What do employers ask YOUR references?

What do employers ask YOUR references?

Reference checks are the finish line..

The final step before you can start your new job.

With so much transition recently, there’s a good chance you should be refreshing your reference list.

But when you reach out to chat with your references, you may have no idea what questions your new employer may ask.

Here’s a quick list to help you both prepare and make the check go as smooth as possible.

1. Would you rehire the person (and why)?

2. How did the person handle pressure, stress & conflict?

3. How did the person contribute to the culture?

4. What was her/his position? Can you describe the job responsibilities?

A true reference check is less about the day to day job you did (hard skills) and more about your ability to contribute to the new organization.

Recruiters are well aware that named references will give positive feedback.

It’s the recruiters job to dig through that and find out how successful the new person will be in the new position – regardless of the positive feedback the reference will give.

Prep these questions.

Increase the chances of leaving the recruiter with a good feeling, when they get off the phone with your reference.

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