also within an effort to being profitable, you know, you know what I mean? It’s just, you know, that’s what I that’s what I like, man, that’s what I like.


Scott D Clary  38:07

So how do people get in touch with you reach out to check out what you’re working on now if they want to? What


Vernon Davis  38:14

Yes,I have a YouTube channel I just created which is cool. I create, I’ve been creating these funny skits asking gets on there. And I have, I really want to focus on skits, acting, and fitness, health and fitness on this YouTube channel. I’ll give it to y’all, man, a lot of the stuff that I do on a daily basis stuff that I believe in, that I focus on, and just sharing some of these skits with people and just going on a journey man of what I believe in what I do, and, and hopefully, this can really inspire people from the different sectors that I have on there. And just just giving it to them, just giving it to them, showing them that I’m a real person. I’m organic, I’m transparent. This is what I love to do. And just give them that raw just part of me, you know what I mean? They also follow. Vernon Davis 85.


Scott D Clary  39:10

What’s, um, and that’s the that’s the YouTube Vernon Davis 85.


Vernon Davis  39:13

I just Vernon Davis. You can just find me just Vernon Davis on YouTube, but I’m on Twitter and Instagram handles Vernon Davis 85.


Scott D Clary  39:21

Yeah, nice. I was looking on your on your Twitter before and I saw one for like, home workout tips. And I’m gonna have to check that out. Because, man, I’m, I need to go to the gym and like, and like now I’m stuck in my condo because of because of the pandemic. So I think that’s that’s useful. That’s all I got, man. I appreciate the chat, though. That was really


Vernon Davis  39:41

Yeah, thank you. I appreciate it. It was it was great. Thanks for having me.


Scott D Clary  39:44

That’s all for today. Thanks again for joining me on another episode of the success story podcast. You can download or stream this podcast wherever podcasts are available, including iTunes, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, I heart, radio, and many others. You can also watch his podcasts on YouTube If you haven’t already, please subscribe and share this podcast with your friends, family, coworkers and peers. Please leave us a rating on iTunes takes about 30 seconds, as it allows other people to find our podcast and lets our amazing guests reach even more people with their message. And remember any rating is fine as long as it contains five stars. I’m Scott clarity from the success story podcast, signing off

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