What skills are EMPLOYERS looking for?

Although technical skills are important, soft skills (attitudes and aptitudes) are far more important to most employers (at least the ones you want to work for).

Here are some skills that will always make you a favorable candidate.

Don’t be afraid to highlight these on your resume or in your interview.

– Resilience
– Coping with pressure
– Punctuality
– Overcoming obstacles
– Calm & collected
– Positive
– Flexible
– Verbal & written communication skills
– Problem solving
– Analytical
– Self Management
– “Attitude” which roughly translates into a mishmash of all those aforementioned skills

Notice a common trend — none of these skills require an MBA or 10 years “on the job experience”.

These are all transferable and highly valuable skills.

They’re about to become even MORE valuable as more of us work from home.

Think of a few stories that help you describe how you have these skills and include them as you walk through your resume.

This is what truly gives you an advantage, when you’re being interviewed.

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