Whom the gods want to destroy they send 40 years of successes

“Whom the gods want to destroy they send 40 years of successes”

Stop and think for a moment.

How absolutely powerful is this statement?

How intrinsically applicable is it to our successes in life.

As anyone working towards something, complacency is the sister of failure.

Regardless of your past successes in business, sales, leadership, what worked yesterday may not work today and most likely won’t work tomorrow.

Assuming you’ve “figured it out” and that you’ve “done it before” is a great indication that you were successful at learning and growing at one point in your career/life.

Don’t lose that drive, don’t stop growing, don’t stop learning and CONTINUE to achieve success, goals and milestones in whatever you’d do.

QUESTION: Who would you hire?

1. An industry veteran who has a healthy rolodex and book of business and has led the same team to success in the same firm for the past 20 years.

2. An enthusiastic, energetic and intelligent individually who’s worked in multiple industries all achieving significant success across multiple verticals, agnostic of niche.

I would pick #2 10/10 times.

  • I DON’T need your book of business.
  • I DON’T need your relationships.
  • I NEED your drive
  • I NEED your passion.
  • I NEED your desire to grow.

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