What is the first thing employers notice on YOUR resume?

What is the first thing employers notice on YOUR resume?

When a hiring manager read resumes, for better or for worse, these 3 things make them pause.

When you have 200 resumes sitting on a desk, and the hiring manager has a million other tasks to do in their day, you don’t want to be the one resume that makes for a bad first impression.

Remember… the people that hire are only human, and they’ll naturally gravitate to the safest, and most sure choice so watch out and don’t give them a reason to pass over your resume.

1. Grammar / Typos – These give a bad impression and show carelessness. Easy fix – download Grammarly.

2. Job Hopping – Without context, this seems like you can’t hold down a job. This is why a cover letter is so important – explain it there.

3. Lack of Detail – Don’t write a generic job description. List out measurable things you’ve accomplished in your roles.

Know what recruiters look for so that you can make it past the initial screen.

The job of a resume is to get a recruiter on the phone.

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